Friday, December 31, 2004

Visit to Hyde Park dream of night before new year's eve

I had returned to Hyde Park, the U of Chicago neighborhood in Chicago for a visit. Matt Lauer lived in Hyde Park, in a hi-rise. I was visiting him at his place. It was morning and he was standing in the carpeted dimly lit elevator hallway, waiting to go to his job at NBC, holding a bag lunch in his hand. He looked and acted like someone going to his first job. Somehow he was able to get to his job at NBC in New York simply through a short train ride. He had three yellow haired daughters, ranging in age from about 3 to about 10. I found myself doing things like carrying one of the girls around in my arms, keeping them company, babysitting them. I was carrying the smallest one in my arms. She was scolding me, giving me moral lectures, like a schoolmarm, regarding my shortcomings.
Matt Lauer spent alot of time at Eric Kuby's house. Kuby still lived at the house on Blackstone Street where he used to live with his parents. He's an executive at a brokerage firm now, but in high school I was the one known for intellect. My (waking) feeling regarding Kuby has been that he might not be a mentally quick as alot of highly succesful people, but ability is more than just mental quickness. 
Kuby's house was like a home away from home for Matt Lauer. Lauer had a lot of marijuana. I could not resist pilfering a handful of it, which I hid in these bags in these suitcases of mine that were at Eric Kuby's house. My plan was to go back and get thge pilfered pot out of the suitcases at a later time. By the time I had finished hiding the pilfered pot in the bags, the amount that I had pilfered had somehow grown a hundred fold, into the equivalent of a hundred handfuls not just one, although all I had pilfered was one handful.
Some suitcases at Kuby's house were filled with Keema, a spicy Indian curry that is one of my favorites. The meat in the Keema had been supplied by a clone of yours truly, myself, that had been butchered. They (do'nt know who) had made a copy of me, and butchered it, to supply the meat for the Keema. One suitcase had Keema containing my decapitated head with the brain inside the head. The head had not been cut up or ground up for the Keema it was whole. I did not want that suitcase of Keema. But my father''s deceased  Hindu Indian mother was alive, she wanted it. For her that particular suitcase of Keema was a great delicacy, because for her brain was a delicacy, a health food, and she badly wanted that suitcase full of Keema. Someone fished my head out of the curry; though it was decapitated, its teeth were chattering. The face looked like the face of a corpse that has been dead awhile.
There were other suitcases filled with this cannibalistic Keema at Eric's place. One of them had my heart in it; the heart had not been cut up or ground up, but it had been separated from the rest of the body to which it had once belonged.  It was submerged in the liquid Keema, still beating. With every beat, it produced a bubble like wave in the keema it was submerged in. Another of these suitcases had things like my arms and legs in it. I told them I would take the suitcase filled with curry that had my arms and legs in it. I guess I had become submerged in this sub-culture wherein eating curry made out of the clones of humans was perfectly acceptable, and wherein to reject such a curry simply because it had been made out of a clone of oneself, was considered to be superstitious.
At one point as I was walking down Blackstone St., nearing the intersection with 57th from the 56th St. side, I was thinking to myself that the last two or three times I've visited Chicago, I've enjoyed what I perceived to be 'atmosphere', and felt energetic and upbeat; but this time I was not enjoying it, its spell was sort of wearing off on me, it seemed to be losing its 'atmosphere'.
Carise Skinner also lived in Hyde Park in the dream. She was living in a big house with nice lawns and landscaping in front of the house. Her face and body looked short and small, she looked pretty, human, healthy, lively, good natured, and quite intelligent. I met with her and talked with her in front of her house. The sun was shining and she was smiling.
At the end I was standing by this big crate lying on the ground; I had in my hand what seemed like a little white porcelain bird, a little smaller than the size of a hand, it was yet another of the pieces of bric a brac my brother Sasanka (we're Anglo-Indian) takes such pleasure in collecting. This India Indian soldier wearing a light brown uniform and a brown beret was standing by  the crate. The idea was that the little white bird was to be packed in the crate. I was feeling irritated remembering how yet again recently my brother had been rude and aggressive with me, I said something that expressed my irritation, and the India-Indian soldier objected to my expression of being irritated with him, although my brother's behavior had been such, that for the person on the receiving end of it to be irritated, would be perfectly understandable.  

