Monday, May 30, 2005

high school re-union thoughts--how high schoolers excel adults

They are having my high school reunion this week in Chicago; here is what I've been thinking. There is something to be said for the "religion" of the high schooler, in comparison to the "religion" of the adult. The high schooler's "religion", judging from my experience of myself and of others (which may not be representative of high schoolers in general) is focused on seeing what is good or at least not blameworthy in other people, focused on hopes regarding what other people will become, as opposed to condemnation, regarding what they have been in the past, focused on seeing the divine in nature. But then, it seems, they become "adults", and their "religion" becomes increasingly based on church doctrines, and on mis-interpretable scriptures, with the result that they increasingly become judgemental, scornful, individuals who find fault with others, and, consequently, become hyper-focused on finding faults with themselves.

The nature of scripture, the style of scriptural writing, is such that one scripture taken in isolation contradicts another, sort of like two flashlights side by side, producing rays of light that angle slightly in the direction of the other flashlight, creating an intersection of the two rays of light. One can see the wisdom of this kind of approach on the part of the scripture writers; you can see how this kind of teaching approach, which leaves the balancing of the two "contradictory" scriptures up to the individual mind of the person reading or hearing the scriptures, could produce, especially if it is realized that most of God's thoughts are not put into scriptures, a flexible reasonable tolerant civilized type of person with a real living inner spiritual mind, as opposed to an unreasonable, rigid, intolerant, uncivilized, hyper-dogmatic scripture-programmed robot. Yet many adult "religious" persons, although they plunge into the detailed nuance of all kinds of scripture, fail to recognize the style of teaching used in scripture, fail to realize that most of God's thoughts are not in scripture and this exacerbates the degenerating influences that lead to them becoming worse not better as they "mature" into adults.

"Mere" high-schoolers it seems, tend to excel what they become as adults, in the manner in which they, since they refrain from plunging into critical judgements ,are able to see dvinity or at least something respectable in the living and sometimes non-living things around them; such could be derided as "pantheism", but monotheistic scriptures support this so called "pantheist" point of view. Monotheist scriptures advocate the loving of even enemies, forgiveness, the refraining from judgement; they remind us that even evil men have the form of God; they remind us that a spark of God is in all of us and is what keeps us alive; they teach us to sweep away distractions such as judgement and anger for others, so that we can see the hand of God, the master artist, in the objects that are in nature; they remind us of God's love for an evil world and the sinners therein; they describe how "love" is hopeful, not irritable, and does not keep a record of wrongs (committed by another person); they extol "heartiness" and "natural affection", attributes which when found in a person produce "heart" and "affection" for even the ethically defective; they talk of the deep feelings of love inspired prophets have had for even "lost" sinners; they advise that the mind should generally be focused on what in other persons is praiseworthy as opposed to condemned; though it is hard to "rejoice" when the mind is focused on someone's faults, such scripture teaches us to rejoice "always".

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Thursday, May 26, 2005

living in a big house with lots of people and a pool

I was living in a large low wide rectangular squarish house; my brother and me, and Heather L., and some other women and I think some other guys maybe also lived in it. There were guests visiting it. It was hard to tell the guest from those who lived there but I felt plenty of people lived in it. It was a pleasant place to live. In ground floor area I'd guess it was around 400 square yards. You could get lost in it, going from room to room on the ground floor.

My brother was in the house with some friends of his. I was following him from room to room, hoping to get a little of the pot he was smoking with them. I never got any, I lost track of my brother, gave up. There was a swimming pool in the house, and across a hallway, there was a real big swimming pool that belonged to Brandeis U. I asked if we could use the Brandeis U pool. Someone answered that we could, but I felt he was talking about the pool in our house, which I knew we could use, and not the Brandeis pool I was unsure of. In the parking lot in front of the house there was a crimson van, the van was gone, and all that was left was a door, I think the left front door of the van. There was a room in the house, with booths with tables of the type you find in restaurants; across the table from me was this light skinned black guy who had cancer who was an accountant. He had three pot cigarettes and showed me half of one. Heather L who was wearing her hair like the TV announcer Heather Unruh, had left of the house with some of her women friends and I felt that I missed her.

