Thursday, June 23, 2005

Harassed by a U-high kid who disrupted my riding of a bike and tried to steal it -- nightmare dream

I was in a swimming pool at the interesection of JFK Street and Memorial Drive with C a young woman from the Boston suburbs, and CS, a guy I went to high school with in Chicago who had been adopted by jews, and another U-High guy. I was playing around sexually in the pool with C, through some method whereby I bent my body this way and that, which created waves in the pool, with the result that the waves in the pool would have some kind of effect on C. Then CS got in on the act by joining in on the sex with C. Then me and the U-High guys were moving along the sidewalk by the side of the Charles, me on this low red bicycle with high silver handle bars that looked like it was worth about ten dollars. And jewish MC a guy who went to U-High with me came along to harass me, he kept doing things that interfered with me riding my bicycle. I looked at him, he had this senseless smile on his long bony face, he reminded me of these Indian kids who fought with me when I was in grade school in India. Then we saw C on a bicycle go whizzing past us at a high rate of speed, wearing winter clothing that was red, although it was warm and sunny outside. Then we began running up JFK street because we didnt want to get in trouble for what happened in the pool. Then I realized that I had left my bicycle down by the pool by Memorial Drive. I ran back down to the pool, this big gate to the pool area was just about to close, this tanned white guy in a police uniform without a hat was about to close it, I got inside just before it closed. And there was MC again, trying to steal the bicycle, which was locked to a pole, and I began to get in a physical fight with him, over the bicycle. I was saying, you make ten times more money than me, yet you want to take my bicycle!

I must admit that though I have had two or three negative dreams about CS, I once had a dream about him that cast him in a positive light, in which he was running along at a supernatural rate of speed with M a young woman who graduated from Radcliffe and her female friend, whose voices had had such an uplifting effect on me when they had made an anonymous playful dirty phone call to me. And I have at times loved and enjoyed the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago where U-High is located, and I have at times loved and enjoyed U-High.

I might get into some comments re this dream at a later time. When I awoke, I was thinking, when am I ever going to find friends who are not selfish and sensual, and who are'nt plotting to get in on the sex with my girlfriends or wives? I was thinking of how jews seem to label criticism of Jews or Israel as anti-semitism, which leads to the crazy idea that no individual or group or nation can be criticized because such constitutes racism against that individual or the people of that group or nation. The way the U-High guys acted gave me a new admiration and appreciation for people unlike them who I have slipped into getting irritated with such as C and M.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Michael Jackson, anger for a black woman, Bush in a hill of snow and ice, & eigheenth century state troopers in an enchanted land -- dream