dreams re the military, my brother, football, and childhood

1 I saw these white bodies floating on the surface of a body of water, they also floated beneath the surface, there were a few layers of them, most of them were male, a few were female, they were dead US troops. I was thinking about the dream I had night before about the US troops and the number 666. I did a couple of Google searches on US troops and did not find what I was looking for. I was going to do a couple of searches with keywords such as US military" and "hell"; but I decided not to; I figured such would draw too much attention to myself.
2 I was outdoors, the sky was blue without a cloud, and I was flying this white kite very high up in the air. This kite was my brother, my brother was the kite. I brought the kite down and gradually landed it, as it got close to the ground I could see that it was shaped like a cube about a yard square, but it was not a box; it had spaces on the sides, which were slightly curved, for the air to get in. As I landed the kite I thought of how my brother had been rude combative and aggressive with me, but I still landed the kite slowly gently and carefully.
3 I was on a football team. We played a few pro teams one after the other in one day. After the last game I was wondering how far we had progressed and how many more games we had to play, but that was it, the end, we were champions. I played both offense and defense for my team. At one point on a goal line stand, with the other team near our endzone, I played middle linebacker. The other teams seemed human, dominatable, subject to human weaknesses and failings, almost like a cigarette smoker in certain ways. I think the last team we played was the Green Bay Packers. Either that or we ourselves were the Packers.
4 I was walking around outdoors where there were these hills, none higher than 100 yards in height. These hills were covered with deep snow. On one of the hills I found bags, gloves, an overcoat and that kind of thing from my late high school early college days; on and near another hill I found stuff I had when I was in high school; on yet another hill I found stuff that was mine when I was in grade school. As I recovered the  stuff that belonged to me in grade school days, I remembered those grade school days. I remembered (I had spent the first five years of my life in India) how to me in those days, the USA was the land of snow, the land of cheerfulness, the land of kindness to people and to children, the land of smiles and friendliness.
When I awoke from dream number 4, I was thinking of how life has degenerated for me, what with having to live amongst anti-christian homosexual massholes, having to watch my nation ruin itself financially and live on borrowed money, having to face the pressure of living under a government that does not like to help people, and having to experience being crushed by un-christian, disorderly brainless, immoral employers.  
When I awoke I thought of how it was liberal labor union democrats who created that era of the 1960s and 1970s, an era during which the popular music produced was of high quality, an era in which it was easy to find the fellowship of the Holy Spirit in a way that you could really feel it. I thought of how priests are like musicians, they are both effected by their environment.
I thought of how when surrounded by elite jewish academics and elite gentile academics it was so hard to find a girlfriend; whereas in liberal and liberal 'lower'(?) middle class environments, populated by the type whose politics and influence helped to put magic and kindness in my grade school days, it has been incredibly easy to find beautiful white women who intuitively, without having to be pursued and talked up, decide they want to marry me; and I thought of how it bothers me that such women should be economically ruined due to the economic destruction of their communities. I felt disgusted  with the malicious jealousy of conservatives who love to ruin their countrymen, and who are expert at finding fault with others but worse than novices when it comes to seeing their own gigantic defects; and I felt sick of those who say to me, (words to the effect of ) "abandon those (beautiful) women from that ('merely' working class) town, that town does not have money, they have no financial future, they bear the guilt of the crimes that have been perpetrated by their government".

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Dreams: Decline of the beauties event; 666(?) war



There was this big get together in some place like a football stadium, there was an area at least the size of a football field, filled with people sitting on the ground tightly packed together talking, as in when they sit on the ground to watch fireworks displays on the Fourth of July. Alot of them wore brown sweaters or blue jeans, they were dressed as if for coldish weather. This crowd contained by a long shot, more beautiful white women than any other such event both in percentage of crowd and also in absolute terms; at this event they (the beauties) did not hide or act mean, they showed up, they became plentiful and numerous. The people in this crowd were being sociable and talking.

This event became famous as an event where you could find lots of beautiful white women being nice and sociable: white women a large number of which were sexy and beautiful, who were sitting on the ground, packed tightly together, being sociable and talking; it was the hip smart fun place to be.

There was a pretty white woman, around five feet ten inches in height with shortish straight brown hair, who was athletically built, and attractive, who had some kind of job serving all the people at this get together. This woman worked hard at her job; one time it was like it was raining outside, but it was raining liquid clay, and though this woman was soaked in this gray liquid clay that was raining down, she was helping this man who was near the event and in a car that was soaked in this gray liquid clay.

This event, which became popular and famous as an event where you could socialize with and be around large numbers of beautiful white women, eventually changed in character over time. As it became famous, it began to attract a low mean and ugly type, and the beautiful women began to avoid it. It became an unpopular event. As it lost popularity, I had less work at this event, I had gotten some work there. Although the amount of work I was given there declined I still had a little work there, I was honored, I was given these expensive looking books to carry in a dignified respected procession in which I had an honored place, but which was not very high-profile, that occurred at this event.

Outside on the highway outside this event, the pretty lady who worked at this event, had left her car stationary on a lane in a highway that had about four lanes going in each direction. She had left it stationary in the left most lane on one of the four lane roads. Then she had gone to work at the event. After working at the event she went outside at night and got into her car. The whole time her car had been left stationary on the highway, for several hours, but not been hit or towed. After she returned to her car and got into it, and closed the door behind her, another car from behind plowed into her, and telescoped neatly into her, so that the end result looked like one car only longer than most cars. This woman who worked at the event was killed in the crash. As I bicycled past the crash scene, I was thinking to myself, that, I had left my car in a similar position, highway for about a day also, but my car was never hit and I was never injured.