When I awoke I was thinking of how people complain about polygamy, yet at the same time, a man can solve alot of financial problems for his family simply by taking in one or more wealthy wives.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

gothic bldg, Harvard reunion, oppressed Indian workers, a flying cruise ship -- dreams

Dreams I had night after May 21

1 I saw a very big gothic building at night, that reminded me of the gothic buildings at the U of Chicago. One end of this building was tall and rectangular, with a flat roof, the other longer end was shorter and had a roof that sloped on two sides to a point in the middle. It had lots of floors, that were not vertically high, one on top of the other. The floors were full of pairs of eyes.

2 About 50 yards away I saw Lillian walking towards me at night. She was glistening, she looked vibrant and very beautiful; she looked divine, superhuman.

3 I was in this big hall that was kind of dark, there were a bunch of Harvard re-unions in it, one for this year, another for that. I went to the 1976 reunion room, there was a young good looking white woman with short straight brown hair handling the paperwork. Then I realized this was the wrong reunion, 1976 was the first year I was at Harvard, not the year I graduated. Walking through the hall I passed by a tall caucasian brown skinned guy wearing a surgeon type of shirt who was in my reunion group, but I was too preoccupied with thoughts to say anything to him. Then I met what looked like a short white black haired guy wearing glasses with thick dark rims; he was wearing cloth over his head the way Indian women who wear saris do. "He'" took off the cloth on his head, and it turned out he was a woman in my re-union group. Her name was Millig Bollup. She had a job in the Boston area as a nurse, and some other job. I was impressed by how good the people I went to college with have been at making money. I had to do some business with someone who was handling my reunion group, who sat behind a tall narrow table, like a bank teller, behind a glass partition. I was preoccupied so I absent mindedly told this teller like person my name was Millig Bollup. I had to give some card or something to Millig Bollup so she could get me some kind of ID where I could pretend to be someone I was not. I was looking in the mirror. I looked youngish; my hair wqs normal length with short bangs at the top of the forehead, I was clean shaven, I looked short. I was thinking, how it was weird that I was now KING, though still a relatively young man, yet, everyone was ahead of me financially and I had to run around meeting up with people I went to college with in an effort to resurrect myself financially. I was thinking that me having become king, vindicated my conduct while at Harvard, and vindicated the conduct of my classmates while I was at Harvard. In the lobby leading to the hall with the reunions I had lunch with Heather L. I talked and talked. Then I decided it was time for me to shut up and let her talk.

4 I saw a factory in India lit by yellow light bulbs. The factory workers were screwing things into a wall. Supervisors were standing behind them. These pitiable factory workers were all in perpetual debt to the Indian factories that made the tools that they had to buy or rent. My dad was telling me that he was poor compared to these Indian factory owners.

5 This huge airplane, shaped like a vacation cruise ship that had only one level on its deck, took off. As it took off, It's tail end brushed against a tall building, but it did not crash. I think this cruise airplane was connected with the reunions. I was sitting in the absolutely last, back row of seats. It was like a seat on a roller coaster ride at an amusement park. I felt my body press against the restraining bar in front of me as the plane took off.

Waking notes. There have been a good number of dreams that I have not reported lately. Some dreams seem more worth reporting than others. Some people would think I was too dreamy if I reported them all. Reporting them all takes precious time and energy. Unfortunately there are people who think that the purpose of a blog, is to avoid offending specically them as an individual. This makes reporting of some of the dreams problematic. RE (2), there are women such as Lillian that certain men despise, simply because these women are strong, muscular, and very busty. Yet it seems to me, that even such scorners should be able to see how if you ignore the muscularity and bustiness of such women, they still have admirable qualities that even such scorners should be able to admire. I am not sure it is a good idea to not report every dream. Sometimes dreams that seem nonsensical or unremarkable, turn out to be psychic, prohetic.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Is the Tequila-cured influenza rooted in areas where the Agave plant grows?

Let F = a type of debilitating influenza that at this point in history is not known to have seriously disrupted civilization anywhere, that is cured by Tequila made from the Agave Plant.

Let A = the Agave plant.

Hypothesis: F originates in areas where Agave naturally grows.

Humans have been able to prosper despite F, in areas where there is F, through Agave.

This is why quite possibly F originates where there is A as an antidote; because human civilization has so far been able to prosper despite F, we are not at this point in history aware of F having seriously disrupted civilization anywhere, and this would be less likely if F, was geographically rooted in an area where there is no A. If F was rooted where there is no A, it would be more likely that F would have already seriously interfered with the survival of human civilization somewhere.