I was in front of the apartment I lived in when attending high school in Hyde Park in Chicago. It was dark, but not as dark as night. The famous singer Michael Jackson was going to show up, and enter the building immediately to the south of the one containing the apartment I had lived in, the building where the Lautmans lived when I was living there. I trained this gray digital camera I had on the building next door, hoping to capture a shot of Michael Jackson entering it...the camera I was holding began to fall apart, and I asked someone who was near me to help me to put it back together. Then I was in this narrow, about four feet wide, about twenty yards long hallway indoors. At the opposite end of the hallway I saw someone, there was something aggressive about him, he was wearing white, I could not see him clearly. Looking at him I was thinking to myself, that the sense of invulnerability that I have had, has been just a delusion after all. He hurled a javelin at me. It just missed me, wedging itself between me and the wall. The aggressor came at me, We ended up fighting, I killed him with the javelin; while I was stabbing him, I felt as if he was my brother...Then I was in this building, which was shaped like a rectangle, about the size of a basketball court, with inner balconies facing into an indoor courtyard about the size of a basketball court. The balconies were three or four stories above the ground, the light was again like the light when evening turns to night, not quite as dark as night. Looking at the courtyard and surrounding balconies from the point of view of them being in front of me, I was on the balcony to my left. There was a slim young black woman, with somewhat wave black hair near me. I think she was wearing a crimson shirt. I told her that she should be guarding me, the way linemen guard a quarterback. I was angry with her. I grabbed her, and acted as if I was about to throw her over the balcony to the ground below. But instead I threw her over the balcony on to this large bed, that was only about five feet below the balcony, and that took up about half the space of the inner basketball court shaped and sized courtyard, at the far end of the courtyard, looking at the courtyard from the perspective of it being in front of me...Then, I was outdoors at night, and I began to feel as if I was in some kind of magical, enchanted land. I saw a small hill of snow and ice, about thirty feet high, and about twenty yards wide. I saw myself in front of this hill of snow and ice. Inside of the hill made of snow and ice, I could through the snow and ice, see a dim yellowish light. I heard voices coming from the inside of the hill made of snow and ice. The voices sounded rough and raspy, they sounded like voices of pirates in a Disney movie about pirates made for children, more than voices of demons in a horror movie. One of the voices was the voice of President Bush. I turned and faced the hill of snow and ice, wnich was about five yards away from me, and saluted, because I did not want to get into trouble with President Bush. Then I saw a humvee about fifteen yards away, driving in my direction. It was wider and lower than the real life humvees, and colored a dark gray. A white man with a brown mustache was driving it. He was wearing a dark gray cowboy type hat, and a dark gray cloak. He looked human, but at the same time, there was something about him that made him seem cartoon character-like. Just as places can have an atmosphere, there was an atmosphere to him, again sort of like a character in an action-filled Disney movie for children, he seemed bold but not thoughtful. Then I saw a tall white pretty woman, over six feet tall, who was not wearing a hat, dressed the same way as the guy driving a humvee, wearing a dark gray coat. It seemed to me that she was wearing the uniform of a state trooper from eighteenth century America; she and the guy driving the humvee both seemed like state troopers from eighteenth century America. Her straight brown hair was in that style where it is parted in the middle and falls over at least the top of the ears, and is somehow tied up so that it does not fall below the shoulders. Her face was more squarish looking than faces of similar women I know from real life, which somehow reminded me that my face is more squarish looking than these similar women I have seen in real life. The dream ended. When I awoke, I felt a pleasant sort of buzzing, tingling sensation in my head and brain, which I sometimes feel when I awake during a pleasant dream--I felt the same pleasant tingling sensation in my head when I awoke from the dream a couple of days ago about Erin wanting to "make it with me".

This dream sort of reminds me of the Kublai Khan poem by Coleridge. Maybe if I simply broke it up into little short lines, and was a black female, I could be considered a great poet like Maya Angelou. Some of the lines in the above paragraph have a natural rhythm and rhyme to them already.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How I made fast progress solving back pain problems

My lower back had become afflicted by fairly severe pain, sometimes worse, sometimes not so bad, the situation being such that even when it was not so bad, simply standing up for more than a half hour would become painful. I have managed in just about ten days to make good progress in solving the problem, simply by applying my mind and using the info on the internet.

The back pain is gone now without a new mattress, and despite continuing to sleep on an incredibly messed up old mattress (holes and depressions on both side of the mattress and in the top of the box spring), simply as a result of me beginning to walk six miles every day, combined with consuming glucosamine chondroitin, vitamin C, gelatin, a mult-mineral pill, and zinc. Funny how people can never get rid of their back pain, when they perhaps could if they simply researched things and did some thinking.

The idea of walking six miles came to me in a dream, in which I was going six miles, alternating one mile walked and one mile run. But I got so out of shape that I have been just walking six miles a day with none of them run. In eight days I got my time for walking the six--on hilly sidewalks it would be faster on track--down from 2 hours 26 minutes to 1 hour 49 minutes. Looking at some of the literature my feeling is that it could be premature to start running every other mile before I can walk the six miles in 90 minutes, 4 MPH. I still hope to eventually run every other mile. My feeling is that there is something extraordinarily beneficial in doing this, because the body rests from the running while walking, so the body is exercising while resting simultaneously, while the miles are walked; this reminds me of how my high school gym teacher had us walk an eigth of a mile after running a mile. I think the fancy word for this kind of thing is hypostasis or something like that. At first my lower back and feet would ache towards the end of the six miles, but despite the pain I stuck with it and now the back pain problem is gone.