After I got up in the morning the day before new year's eve, In the afternoon I lay down and fell asleep. It was sometime between 1 and 430 PM, and I had a dream.

This dream started with a segment that I left out when I first posted the blog. It seemed like an insignificant segment that could be misinterpreted. Then again, the dream might be misinterpreted worse if the segment was left out. In this first segment, I was at a college track meet. This pretty, white female athlete, who I'll refer to as EG, who exists in real life, was looking up at me and smiling at me. She looked exactly the way she did in real life one time, she smiled at me exactly the way she did in real life, it was like a replay of real life. In real life I have heard a rumor that she'll marry me. She is an excellent athlete. In another dream I dreamt that she is a very good person. She has a "great" body. The first segment was just her smiling at me. Then in the dream I went home and...

In the next segment in the dream, I wanted to look at photos of these soldiers who had been in the army when I had been in it and there had been a war that they and I had fought in. I could not find much info on these soldiers anywhere. The best I could find was a web page on the internet that had these thumbnail links that were so small that you could barely see the faces in them. I clicked on the links, and photos of different white male soldiers opened up in a new page. In this dream, the time on the clock when I looked at this web page was 6:66. It was 66 minutes past the hour of 6.When I awoke I was thinking that often when I glance at the clock or wake up, the time is 3:33, but the number 666 has shown up in my dreams twice now. If you think of 666 as in one sense meaning two divided by three the elemental symbol of majority, which could be one interpretation of my number and is my original interpretation of it, the inverse is that 333 represents God or one divided by three the elemental symbol of minority.

RE this dream, some will be quick to use it to condemn me. What can I say? If you take dreams as gospel truth, which is something people who are sort of empty inside are inclined to do, even then the dream does not paint me as the devil. Weird how people who are empty, because they are so sceptical about everything like religion and God, completely lose their scepticism when it comes to dreams. All I can say is to remind the reader, that (I believe) that sometimes dreams reveal truth and sometimes they are gibberish. And sometimes they are probably a mix of gibberish and revelation.

I wonder whether this edit of this blog-post, will replace the original or just be a new post. Help sections are so hard to navigate and understand that the best way to find out is to just post this. Then we shall see if this edited version of the original supplants the original post or becomes a new post in and of itself.


The other time that number showed up, was in a dream I had in which these 4 beautiful white women I know of, who are all very strong, and who rumor has it all have an interest in marrying me or have blurted something out to this effect when in my presence, together formed a no-holds-barred wrestling team. This no holds barred wrestling team won the world championships or the national championships in the sport by beating a men's team composed of men from the World Champ New England Patriots football team. They beat them in a sport that was called Stone-Age War Re-enactment or something, the sport featured the two teams fighting as if in the stone age, with four contestants on each side. All four of the women on this winning team, ranked sixth in something. After I had this dream, I wondered whether it meant that there was something wrong with me having a relationship with these four women or any one of them, because all four ranked sixth in something, and I wished I could talk to some wise psychologist-priest who could explain to me the significance of the four sixes.

Seems like a downside to understanding the inspiration of certain scriptures of old, is that one can end up becoming too worried about numbers in dreams and taking dreams too seriously.