When it comes to looking at debilitating diseases that at this point in history have not seriously disrupted human civilization anywhere, looking to areas where such diseases geographically originate, we might be likely to find natural antidotes for such diseases; looking to areas where natural antidotes for such diseases are found, we might find the geographical origins of such diseases.

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Romans 13:1-5, re obedience to government: commentary

Some declare, that Christians and non-Christians are obliged to obey the government, and are damned, if they do not obey the government. They cite Romans 13:1-5 from the New Testament. Yet what most biblical commentators miss in scriptures such as the "let every soul be subject unto the higher powers" section of scripture, is, that the style of the writing in the New Testament is such, that the New Testament contains emphatic declarations that contradict each other, contradictions that the reader must balance out in his own mind.

Though Romans declares that those who resist the higher government powers are damned, the Book of Revelation is one of the sections of scripture that portrays refusal to worship strange Gods commanded to be worshipped by governments, and refusal to verbally repudiate Christ although comnanded to do so by government, as ideal forms of conduct.

Thus the scripture enjoining obedience to government, taken hyper-literally, contradicts scriptures advocating or implying disobedience to government as the ideal.

Christ did not deny himself when accused but kept silence. Stephen, Paul, Peter, and others after them were martyrs; most probably, they could have escaped martyrdom by obeying the government by repudiating the Christian faith. The early church considered disobedience to governments that commanded the worship of strange gods or the repudiation of Christ, to be honorable disobedience, more honorable than obedience to such commands.

Although Romans commands obedience to government, Moses, is celebrated for having slain an Egyptian while living as a Hebrew slave in Egypt; and Rahab the harlot, is celebrated for having cooperated with the invading ancient Israelite spies.

Romans enjoins obedience to governments that terrors to evil works, and revengers punishing evil-doers. Romans does not demand subservience to governments that do NOT terrorize evil works and take revenge on evil-doers. At the time Romans was written, the Roman government, WAS a government that terrorized evil-works and punished evil-doers.

Not just the obedience-to-government section of Romans, but other scriptures also, indicate that the words translated as damned by translators such as those who generally did an excellent job of producing the King James version of the Bible, were originally meant to indicate something other than irrevocable, eternal damnation to hell.

Rom 13:1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.
Rom 13:2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.
Rom 13:3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same:
Rom 13:4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.
Rom 13:5 Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake.

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dream about a small planet with big (relative to the planet) people on it

Dream had night after May 13.

I had some dreams subsequent to my last dream report, and prior to this dream report, that I leave out of the record for now it takes time and energy to record every little dream.

In the dream had night after May 13, There were some Japanese on this mainland, and there was a peninsula attached to the mainland, with white people on it; I was amongst the Japanese, not as working for the Japanese but as an observer. I was not harassed by the Japanese. It was as if there was a miniature globe, and the continent I was on was a light gray color, and about a mile wide and two thirds of a mile high, flat as on a map, colored a light gray. The entire planet was small, as was the continent we were on. So though the continent was small, it was still a big part of the planet it was on. The sky around this planet was a dark blue, as was the ocean that surrounded the planets. We walked around on the mainland of the continent, there were a few hundred Japanese on it, they were normal size but the continent they were standing around on was small relative to their size, though this continent was still big relative to this small world we were on. On the peninsula attached to the mainland were white caucasian people. They were arrayed in lines about 100 yards wide, about 50 people on each line, several lines deep, one line behind the other. The peninsula was shaped like Florida or India, it was also flat and a light gray color. The Peninsula's width was about a seventh of the width of the mainland it was attached to. In the white caucasian lines I noticed from afar, a young adult white female, about five feet ten inches in height, athletically built, pretty, and lean looking though I could barely see the face, straight yellow hair in a pony tail. The Japanese wanted to invade the peninsula with the white people on it and conquer it, but they could not, because of this lines formation the white people were arrayed in.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Castle Blythe Withstands the Winds of Mammon