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Vigorous but scorned Waltham women, eternity, being on the Red Sox, my dad singing like a soul-brother, Erin "making it with me", Linda still pretty

In the dream I saw the busty six foot plus blonde from Frosty's, she was standing there about 20 feet away, and I saw the Myrtle St. girl. And in the dream I was thinking to myself, that these two women are vigorous people.

When I awoke, I was thinking:

This hefty guy has been badmouthing women including these two women, because they are in his eyes women who are not instantaneously spiritually electrifying, and are not women for whom I Hobbs feel an angelic divine passion when I first encounter them. It is a weird situation when vigorous people are scorned; it has to do with this emphasis on productivity per dollar paid, as opposed to productivity per hour, this international free trade. When trade is regulated, people such as these two vigorous persons are valued as workers; when productivity per hour is valued, vigorous people are valued for what they can get done in an hour. But when you have a free trade emphasis on productivity per dollar paid, the vigorous people are disrespected, because some humdrum person in some distant corner of the globe is capable of getting more done in an hour than them. As for them not being instantaneously electrifying, and as for me not feeling some kind of angelic sexual passion for them as soon as I encounter them, generally speaking men are not even supposed to be passionate with women until they are married, and, if everyone who is not born of angelic passion or instantaneously electrifying women is junk unable to enter heaven, then almost everyone is junk unable to enter heaven. True, David felt something special when he saw Bathsheba (mother of Solomon) nude, but that did not mean his other wives and their children were trash.

In another dream, I was explaining to someone, about eternity; I was trying to give him some idea of what eternity is, I was telling him about how when G=1000 years, how eternity is like GxGxGxG. After he began to understand to some extent what eternity is, he came to the realization that I the person he was speaking with is an important legislator.

In another dream, I was playing basketball, concentrating on behind the back moves, footwork, penetration. I was'nt doing that great, I was out of practice. Some guy did'nt realize I was on the Boston Red Sox team, and had a respectable batting average. I was shocked. I could not believe that he did not know that I was on the the Red Sox. When I awoke I was thinking how I after college I realized too late I had developed all this athletic ability too late; I was thinking how I did not have access to the best coaching, good training equipment, parents encouraging me to excel in sports, how I did not realize some persons mature physically later than others, how our society is obsessed with youth; it seemed to me that if you gave me a chance to practice batting against batting machines and pitchers, a chance to practice fielding, even at this late date I would get pretty damned good at it, but would end up being shot down through age discrimination anyway.

Then I had another dream, I could not remember all the segments or the exact order of the segments. My dad was singing a song, he sounded like a raspy soulful black man. I was in the front seat of a car and the other people in the car, my dad and some women, were singing like soulful raspy blacks. These songs sounded great, if I could only remember the words and the melodies when I awoke I would be a big success. For some reason my dad after a while wanted me to leave his group alone and go home. Then I was at Harvard, there were all these irregular concrete blocks and things, making it difficult to get from here to there at Harvard, but I was somehow smoothly sailing over them. Sitting there with these people I saw some women who had had plastic surgery, after the surgery, one side of her face looked normal and the other side looked like a hyper-contrasty photo, the normal side of her face looked mongoloid, wide, with alot of space between the outside of her eyebrow and her ear. When I awoke I was thinking how that kind of face with the space between the eyebrow and the ear is also part of the Alpine look, how the Bible scriptures counsel against cutting the corners of the hair. At some point I saw Erin. Her black hair was pulled back into two braids behind her back, she wore glasses and lots of lipstick that hid the natural lines of her face, she looked like a white Indian (as in Air-India, resembling Erin-dia) her upper body looked thin, her bra minimized her breasts, she wore a dark, I think dark blue T shirt and jeans. She told me she said, "I want to make it with you" (as in that David Gates and Bread song); she said she would meet me a couple of days from now, I think it was Tuesday, from I think it was 8 AM to 11 AM or some such similar time, to "make it with me". She was attending graduate school in Canada. I felt an affection for her that was something other than sexual passion. I guess I am tired of women acting fundamentalist and weird with me, saying they want to marry me before they even have a conversation with me, and then not calling me on the phone or contacting me, and so Erin seemed like a welcome relief.