Outside on the high

Dream of the night after the day before new year's eve

Dream of the day before New Year;s Eve
There was a tall white guy, about six feet five inches, wearing a long sleeved white shirt and pants, I did not see his face, but he reminded me of the boss at the Victory Super-market in Waltham, who wears a black mustache. He had an air of competency and leadership to him. He went home early one night, and got up about 3 AM to produce yet another item on top of all the things he had already produced in his productive life. By 9:00 AM he had finished it in his home machine shop, it was some kind of chain that looked like a bicycle chain.
There was this area of his (this tall guy's) house that was like a ground floor porch like area with a roof on it, about three yards wide and 12 yards long.It had windows on every side except the side connected to the house.  There were all these gray colored beds made out of that resilient rubber like material you find on beds in hospital examination rooms on this porch. He threw the item he had finished making in the early morning hours, a chain like thing, but more complicated looking, on one of the beds in the porch like area.
I was hanging around him since morning time. I was seemed as usual feeling too guilty for supposedly not fulfilling the work ethic as well as him, and he--as it seemed most people are--was being too pompous for having supposedly fulfilled the work ethic so well in his life, but he was less pompous with me than most people. To help out I cleared some odds and ends off one of these beds. Then I went about clearing off some stuff like a red sheet made out of some theatrical type material that was thicker than the cloth in most bedsheets, and a brownish yellow ID card, that belonged to a Muslim woman that was lying on one of the beds. Past the head of the bed that had the Muslim woman's stuff on it was this waist high machine with a slot in it that looked like the machines you put a train ticket into at the commuter train stations in Chicago. I did what I was supposed to do, helping out with the cleaning up, and cut the red bedsheet so that a strip of it would fit into the slot for the tickets in the train ticket type machine. The train ticket machine proceeded to suck in the entire bedsheet, the force of the suction was so great that it also sucked in an ID card and some other such things that belonged to this Muslim woman that were lying around the bedsheet but that I had not brought near the card input slot in the machine. Then this train ticket machine, ejected the ID card that had been sucked into it.
Then sitting on one of these beds was a woman I'll call KT, a white female local TV announcer. The pressure was on for me to have some kind of sex with her. She had her clothes on and was wearing a red winter coat and long pants. I also had my clothes on but we did a little so to speak "dirty dancing"; while we did it I felt bored and felt I was just being polite. She did not look as pretty and attractive as this white woman Heather F I am acquainted with of whom I've heard it rumored that "she does" (yet another marriage possibility for yours truly), who she this TV announcer has apparently been impersonating (I used to have a habit of leaving speeches on media answering machines). She reminded me of my mother and also of Heather F who it seems she impersonates.
Then I saw about five feet away Heather L, (not the same woman as Heather F) a 'beautiful' white woman  who I forgive for blurting out things like "I F---" or "I do" when she sees me. I figure it must be tough to be stuck working all day at some place, and be forbidden to express your enthusiasm for persons you encounter there; I believe that as a result of pressures produced by university administrators, university and public police, mental health professionals, and attorneys, people have become to their own detriment and the detriment of others excessively inhibited in the hetero-social sense. Anyway she was standing there, lit by a grayish kind of light, not wearing makeup, I saw her from the shoulders up, her hair was darkisk brown and wavy, with the waves smaller than they usually are, her hair was shoulder length, falling two or three inches past the top of the shoulder, her hair was stylized slightly so that it held a shape slightly different than it would in nature. As I looked at her I felt now here was a woman who I would be more than just polite with, someone I would really enjoy. The waviness of her hair did not turn me off as it sometimes does, and the lack of makeup on her face did not bother me even though her face can look washed out without makeup and improved to the point of classic beauty through moderate use of makeup.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Short history of the corruption and fall of nations

King Eveman, was the rich and powerful king over the people of Adamland. His Evish tribe, was the rich ruling class in Adamland. King Eveman served the material and spiritual needs of the people of Adamland, and of the world. He was a good christian who built Adamland into a strong nation; he did not betray his nation. He was kind to the poor, he upheld the honor of moral ideals, but he did not plunge into foolish counterproductive attempts to force his subjects into perfect compliance with the moral ideals he upheld, by way of excess of law legislation and prosecution. Adamland and its ruling Evish tribe, grew to be materially and spiritually prosperous under his rule.

King Eveman, the Evish ruling tribe, and Adamland, knew God. They knew he was God, superior in rank to they the created beings, they knew God was a creature to be obeyed. They knew God's will for them as individuals, and they obeyed it. But they knew nothing else, they resented God keeping them in ignorance, and they resented God ordering them about and "bullying" them.

One day the Ambassador Serpentes, from far-away Rebeland, after a long journey was granted a meeting with King Eveman. Serpentes explained to King Eveman, that there is another God other than God, named Angelight, who is in rebellion against God, and who is more attractive than God. Serpentes told the king, that the emotional and material prosperity of the devotees of Angelight, exceeded that of the worshippers of God. Angelight, he explained, is loveable in that he does not bully humans into doing things, does not punish them for failing to do such things, and allows them to be wise about all kinds of things other than merely God's will for oneself, such as what is good and evil in other people's lives. God, said Serpentes, allows men to understand what God's will is for them as individuals, but Angelight, allows men to understand God's will for others, what is good and evil in other people's lives, not just in their own. Whereas with God one must wait to receive orders from him before one understands His will for one's life, (declared the ambassador Serpentes) with Angelight, one can understand God's will for one's life even before God shows what this is.

The king, his Evish tribe, and all Adamland were intrigued by the words of Ambassador Serpentes. Said they unto the ambassador, "How do we make the transition from God to Angelight, how do we go about becoming loved by Angelight, how do we acquire the powers Angelight will give us, and grow to love Angelight, and become citizens of his supernatural kingdom wherein he does not order anyone to do anything?

The ambassador in reply said to them:
"Yo' kin become beloved of Angelight, by disobeyin' God. When God tells yo' thet he be wantin' yo' as an indivijool t'do sumpin, disobey Him, dawgone it. Eff'n yo' please Angelight by thoombin' yer nose at God an' disobeyin' God inough, Angelight will adopp yo' as his sons an' dotters an' admit yo' t'his wonnerful realm wharin nobody is o'dered t'do ennythin', an' wharin all haf knowledge of menny fascinatin' mysteries sech as whut God be wantin' an' does not be wantin' fo' th' hoomin varmints t'do."