Castle Blythe, impervious to the winds of the Unrighteous Mammon,
built near huge gray stone neo-gothic university buildings,
so that on occasions they so felt inclined,
pilgrims might return to the monkish medieval Castle,
it's intricate ornament, carved in stones the color of an overcast sky
and enjoy the view of the towering finely crafted spires,
mounting on monumental, fantastic, skilled architecture
something like a cross between a huge church and a fortress
the brotherly scripture-reverencing camaraderie,
the walks about the campus,
the tolerance shown by sexually normal persons,
the tolerance of scripture-reverencing sexually normal males,
the memories of the just government that ruled the land
in times past when the pilgrims were boys of the neighborhood,
the memories of lost innocence, wherein a man-child,
could immerse himself in the wonders of scripture and the beauties of nature,
succeed in spiritual flight, even if self taught in religion,
by simple adherence to the words of the master, printed in red,
the Lord's Prayer, Have mercy on me a sinner, give me the Holy Spirit,
give me good things and the things that I need,
let our flight not be in winter, let laborer's be sent into the fields of the Lord of the Harvest
Said without vain repetition, in secret, believing things asked shall be given,
in the name of the prophet, agreeing with another on what is asked
God I a sinner ask you in the name of your prophet,
give me the Holy Spirit, and good things, and things that I need.
Yea, once we were young and wise, and our prayers were simple,
based on the worlds of the Lord in Red,
and so our minds were undistracted,
by long laundry lists, vainly repetitive insincere requests,
and though we did not pray all the time,
our prayers were focused on things to the point;
things we need, the Holy Spirit, things left unsaid.
Scripture tis true says continue instant in prayer,
yet it says also avoid vain repetition,
and so it is better to not continue instant in prayer,
meaning praying without ceasing,
if such ends up causing the error of repetitions in vain
Though skilled in spiritual flight we were undistracted by
and oblivious to and blissfully ignorant of,
the huge power wielded secretly in society by Unrighteous Mammon,
Mammon which unrighteously puts an end to the hopes and dreams of the world.

Before Castle Blythe's first sone was even laid,
it took form in a usually invisible way,
composed of almost cubical brown stones, roughly size and shape of basketballs,
producing a rough irregular looking wall;
in the center of the wall was an arch shaped entryway
the color of the stones reminiscent of the brown colors,
in the emails containing the poetic prayers,
writen by the new internet author

Yet the castle walls invested he,
with sacramental formulae,
such that they could withstand
the harsh assaults from without,
of the winds of the new realities,
and the new disconcerting awareness thereof,
shocking awareness of the vast, overshadowing, secret power of heretical Mammon,
Mammon, secretly at war with hopes for family, country, race, and world;
Mammon, secretly at war with hopes that give meaning to the lives of men,
Unrighteous Mammon, which we had thought deceased like the dinosaurs,
Unrigheous Mammon, which we had thought existed in the time of Christ but was no more,
Unrighteous Mammon, the same old Serpent as in Christ's Palestine, of yore
Mammon, secretly at war with principles men cannot desert,
and so therefore crushing at every turn,
hopes that give meaning and joy to life in the minds and souls of men.

Enter here, behind reverently sculpted medieval dull-silver colored rock walls,
rendered impervious to the shock
of the harsh outside spirits of Mammon spinning about , cold blustery winds;
enter here into the kingdom of stately gardens and parks,
wherein a man can forget the cold wind of the spirit of the Unrighteous Mammon,
wherein a man can forget, the wind of the shock of the mere awareness
of the existence of Unrighteous Mammon,
wherein a man can forget, and retreat in his heart mind and soul
into the lost age of innocence,
wherein the reverence of scripture,
and the reverence of God's creation,
proceed undisturbed by the winds
of the shock of the knowledge of the existence of Mammon;
wherein hope and idealism,and talk of what God wants the world to be,
and scriptural liberalism's camaraderie,
proceed undismayed by the haughty winds of Mammon.
Enter here, wherein the ornamentally carved stately gray stonework
erected by scripture reverencing men of old is admired,
wherein the masonry in rocks the color of the overcast sky, teaches the superiority
of the god-like monastic a-sexual element found in all life;
wherein no sexophile slanders those who respect scripture,
wherein sexually normal men who admire scripture are honored,
wherein by the powers of sacerdotal recitations,
men find wisdom which they plant into their lives;
Enter here, wherein no winds of Mammon wound, dashing hope to the ground;
enter here, wherein no storms of Mammon sap the heart's vitality;
enter into the pleasant reverie,
of candles and fire-places and tapestries,
of artistically masoned buildings and libraries,
carved from rock the color of silver that does'nt shine
Enter here, wherein, man finds the spirit of heaven, that exists even without hope,
even when all hope for self , kindred, people, nation and planet is gone

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Text re, ornaments of, & future of Lady Herculea of Waltham

Dream I had Night of May 3.

