Monday, March 12, 2007

Simple Natural Easily Obtained Inexpensive Cure for Ear-aches

An ear-ache can be a very painful thing. I think I read somewhere that compared to other pains, ear-aches are a severe pain. I would think it would be a great service to mankind to teach mankind how to get rid of or avoid earaches, using a wholesome and natural method; then again there probably do exist, doctors who get annoyed when people learn some inexpensive way of curing something. I wear earplugs and that can lead to infections that lead to very painful earaches. I remember how just slightly moving my head would cause alot of pain when I first got earaches. It was torture to get to the emergency room and see the doctor and get the medicine to put in the ear.

Then I figured out on my own through experimentation that instead of seeing the doctor I could just use bathroom cleaners made by companies such as CVS and Comet, the majority of which advertise themselves as having "disinfectant" properties, to get rid of my earaches--just dilute the bathroom cleaner with water and put some on an earplug and put the earplug in the ear.

These bathroom cleaners contain ingredients such as surfactants, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, ammonium chlorides of various types, and citric acid.

But this week I had ear-aches, (they hurt much less than the ones I used to get before I figured out how to use bathroom cleaner to clean my ears) which would not go away. I would get rid of the ear-ache in my left ear and an ear ache would develop in my right ear, or vice versa. The bathroom cleaners were not getting rid of these earaches. So I tried something new. I put some "Bi-o-kleen cleaner and degreaser" I got from the Whole Foods Market slash Bread & Circus store, on my earplugs, and then put my earplugs in my ear. In just one or two days both ears were completely cured.

The "Bi-O-Kleen" contains "Surfactants, water conditioners, and degreaser from coconut, grapefruit seed & pulp extract, orange peel extract,linear sulfonate, filtered spring water". I wonder if drinking biokleen or some form thereof would clean out the inside of the body.

The biokleen according to the text on the bottle "contains no adtificial fragrance, colors, preservatives, or fillers", and is "environmentally for gray water and septic tanks...netural ph...contains no glycol ether, chlorine, ammonia, petrochemical solvent, butyl, phosphate, MEA, EDTA, alcohol, butyl, phosphate, MEA, EDTA, alcohol, nonyl phenol, sodium lauryl, laureth sulfate, artificial fragrance, colors or preservatives".

The closest thing to the BioKleen amongst the more traditional cleaners is the Comet brand bathroom cleaner in which the active ingredient is citric acid. What comes to mind is that citric acid is naturally found in ingredients such as used in the Biokleen--seems you can just use the grapefruit seed and orange peel which contain citric acid naturally instead of the citric acid. I think it is important that biokleen though it does not advertise itself to be "antibacterial", or "disinfectant", seems to nevertheless have such properties, this despite the fact that the ingredients in it are very natural.

@2007 David Virgil Hobbs

Friday, March 09, 2007

Recipe--Hot Nutritious Spaghetti Meat Sauce

This recipe came out well depends on the individual how much of this and how much of that. It creates a healthy spaghetti sauce that will taste better after being stored in the frig a while. A little of this sauce will flavor alot of spaghetti.

The flavoring in some of the flavored spaghetti sauces is not as good as fresh added flavoring and clashes with fresh added flavoring. Alot of the spices can be too overpowering. The poppy seeds and mustard seeds can burn do not want to fry them for too long.

The wheat germ oil, hemp oil, orange peppers, garlic, dried red peppers, and sea salt are notable for their nutritive value.


Glen Muir or other Brand 4 Cheese Spaghetti Sauce
Natural Ground Pork from Whole Foods / Bread and Circus
orange hot peppers size shape of a marble
freshly ground black pepper
poppy seeds
mustard seeds
sea salt
Demerara Cane Sugar
Peanut Oil
Wheat Germ Oil
Hemp Oil
Sea Salt
Ground parmesan cheese
Dried red peppers


Fry the pork in the oils with cut up orange hot peppers and shallots and dried red peppers and garlic and ground black pepper. A little before adding the spaghetti sauce sprinkle the frying meat with poppy seeds and mustard seeds. Add spaghetti sauce, dash cane sugar, dash sea salt, butter and parmesan cheese. Cook for a while, turn off flame, cover, let stand.

@2007 David Virgil Hobbs

Friday, March 02, 2007

Failed Justifications/Strategies in US Mideast Policy Give Ground For Concern

IMHO as of now--

The war hawks have been coming up with relatively unheard of or new justifications and strategies for US military conquest/attacks in the mideast: boosting the US dollar by forcing oil producers to sell their oil for dollars and strengthening the US for a future war with China as justifications; an alliance with Sunni Muslims against non-Iraqi Shiites as a strategy.

It reminds you of a bullyish boy who tells his father his excuses for beating up the neighbor boy. When the first excuse fails to impress the father, the bully-boy comes up with a second excuse--as if this second excuse should distract attention from the fact that the bully has a history of coming up with excuses that do not hold water.

The bully-boy's track record of failed argument is grounds for scepticism re any future argument he may present. The fact the bully-boy shows a pattern of presenting an argument, and then resorting to another argument when the first one fails, and then to a third when the second one fails, indicates the bully is interested in justifying the unjustifiable as opposed to objectively in good faith determining whether his proposed actions are in the interest of this or that group.

Similarly the way the war-hawks come up with a first strategy for military conquest/attacks in the mideast, and then come up with a second one when the first one fails, and then a third new strategy when the second one fails, gives ground for pessimism with regards to the war-hawk level of strategic skill. By the time they come up with strategy number three, one is left wondering, if this new strategy number three is as good as they say it is, then why did'nt they implement strategy number three five years ago when they failed with strategy number one?

The way the war-hawks skip from failed strategy to failed strategy leads one to suspect that certain elements do not actually intend to achieve their proclaimed goals through these strategies; one wonders if it is actually even possible to attain the proclaimed goals. The fact of the matter is that even when a nation mis-allocates resources and fails to achieve its goals through the strategies implemented, certain significant elements both within and without the nation benefit from the mere attempt to achieve toe goals that are not attained.

A wise government when confronted by elements within itself that jump from one failed argument to another failed argument, from one failed strategy to another failed strategy, will ask itself: is the point of all this merely to enrich and empower those who benefit from the nation attempting to do something that it fails to do? Are these people achieving some hidden goal by way of their failed attempts to achieve their proclaimed goals? War-hawks talk of the dangers of not being hawkish--but the fact remains that there is at least as much danger involved in continued failed attempts to achieve goals, which however despite the failure and waste of resources enrich and empower special interests.

A government would not be unwise in the context of failed arguments/strategies to take note of how disconcerting it is, to hear the mouthpieces of individuals who are enriched and empowered even when the nation mistakenly goes to war and fails, enthusiastically discuss the "exciting" possibility that the US will soon be immersed in some gigantic war against a huge enemy, asi if such monstrous environment-destroying wars were an exciting sports event like the Super Bowl or the Olympics.

@2007 David Virgil Hobbs