And so King Eveman and his Evish tribe, transferred their allegiance from God, to Angelight. They were unable to withstand the arguments of this ambassador Serpentes. They were a rich tribe that dominated their nation, most of which was not rich and not of their tribe. Their Christian religion tought them respect and show gentleness with their subjects who were not rich, but the ambassador convinced them that such kindnesses only served to endanger their security and power as the rich ruling tribe. Better it is to disobey God and wisely preserve oneself and one's tribe, (the Evish tribe grew to think) than to obey God and risk calamities such as those which befell the Christian martyers of yore.

The ambassador Serpentes explained to the Evish ruling tribe:

"In th' superio' Angelight religion, only a small far off tribe thet lives in Rebelan', named th' Specialites, is hoomin, an' all other tribes are subhoomin, fit only t'be slaves of th' Specialites; these Specialites, haf th' moral right t'murder an' steal fum an' lie t'all other tribes. Yet thar is to be foun' amongst th' subhoomin tribes, sartin unusual an' worthy varmints who by virtue of th' wealth gatherin' accomplishments perfo'med by themselves an' their ancesto's, an' by virtue of their friendship wif th' Specialites, is in th' eyes of Angelight himse'f  hoomins, brothers an' equals of th' Specialites. Yer Christian dockrine is too sof' on yer poor an' foolish subjecks. As a result one day they will  overthrow yo'. Better t'be wise than t'obey God's Christian comman'ments. Aban'on yer sof' Christian dockrines an' ascribe t'th' superio' Angelight dockrines, fo' then yer power an' th' power of yer beloved families will be assured fo' a thousan' junerashuns.

The ambassador convinced the ruling Evish tribe that the lives of the followers of Angelight were much more pleasurable than the lives of the followers of God:

"God gives yo' orders an' yo' obey them, as a result yo' fail t'partake of life's greatess pleasures; an' when yo' does partake of sech pleasures, yer so stained wif guilt thet yo' are not able t'enjoy them, dawgone it. On th' contrary, in th' spiritual kin'dom of Angelight, Angelight does not comman' yo' t'do ennythin'. Tharfo'e follewers of Angelight partake fully of all th' greatess pleasures of life, wifout havin' their pleasures diminished by enny kinds of guilts."

King Eveman and his Evish tribe found the ambassador's arguments to be irresistible. They instituted the practice of disobeying God. They lost contact with God, God ceased to give them orders. Instead of serving God, they immersed themselves in all kinds of pleasures. Usually they no longer had any idea what God wanted them as individuals to do. When they did on rare occasions know something regarding God's will for them, they disobeyed it, because they desired to through disobedience become beloved of Angelight.
Since in the kingdom of Angelight Angelight did not order anybody to do anything, they (the corrupted Evish tribe) despised any behavior that gave any credence to the idea that there are any orders or moral laws given by God. They sent members of the Evish tribe out as preachers who converted the non-Evish not-rich citizens of Adamland to the new religion of Angelight; they feared Christianity as a source of rebellion against their Evish tribe which now followed Angelight instead of God.
As a consequence, their once great and good land Adamland, degenerated into behavior that produced material physical and spiritual degeneration in every nation on earth including most extremely in their own Adamland, which they reduced to a level of degradation even lower than all the other nations on earth. Almost all of the citizens of Adamland and the world became strangers to God, while God became a stranger to them; almost all of them graduated to unhappy abodes in the afterlife.
Looking upon all of this God sent a great flood, it devastated Adamland and all other nations of the world only a few survived, and from this small remnant are descended the peoples of the world today, who in honor of their ancestors who were destroyed by the flood, who they consider to be honorable for the evolutionary pressures they produced by their selfishness,  are now all set to repeat the errors made by their ancestors.

@2004 David Virgil Hobbs


Anti-socialist imperialist strategic theorists run before they walk

  There is a type of anti-socialist,  that is proud of their USA being less socialist than the nations such anti-socialists despise, proud of their contribution to the relative absence of socialism in their USA; yet the nations they despise for being more socialist than the US, do a much better job than the US with its huge trade and budget deficits does, when it comes to the job of producing a truly strong economy, an economy that is more than a mirage based on borrowed money. Such anti-socialists, think of themselves as leading the world into a blissful anti-socialist state of affairs; yet all they are able to produce in a little part of that world, their own nation, is national economic demise and disaster. How can they lead the world into an economic paradise, when the best they can do with a little slice of that world, their own nation, is to produce an economic hell? 

Such  anti-socialists are active members of groups that disdain even true (as opposed to faddish false) Christianity, due to the populist harshly anti-rich words spoken by Christ, and consider the people of the USA and the world to be subhuman compared to members of their own ethnic group.

Their doctrine, in the event that they are sympathetic to groups such as organized Christian churches, is  that there can be no Christianity where socialism is present, and that therefore, the US should economically destroy nations that are "socialist", and economically enrich nations that are not "socialist", even if this means the US economically destroying Christian nations tainted by socialism such as itself amongst others, while it the US goes about economically enriching non-Christian nations that are "capitalist" as opposed to "socialist".