In the dream I saw this text about this Glamazon female I'll call Lady Herculea, who lives in my neighborhood. She is not fat in the stomach, she is white and pretty, last I saw her hair was straight short and brown, and her thighs are huge and muscular yet shapely. The text was in black Times New Roman font size 12, on a white background. It reached from one side of the page to the other, there was about a page of it, it was not broken up into little paragraphs. It was about this Lady Herculia. Some of the words in it were hilited in various colors used by the Google hiliting tool. Then I saw this Lady Herculea lying on her back on a bed, her knees were at a 45 degree angle pointing upwards, and her upper torso was lifted off the bed to the point where her head was almost perpendicular to the bed. Her thighs were still huge. Her hair was short straight and gray to white. She was wearing ornaments, like bangles and the things women wear around their ankles; these ornaments were not gold or silver, they were not ornate; they were simple ornaments colored the same colors as the colors used by the Google hilite tool--yellow, light blue, fuchsia, green and dark blue.

When I awoke I was thinking, that given all the turmoil in the world, it would be an accomplishment if this Glamazon Lady Herculea, was able to keep her thighs as huge as they are until her hair turns gray.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dreams I've had since returning from Chicago April 27

1 My boyhood neighbor Michael Gross, was floating around in the air near the ceiling of a tall warehouse like room. I was on the stairs watching him. He would sort of jump into the air way off the ground, and then somehow slide over at a high speed to rest on a pipe on a wall. he would slow his fall towards the ground like an astronaut. He would fly through the air this way and that. He was a hero. The culmination of his heroics was that he and this cop, I think it was the Italian Waltham cop who would not shake my hand at the TV station, disappeared. The cop was controlled by the Michael Gross powers. But all the heroics turned out to be phone; in the basement of the huge warehouse like room I saw a room where they kept all the props and things, just as in a play in a theater, that were used to put on the show about Michael's heroics. These people in the basement who were putting on the phony show wanted me to spy for them.

2 There was a football game involving tiny kids on the Midway in Hyde Park in Chicago; it was it seemed at night, but the field was well lit. One little child less than two feet tall kicked off the ball. Waiting a long way off to receive the ball, were what looked like pretty yellow haired little white children, dressed in black priestly looking robes, who were less than two feet tall. They waited a long way off as if they expected the ball to travel 50 yards. They looked up in the air as if they expected it to travel high in the air; but the kicker of the ball, who I did not see he being off to the left of my field of vision, was another little child, I think a white boy with brown wavy hair who was less than two feet tall. This in the vicinity of the ancient Christian architecured neo-gothic U of Chicago buildings.

3 Money and clothers were moved from one place to another. I do not remember this dream now, but I noted down such words.

4 I was cleaning up my brother's apartment in Chicago. I had done this in real life a few days before. The apartment was very dark. I felt depressed. As I cleaned up his apartment for him, rats or mice jumped in and out of my pockets.

5 There was this big building, about 80 yards wide, three tall stories high, about 60 feet high, the walls on the outside were curved like the outside of a medieval castle, and colored a light brown color, but the building was modern looking. From my point of view whefrom where I was located the left half of the building belonged to my brother. He had put up some kind of blue tarp, about 20 feet high and about 60 yards wide, up on the third floor wall of his half of the building, which stretched all the way over to the other half of the building where it covered up some important words on the other half related to the fact that the other half of the building was owned by Neiman Marcus. This was a problem. I saw a family walk into the ground floor of the Neiman Marcus half of the building. They were white, the adults were average height, there was a young adult female with them, the child I guess, who was about five feet two inches tall, pretty, with long thin straight waist length brown hair; she wore tight blue jeans, that showed she had stocky muscular yet shapely legs like cylinders nine inches in diameter. They were all excited because of these emails I had sent to this Neiman Marcus containing poetic prayers I had written designed to spiritually electrify places. As I watched them go in the building, I was thinking, did they even recognize that I, me, the person they were glancing at, was the author and creator of the exciting email blitz? I was on I think the second floor of my brother's side of the building, smoothing over the feelings of my brother's friends, who had been hurt by words spoken by my father while he was visiting my brother. I was talking to these friends of my brother about the impending economic meltdown in the USA; I was telling them that to survive the impending meltdown they had to become good at camping, tenting, hunting and fishing, or good at serving foreign tourists coming to the USA, or some third thing I do not remember now, because the economy was going to come crashing down.