There were also a few weeks ago some dreams I had I never reported, because I had the flu and felt too sick to bother with reporting them. I'll try to catch up on the especially memorable ones. In one of them, Linda, who I pursued in high school but married someone else, was lying in bed with me, under the covers, by my side. I asked her if she was still pretty, and she said, "yes". As usual I felt moved and impressed by her excellent diction and the dignity and intelligence of her voice. I think this dream had to do with how it seemed that some jewish TV announcer, it seems deceitfully, implied that Linda was no longer pretty (I have'nt seen her in years). I suspect that she's still pretty but hiding behind glasses makeup unglamorous hair colors etc.

Friday, June 17, 2005

dreams of June 16

First I had a dream that I do not now remember. I remembered it when I woke up, I figured I would write it down later, and commit it to my memory without writing it down when I first woke up. But then later I could not remember it.

In the dream I could remember, I was in this elevator cabin that was falling very fast, as if in free fall. The elevator cabin was the normal size but the ceiling of it was at least 25 feet above its floor. In the dream I had big muscular arms like Megan; seems I was this white guy who was a combo of me and Megan. I put my arms out to my sides straight, and flapped them up and down while keeping them straight, like wings, and rose up off the floor of the plunging elevator cabin. I stayed up off the floor of the cabin, rising slowly relative to the floor of the plunging cabin. I did'nt know how I would survive the impact of the elevator cabin hitting the ground. It did not seem possible that I would survive. Next thing I knew I was wearing a hood that was a light to medium brown color like sand. The drawstrings of the hood were made out of the plastic bags that they put stuff in when you buy stuff at the supermarket. I walked into this small room in a large multi-story building or house. The lights in the hallways in the building were dim but the room I entered had a fair amount of light.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

the jews as wind and rain sweeping human souls into hell -- dream

In the dream saw a typical looking city street at night. Forces of nature, the wind and the rain were blowing and moving these dark things on the ground, that were like pebbles or little balls, here and there. The little pebble like things were human souls. The wind and the rain were effecting them, pushing them out of God's presence, pushing them away from heaven and into hell--hell it seemed, was like the sewer system under the streets that drinks up the excess water after a rain. The wind and the rain were the jews.

When I awoke I was thinking:

Seems unfair that a human group should by its activities be able to negatively effect souls in other groups. The theological way out, is that souls deserve to be damned, but are sometimes lucky enough not to be.

Does this dream have to do with what I read, regarding how 95% of people supposedly allow the famous sources of info to mold their beliefs, since they want to conform with society?

No Christian army, to my knowledge, ever set about attempting to cause the ruin of the souls of enemies.

Yet in the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", the writer lays out his crafty plots, designed to ruin the souls of non-Jewish persons, so as to render them more easily defeated and dominated.

Strange how some people who have described demons that they have heard and seen in visions, have described how these demons craftily plot out strategies to capture souls, the same way football coaches and generals plot out strategies to win games and battles, the same way the author of the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" plots out strategies designed to ruin "goyim" souls.

Looks like the world might have a problem, given the intersection of the doctrines of the jewish religion, a religion containing anachronistic outmoded aggressive elements, and the genetic background of the jews (descended from persons who did not accept Christianity and persons who the ancient Israelites were sent to war against)

Still the fact remains I have had other dreams that have cast some of the jews in a good light. I suppose that groups such as the jews contain a mix of elements, this or that element exerting this or that transforming influence on the outside world at this or that time and place.