There is something illogical and inconsistent in this kind of Christians putting anti-socialism and capitalism above Christianity; and lack of rationality in leaders is something to watch out for. True Christianity, the kind that crops up in churches when such churches are out of style, has survived ferociously anti-Christian governments. How then could it fail to survive, religiously tolerant governments tainted by so called "socialism"? As if there was some kind of magic thermometer, that provided a number showing the level of "socialism" that is fatal to Christianity, and also the level of anti-Christianity, that is fatal to Christianity. 

Similar to the anti-socialists, you have the strategic theorists who advocate that it is impossible for a nation that cannot defend its own borders to defend the borders of a foreign land that it has occupied, and so therefore the optimal course of action is to invade the nations that neighbor the occupied nation. The similarity lies in the fact that the one presumes to produce economic paradise in the entire world while it produces economic hell in its own; and the other, presumes to produce security in hundreds of thousands of square miles of enemy territory, when it cannot produce border security along a few thousand square mile area border in the nation it already occupies.

These aggressive strategic theorists, propound that the inability of a nation to secure its own borders, proves that that nation is unable to secure the borders of a foreign nation it occupies. How then do they not also see, that the inability of a nation to secure the borders of a nation it occupies, shows that that nation is unable to invade and occupy nations bordering the nation it already occupies?

They point to a nation that has been lackadaisical in securing its own border, and say, the border security failure proves that the nation cannot secure borders in foreign nations it occupies. They by their own efforts have been responsible for the lack of border security in the nation they point at, yet they use the lack of border security they have created, as evidence that they claim proves that the optimal course of action is aggressive invasion of foreign lands.

They have come to realize and understand, that the nation that they believe should be an aggressive invader, has a military that fights well in the open but not in the cities. Yet they consider it wise to plunge the military of this nation that they advise to aggress into urban combat in the interiors of occupied nations, while at the same they opine that  this nation's military should be kept out border area type  open combat of the type it--as they understand--performs relatively well in.

They start out by insuring that the nation they proclaim themselves to be wisely advising, is deprived of border security through negligence; and then they mushroom this into the idea that this nation they advise should be engaged in perpetual aggressive invasion of foreign nations, because the nation's failings in border security (due to a lack of effort) are supposed to show that the nation is only capable of aggressive conquest, which they imagine it can perform even though it cannot perform border security for itself.

@2004 David Virgil Hobbs

Monday, December 27, 2004

Dreams of night after day after Christmas

Dreams of night after day after Christmas
In the darkness I was aware of the existence of some kind of structure, I could barely see it, I could see its framework delineated in brown, it was big enough to hold 20 leading USA churches. It was shaped like a book-case with square compartments one square on each level, it was either parallel to the ground, perpendicular to the ground, or slanted at an angle. In fact the structure did contain 20 box like compartments each holding one of the leading churches in the United States. I knew it contained them, but I could not see the churches it contained. All I could see was darkness in the compartments in the big book-case like structure.
Each of these churches, practiced a doctrine wherein those who attended the church were forced to go through twenty steps, similar to what is known as the "stations of the cross" with regards to the crucifixion of Christ. These were one might say, initiation steps. Every one of these churches had as an initiation step, the church visitor slash church member having to have an unpleasant encounter with a snake and an alligator-like creature.
I had such an encounter or at least got very close to having such an encounter with a snake and an alligator like creature at one of these churches. I found it to be dangerous and unpleasant.
In the distance in the darkness about 20 yards away  I could see a room with a few men in it in the shadows, and in front of them, a yellow snake, its upper body lifting five feet off the ground vertically similar to a lamp-post, and then leaning forward in my direction for about a foot. The snake's body was about 3 inches wide. It's head was not scary looking, it looked like a cartoon of a snake, it had big babyish eyes, it looked sort of foolish and innocent, sort of like Caspar the Friendly Ghost or some cartoon infant.
Yet I felt disgusted with all twenty churches including the one amongst these twenty, which was the church where I had my encounter or close encounter with the reptiles, despite the silly appareance of the yellow snake, in part because I had encountered or almost encountered at the church where I had the bad experience, a snake and an alligator worse than this yellow snake. I felt disgusted with all all US organized religion including these twenty leading churches, which I knew all had this same encounter with the snake and the alligator as a part of their membership and or initiation ceremonies. I knew this reptilian ceremony was basically the same at all twenty churches. It was a ceremony that was hushed up and done in the darkness, so that few people knew about it.  
These 20 churches represented basically the 20 leading USA churches taken as national groups. One church represented the entire so and so church as a national entity, another church represented some other so and so church as a national entity. Yet I did not see the names of any denominations or learn of names of any specific denominations with regards to these churches. I had this dream after I this month sent emails to national offices of leading US churches which were not reponded to.
In a segment that I thought might be related, I saw this white pretty young adult female I know of. She was off in the darkness, her body was in a position almost parallel to the ground, but slanted at a 30 degree angle, the head part of the body higher than the foot part, the body stretched out to almost full length. It was her white body. Her [deleted] was a black triangle a foot high. Her [deleted] looked like a white slit. She gave off a slightly unpleasant and somewhat sickly, slightly fishy odor. I could not see her face. I could not see any furniture the body was resting on in its odd leaning backwards position.
Then I saw this same woman who was leaning backwards sitting next to me. I saw her face she seemed to be wearing a dark winter overcoat. Though in real life she has straight black hair without bangs and a pretty face that has more character to it than the typical pretty face, in the dream her hair was black or almost black, with wavy bangs covering her forehead; in the dream her face was more chipmunkish looking than in real life, yet still what many would call "pretty".

