Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are Beach Boys & I really cousins?

Re the dream about the Beach Boys, in which it was either common knowledge that I and them were cousins, or one of them said we were cousins, I can now verify that the Beach Boys and myself are both according to the charts, descended from Charlemagne.

When I had the dream, I did not know this, all I knew was that: I was according to charts descended from Euro-royalty and so were they; their ancestors and my ancestors followed the same intra-American migration pattern and resembled each other closely in certain ways.

The Beach Boys were descended from John of Brienne, King of Jerusalem. John of Brienne was the great-grandson of Erard I, Count of Brienne, who was a descendant of Charlemagne.

Similarly, I am according to the charts, through my mother's father, a direct descendant of William the Conqueror through the Conqueror's daughter Saint Adela, & William the Conqueror was descended from Charlemagne.

Beyond that, the Beach Boys and myself are both descended from contemporaneous Kansas plumbers. The Kansas plumber who was a Beach Boys ancestor and the one who was my ancestor, both had ancestors who followed the same migration pattern, from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania to Ohio to Kansas. This combines with the fact that the Beach Boys and myself have ancestors with the same name-- for example, The Beach Boys and myself both have ancestors surnamed Adams.

It would take even a highly skilled genealogist much time to ferret out all the possible connections between Beach Boys ancestry and my ancestry.

As of now, I lack information re the ancestry of my mother's mother, who, I've been told, was of aristocratic ancestry, more aristocratic than my mother's father.

Above and beyond the Charlemagne connection, suffice it to say, that given that the Beach Boys and myself are both descended from Kansas plumbers whose ancestors followed the same migration pattern, there exists a cultural similarity that in and of itself could produce as much of a sense of kinship as biological connection.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dream about the Beach Boys

I was outside the door of a room, in a dimly lit house or building. I opened the door to the room and walked in. The dimly lit room was squarish shaped, not bigger than a square of 8 yards length on each side. One of the four corners of the room was uninhabitable because of some vent or pipe that ran through the corner of the room. The walls of the room like the pipe thing were painted an off-white color, a very light brown or a very slightly dark white.

Inside the room, two of the 'Beach Boys' (famous & excellent singing group first formed in the 1960s), were lying on their backs on beds. I did not know which two they were. One was on a bed next to the wall to my left, with his feet facing towards me. I did'nt get a good look at the other, but he was lying on a bed next to the far wall, with his head closer to the other Beach Boy than his feet. The two Beach Boys and I were the only people in the room.

Both of the Beach Boys were tall, about six and a half feet tall. The one whose bed was near the wall on my left, the one I got a better look at, looked a little like Dan Ehnbom, but the hair on his head and trimmed beard was lighter than Ehnbom's. In the darkness it was hard to tell if his hair-color was gray or white or yellow or what kind of mix of the three. In the dim light he looked older than Ehnbom and not as healthy. He was wearing a rain-hat that was a light gray or light brown color, which made his face harder to see due to the shadow it cast.

When I walked into the room, one of them, not sure which, said to me, 'you're beautiful'. I did'nt say anything in response.

One of them, not sure which, told me that I was a cousin of theirs; he said, 'you're a cousin'. Again I said nothing in response. Either that or it was common knowledge amongst us three that I was a cousin of theirs.

One of the Beach Boys had a transparent bag of the type used to store food in refrigerators, that had about an ounce of marijuana in it. This marijuana was an unusual uncommon type of marijuana. All of it was in the form of buds shaped like an oversized almond, a dark green color, and moist and sticky not dry.

They rolled up a 'joint' of this healthy and special high-class marijuana and smoked it with me. Then they left the dimly lit room, and began walking somewhere, down a dimly lit indoor hallway. I did'nt know where they were going, but I quietly walked along with them.

As he walked down the hallway, the Beach Boy who looked a little like Ehnbom, was wearing a light-brown overcoat of the type worn in cool to cold weather; in his right hand he carried a brown paper bag of the type grocery stores use, that had handles at the top. Both of the Beach Boys seemed tired, as if they were getting on in years.

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