I worry that Judaism has somehow morphed into a religion, wherein what matters is the furtherance of the interests of the jewish individual and the jewish race, regardless of what happens to the soul of the jew, the souls of the jewish people, the souls of non-jews: in other words, it does not matter how low the soul of a jew sinks, so long as the soul that sinks provides some benefit to the jewish people, so long as the soul by sinking increases the power of the jewish people.

People perhaps have to realize that they have to steel themselves to resist outside influences that are capable of degenerating their souls, dragging their souls down from heaven to hell. Maybe people have to really struggle to be different from the typical souls, which conformingly meekly allow themselves to be blown here and there.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Aryans originated in Northeast Africa like H Sapiens? -- dream

I saw a map of the northeast Africa area; or I saw the northeast Africa area from above as from a satellite. I saw eastern Ethiopia in gray, and the area outside of eastern ethiopia was in brown. The thought in my head, was that the Aryans originated in Eastern Ethiopia, whence they migrated in a southeasterly direction to spread into the world.

When I awoke I was thinking:

that if they migrated in a southeasterly direction, they would migrate into the sea.

That according to the (original) theory (see my Usenet posts) that I developed while studying the various opinions, H Sapiens migrated from northeast Africa, and spreading into the world mated with H Erectus that had preceded him out of Africa, different types of H Erectus from different areas, producing the racial variations in man. The dream would seem to indicate that the Aryans and H Sapiens were the same people. According to my theory the discrepancy between the date of the genetic eve, earlier by at least a hundred thousand years than the so called "genetic adam", is accounted for by a general catastrophe that wiped out everyone on earth except the "genetic Adam"'s tribe/family, which was a mix of the genetic Adam's H Sapiens lineage and H Erectus lineages from different areas brought together in one place, a high plain in the Kashmir mountains: the "genetic Adam" was actually the "genetic Noah" and the "genetic Eve's husband was the true genetic Adam. In my picture of things what I call H Erectus was actually quite similar to H Sapiens, and just as beautiful: H Erectus differed simply in terms of exiting Africa at an earlier time.

Some experts have said that the mitochondrial maternal-line DNA of the South Asian people is from northeast Africa.

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Friday, June 10, 2005

Dying teacher's cries of pain drowned out by song; tungsten darkness people of Boston -- dreams

The last two dreams I've had as of June 10 2005

I saw some white dark haired people on a rowboat about fifty yards away. There were about a dozen of them on the boat, they filled up the boat. They were singing songs. Somehow I knew they were eastern european. Their dying teacher was on the boat with them. They were singing songs to cover up the "cancer cries" (the phrase that came to me in the dream) of their dying teacher. I did not actually hear their singing or the cries of the teacher but I knew that was what was going on. The noise of their songs was designed to cover up the teacher's cries of pain.

I typed some search words into Google, search phrases, designed to discover how breasts in females grow large. This had something to do with my interest in the buxom Arlington School young lady. Then I saw the Boston area from a point about a mile above the Boston area; either that or I saw a map of the Boston area from above. The areas where there were no people were a dark green, and the areas where the people were were in a color that was almost black. These black areas were dark patches of tungsten, and they were also, the people in the area. Three or four of these little patches of blackish tungsten, each represented one of the young women who on the internet I discovered had also attended the Arlinton School. There was a spiritual darkness in these dark patches of tungsten, it was the same darkness as in the dream seemed to me to exist in an elderly Hindu gentleman that I know, a kind of dark black aggression that exists inside those who are not Christians. Yet I felt aware that there were people in the Boston area who were people who were not dark patches of tungsten with spiritual darkness in them; I was thinking and-or hoping that the buxom Arlington School young woman was not one of the tungsten darkness people.

North America, the EU, Muslim Oil, and the rest of the world

There are some indications North America (NA) & the European Union (EU) group might engage in military conflict with Muslim oil rich nations (MO), above and beyond the attack on Iraq that has already occurred.

Seems there is a tendency amongst certain elements to assume that such an attack, will be good for the NA/EU group, simply by being bad for the MO group, or, simply by being worse for the MO group than it is for the NA/EU group, or simply by being good for the NA/EU hgroup, and bad for the MO group.