Q & A Wif Senato' Billy Joe Jo Blather

We is th' Evolushun Internet Netwawk (EIN). On December 26, 2004, Senato' Blather signed into law th' Selfish Ancesto' Apes Memo'ial Ack, th' nashun’s fourth evolushun promoshun legislashun. Named in memo'y of apes Senato' Blather cornsiders t'be his ancesto's, th' lan'mark law reckanizes at th' nashunal level thet evolushun is accelerated by public health crises linked t'unnerlyin' pressure prodooced by apishly selfish behavior. Senato' Blather has been an inthusiastic champions of our Evolushun Internet Netwawk (EIN) on account o' dedicatin' a porshun of th' Selfish Ancesto' Apes Memorial Fund to our Evolushun Internet Netwawk (EIN). In addishun, Hilda Kelly Blather recently joined th' EIN Adviso'y Council, Ah reckon.

Sho'tly af'er th' signin' of th' Se'fish Ancesto' Apes Memo'ial Ack, EIN had th' opo'tunity to watch Senato' Blather devastate an interviewer fum our liberal competito' DVH in an interview. Hyar is th' transcripp of th' interview in which Senato' Blather devastates an' completely crushes th' yankee interviewer fum DVH.
Senator Blather, why do you think that apishly selfish behavior accelerates evolution?

Senato' Blather
Science has proven thet acco'din' t'th' Surivival of th' Fittess theo'y propoun'ed by th' respeckable Charles Darwin, mankind is decended fum th' apes. Observin' th' behavio' of our ancesto's th' apes, we kin see thet a sertin apish selfishness, was th' engine of evolushun thet led t'th' produckshun of hoomin bein's sech as ourselves. Tharfo'e we take pride, in bein' apishly se'fish Amerikins, on account o' through our apish se'fishness, we corntribute t'th' continued evolushun of th' hoomin bein', into a noo type of hoomin bein', thet is superio' t'th' modern hoomin bein', in th' same way thet th' modern hoomin bein' is superio' t'th' apes he is dexcended fum.

Interesting theory. Who do you think the apes are descended from?

Senato' Blather
Th' apes is dexcended fum their ancesto's th' amoebas.

If the apes are descended from their ancestors the amoebas, would it not be a mistake for humans to imitate apes, since the apes you say mankind is descended from, did not imitate amoebas. Some would say your theory that men should behave like selfish apes, leads to not evolution, but, on the contrary, to devolution.

Senato' Blather
Ah's not a proponent of devolushun. Ah's a faith-without-warks predestinarian relaxin' brave christian man, as enny fool kin plainly see. Devolushun is obviously a wark of satan, on account o' satan an' th' devil are one an' th' same.

Senator Blather, scientists understand that most apes do not amount to anything but, are on the contrary, are an evolutionary dead end. Therefore is it not foolish to believe that imitating the typical ape will lead to evolutionary improvements in mankind?

Senato' Blather
Ah's a wise politician, as enny fool kin plainly see. Ah's wisely a dedicated fan of typical varmints. As a matter of fack, th' equal employment oppo'tunity programs Ah have nobly an' wisely suppo'ted, insure thet only typical varmints will be employed, on account o' as a result of these intellyjunt programs Ah have favo'ed, ev'ry employer has become like a hyper-typical imperfect attempp t'mirro' th' public. They attempp t'mirro' th' public wif five varmints hyar, they attempp t'mirro' th' public wif ten varmints thar. But five o' ten varmints kinnot prodooce an accurate mirro' of th' public they prodooce a hyper-typical mirro' of th' public. An' so th' typical is employed an' them who is not typical are excluded, an' th' typical reward me wif campaign corntribushuns an' votes. Thus Ah muss declare, thet yessuh Ah respeck th' typical, Ah reckon.

But Senator Blather, if more than 50 percent of people are not typical, then the typicalism of the type you advocate especially the hyper-typicalism you take pleasure in are not in fact typicalism.