This kind of thinking appears to be based on the assumption that the world consists of two parts, the NA/EU group, and the MO group. In fact the world consists of NA/EU group, a MO group, and also a third rest-of-the-world (RTW) group.

This kind of thinking is based on the idea, that if something is bad for the MO group, the result is automatically good for the NA/EU group. Actually, a war between the NA/EU and the MO group could be bad for MO group, good for the NA/EU group, and even better for the RTW group with the result that the NA/EU group's position, though improved in terms of power by the war, ends up worse than it would have been otherwise, due to the RTW group increasing its power as a result of the the war between the NA/EU group and the MO group, more than the NA/EU group.

For example, if before the NA/EU vs MO conflict the power breakdown was NA/EU 34%, MO 33% and RTW 33%, a conflict between NA/EU and RTW could change this distribution to NA/EU 35%, MO 1%, and RTW 64%, leaving NA/EU dominated by RTW, despite NA/EU having increased its share of world power. Likewise, the NA/EU vs. MO conflict could leave the NA/EU position unchanged at 34%, while MO dropped to 1% and RTW rose to 65%.

A conflict between NA/EU & MO could damage MO, while at the same time damaging NA/EU leaving NA/EU in a position worse than it would have been had there been no conflict between NA/EU & MO. Such could be the case if NA/EU was damaged more than MO, it could be the case if NA/EU was damaged as much as MO, and it could EVEN be the case if NA/EU was damaged LESS than MO. For example, the power distribution could change from NA/EU 34% MO 33% and RTW 33% to NA/EU 17% MO 1%, and RTW a dominating 82%, as a result of which despite MO being damaged more than NA/EU, NA/EU ends up being dominated by RTW.

Aside from such relative power breakdowns, a war that damaged MO more than it damaged NA/EU, could produce unacceptable damage to the interests of RTW.

Seems there is a tendency amongst some in power to attend cocktail parties everyday, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes in the evening, maybe even in the morning. That is alot of drinking, especially seeing how drinking early in the day hits a person, especially an older person. Nations and groups of nations should not embark on wars impulsively, but, rather, if at all, prudently, after wisely considering various possible outcomes and alternatives.

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Impulsive trip by air to Los Angeles California -- dream

I was standing in a line, the Arlington School girl (Belmont) was at my side, it was relaxing to have her at my side.

Impulsively, off the bat, I flew to Los Angeles California on a plane. I had never been there so I wanted to see it. I got off at the LA airport. It was decorated in colorful Cal-mex style. There was a fairly tall and strong black guy in a white short sleeved shirt at the airport behind a desk. He had some paperwork for me, I did not get a copy of the paperwork, there were people in line getting the paperwork; the guy did not give the paperwork to me so I did not get it done.

Then, I was in a foyer talking to a tall husky muscular clean shaven white guy with a pleasant looking roundish yet chiseled-ish face, who wore a white short sleeved shirt. I closed my eyes as a way of relaxing while talking to him and told him about how I knew Danny Rudolph dean of Stanford Business School and how I had written essays considered "brilliant" on topics such as business school. When I opened my eyes the guy I was talking to was gone, and what I saw in front of me was at least a couple of elderly white ladies, with gray hair, whose faces were about two feet high from chin to top of forehead.

Then I was at a bar, and the young white woman who was the bartender, who had wavy brown hair, was as close to me as possible given the separation of the bar and smiling at me, she seemed hot with passion for me; she looked like the locan Exxon gas station girl, and there were a couple of other young white women near me smiling at me who seemed hot for me also.

In another dream I had at approx the same time I sent an email to some people and I had one person in the to box, and several in the cc box, since I wanted to play by the Bill Gates rules of spam. But I wanted to shift the addresses from the CC box to the To box because, the emails were really TO all the people, nobody was really secondary, a CC.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

exercise needed when there are stressful events -- dream

Prior to mid-March, I was really chugging along, churning out 1600 words plus per day of what people would call "brilliant" essays on tough topics such as Medical School core courses. Then I got into a situation where there developed some unavoidable social and business occasions that are still ongoing and will be ongoing that stressed me out and tired and depressed me. The stress and the depression and fatigue got me to the point where I got under the weather in physical health. It was as if the unavoidable social/business occasions were undermining my immune system. Even now, two and a half months after mid-March, I am not back to being what I was, the 1600+ words per day brilliant essay guy. You might be surprised, to what extent being a "brilliant" 1600+ words per day guy, is physical, and has to do with being relaxed and happy.

In the dream I was standing at by refrigerator, with one hand on the open refrigerator door. This pleasant light came out of the refrigerator and was around me. I felt energetic, happy, relaxed and intelligent, because I had been exercising.

When I woke up what I felt I had realized, was, that although I was not regularly exercising prior to Mid March, during a time when I did not have to face stressful tiring depressing events, a time when my pace of productivity was so high, in times past I had faced up to the depressing stressful and tiring social and business occasions that were now overwhelming me, without letting them overhwelm me depress me tire me and stress me, because I had been exercising. So it seemed to me, that we can be highy productive energetic happy and relaxed without exercise, but, there are circumstances in which we need exercise, in order to be highly productive, energetic, happy, and relaxed, because the antidote to certain depressing tiring and stressful events we do not always encounter, is exercise.

Re the "real" world of medical research, seems researchers and analysts make the mistake of thinking something is useless if it is useless in certain circumstances. I would say the fact is, that there are plenty of things that are useful to the psychological-physical health, that are more useful in certain situations than they are in others. Thus, for example, the fact that vitamin E is apparently useless for one kind of population, does not mean it useless for all populations.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

princetonian, materialistic kid, woman's thoughts re marriage -- dreams

In the dream I saw this young white lady from Princeton U., she was flying up and down in the semi-darkness sort of like a pole vaulter. She was tall over six foot and yellow haired. She was it seemed fairly attractive in the face. Her hair fell to about three inches past her shoulders. She was admired by Rush Limbaugh. She wanted me. she wanted me in a social romantic type sense.

I saw a child, about eight years old, in a suit, pinkish face, white race, dark brown hair, on a subway type train, in the semi-darkness. Though he was only eight, he was hyper-materialistic, enamored material posessions, shiny objects and the like.

I went from one place in the semi-darkness to another carrying a suitcase, by the time I got to the destination most of the stuff in the suitcase had slipped out of it.

I saw a certain white young woman from the Boston area, this (artificial hair color?) redhead I ran into at the Exxon, about four yards below me, and about a couple of yards away from me in the semi-darkness. She looked up at me, her hair seemed medium brown not red, she was prettyish looking without being typically pretty, intelligent looking, she reminded me of this intelligent white woman who is average height like her and who is more typically pretty in terms of prettiness than this redhead is.

Looking at her in the darkness below me, I got an understanding of what goes on in the mind of a woman when it comes to thinking about marriage. I understood how a woman figures that she and the man in question both have only a short limited amount of time on this earth, she only has about one marriage in her lifetime, she only lives once, and so a marriage is a special thing and so a special person should be married. The woman figures that this specialness of marriage, requiring marriage to a special person, transcends government regulations promoting monogamy. This, I understood, is how women such as this redhead think when it comes to marriage. And I thought it strange, that certain vocal opinionated persons, see marriage between a man and a woman, as exclusively a question of whether the man in question is committing a sin by entering into the marriage. Such commentators never see things from the point of view of the woman in question; they do not see the matter through the woman's eyes, they do not consider the woman's thoughts noteworthy or important. Whereas it could be, that the morality of the man marrying the woman, would look different if the woman's thoughts were taken into account.

Friday, June 03, 2005

cones versus cylinders: counterintuitive results re volume

the volume of the cylinder is L × pi × r2,
the volume V of the sphere is given by the formula V = 4/3 × pi ×r3.
the volume of the cone is 1/3 × pi × r2 × h.

A. lateral surface area of cone

pi times radius times square root of radius squared plus height squared


B. The total surface area of a cone is the sum of the base area and lateral surface area:

pi times radius squared plus pi times radius times lateral height


According to the above, the lateral surface area is pi r l, where l equals the lateral height of the cone, which is pythagorean wise sq root of ht squared plus radius squared

C. surface area of cone
T = Pi r(r+s)

D. The equation for finding the surface area of a right circular cone:

Surface area = pi × R × (R + (R2 + H2)1/2)


Mt. Venus had at its peak, a cylinder, whose width was like a circle 1.75 miles wide, and whose height was 10 miles. Mt. Garage and Mt. Bentley had similar but shorter cylinders at their peaks. Mts Lemon, Myrtle and Heather had at their peak a cone, the height of the cone was 7.5 miles, it's base was 7 miles wide, and the cones depth, relative to what the depth of the mountain would have been if it's slopes continued on under the cone on the peak , at the same angle as before the level of the cone was reached, was 0.5 miles. Which mountain had a more voluminous object at its peak?

The volume of the object at the peak of Mt. Venus, is 10 x 3.14 x (0.87 squared), 31.4 x 0.7569 = 23.8.

The volume of the cone would be, counting the mountain under the cone as part of the cone, 1/3 x 3.14 x (3.5 squared) x 7.5 = 96.25.

The lateral surface area of the cone would be, according to formula A, square root of 3.5 squared + 7.5 squared, times 3.14 x 3.5, or 91, or square root of 68.5 which is 8.28 times 3.14 times 3.5. According to the other formula B it would be, 3.14 x 3.5 x 8.3 = 91. God knows why anyone would use formulas C and D. The volume the cone, not counting the volume of the mountain aside from the cone and underneath the cone would have if the mountain underneath the cone continued on under the cone at the same angles, would be approximately, 0.5 x 91 or 45.5. Thus the ratio between said cylinder and said cone in volume is 23.8 to 45.5.

A question is, has this formula been thrown off due to the squaring of numbers less then 1?

If we get rid of numbers less than one being squared, by multiplying everything by ten, we have:

The volume of the object at the peak of Mt. Venus, is 100 x 3.14 x (0.87 squared), 31.4 x 75.69 = 2377.

The volume of the cone would be, 1/3 x 3.14 x (35 squared) x 75 = 96162.

The lateral surface area of the cone would be, according to formula A, square root of 35 squared + 75 squared, times 3.14 x 35, or 910, 82.8 times 3.14 times 3.5. According to the other formula it would be, 3.14 x 3.5 x 83 = 912.

Thus we see that the shallow cone like structures, are in volume more voluminous than the cylindrical structure. This defies intuition, that a shallow cone, would be more voluminous than a towering cylinder, but, there you have it. If the area of the mountain underneath the cone is counted as part of the cone, the volume of the cone is even greater relative to the cylinder.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

confusion regarding one of the "priestesses" -- dream

I saw white Megan running around a track. She was a couple of yards in front of a woman I saw from behind, who looked black or south asian. Somehow I had gotten things confused, so that although I thought the white one was Megan, actually the dark one was named Megan, and the white one, who I thought was Megan, was named something else. Or I thought the dark one was named Megan, whereas actually the white one was the one named Megan. There was this kind of confusion.

When I awoke, I was thinking, that in my mind in waking life Megan was the priestess the sound of whose voice could bring me closer to God; the exotic dancer downtown was the priestess who drew me close to God by me looking at her, who never answered my letters; and there was Anne who could get me feeling closer to God's presence, the divine spirit, by being friendly with me, not sexual but girlfriendish for one short night, who got married to Lawrence, and then there was Linda who got married to David, who was the one I could feel deeply emotional about after playing frisbee in the park with her, which, if it did not directly draw me closer to God, ended up making me more priestly a person and thence closer to God. These were the ones that were like priestesses in my life, sort of like an ear, an eye, a heart, and a mind