Senato' Blather
Varmints like yo' say thet cornservatives is liberals, liberals are cornservatives, republicans is democrats, an' democrats are republicans. Ah's a cornservative, not a liberal, Ah reckon. Ah's a republican, not a democrat. Our harsh cruel eliminashun of govment programs thet he'p varmints who is not rich, are republican cornservative accomplishments; they is selishly apish accomplishments thet accelerate evolushun.

Senator Blather, expert scientists have pointed out, that the dogs and the horses that mankind takes pleasure in, considers to be beautiful, and finds to be useful, are not plucked from wild areas, and are not wild horses and wild dogs. These horses and dogs have been bred in artificial conditions created by man, that have shielded these horses and dogs from natural wild evolutionary pressures. So then how can you assume, that the wild evolutionary pressures unleashed by your apish selfishness, will lead to evolutionary improvements in human beings?

Senato' Blather
Soun's like yer singin' liberal hippie tunes like "wild houn'dogs c'd'nt drag me away" by Mick Jagger an' th' Rollin' Stones. Shame on yo'. Varmints like th' Rollin' Stones are widely known t'be drug addicks.

@2004 David Virgil Hobbs

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Dreams of the night after Christmas Day

1- I was outdoors in this green field during daylight hours. I had in my hand a movie camera. I filmed this group of US Army Corps Engineers soldiers about 30 yards away. The group on the left, about a dozen people in green camouflage uniforms, contained these women with short straight black hair who seemed to be orientals (I was not sure because they had their backs turned to me). Seemed their main concern was getting paychecks of about $1500-$2000 out of the army and extracting benefits from the army. It seemed kind of petty to me. Next to them about about ten yards away from them there was another group of about a half dozen, these were white guys in typical green camouflage uniforms wearing baseball type hats with flat tops, sitting around what looked like a picnic table. Then about 15 yards in front of me, there passed moving from my right to my left, what looked like a railroad car without walls or a roof, that had what looked like a see-saw in the middle of it, and one white guy at each end of the see saw standing by his end of the see-saw like thing. It was like those see-saw like things two people operate, so first the left side and then the right side come down in alternating fashion thereby propelling the railroad car forward. These two guys were fighting each other; the way they fought each other was by moving the see-saw. As I filmed them I was thinking to myself, sort of vainly and unrealistically, that the film I was making could be turned into a classic movie. The railroad car turned, went behind me, and out on to this huge straight flat high-way; as far as you looked you could see nothing but flat plain, no hills, no mountains. This highway was very wide, at least 30 yards wide, but there was not one car on it. Instead there were lots of people, seemed mostly white people, walking on it, walking towards me and then past me as I looked at them. The railroad car slash see-saw like thing came out on to this highway and began moving in the opposite direction as the people who were walking on it. Then the guy on the rear end of the railroad car relative to the direction in which it was moving, was thrown off the see-saw. he slid along the ground, like someone diving head first into a base in baseball, going in a direction opposite the direction the railroad car with the see-saw was going, for at least 30 yards at high speed but he survived.
Then I was back in the green field where the groups of soldiers were, in the same place I was standing when I was filming the soldiers. Now I was lying horizontal to the ground on a bed or a cot or something. Sitting next to me was this clean shaven pinkish faced guy with slightly wavy normal length dark brown hair, who looked like a young Peter Jennings. He was wearing, it seemed, army fatigues. He was about six feet to six feet two inches tall. He looked like both the guys on the railroad car with the see-saw on it. He had in his hands a big newspaper, not the tabloid size, but full size, that he was showing me. There was an extremely lengthy story that covered the entire front page of this newspaper and then the second page of it also. He stuck this newspaper in front of me, he wanted me to read the story. Towards the end of the story there were photos of these US weapons systems. He wanted me to interpret the newspaper story for him. The newspaper story ranged over many different subjects, what I remember is that it was about how in the latest Missouri elections, the county and state offices had been won by republicans, who would then join federal level elected officials from the state who were already republican before the election. He wanted to know what the significance of this was. He was rushing me along, I barely had time to read a few paragraphs before he wanted analysis of the paragraphs. I told him that the significance was that it would now be more difficult for the state of Missouri, to protect itself against the national economic self-destruction being perpetrated by republicans at the federal level. I explained to him, that when money is spent in a place such as Missouri, the persons who earn the money, spend it buying from other persons, and then these in turn spend it also, so that a kind of chain reaction takes place. It wearied me to explain such to him because I felt such was so obvious I should not need to explain it and because I had already explained this chain reaction thing to so many people so many times. I explained to him that every time people buy or sell in such a chain reaction, the government takes in tax revenue, which allows the government to fund military expenditures. Then I got up and headed for these outdoors bathroom stalls that were set up on this field, and that looked like toilet stalls in public washrooms and stadiums etc., only these were outdoors with no roof over their head. He followed me as I got near the stalls. As I was about to go into one of the stalls he was still hanging on my shoulder. I explained to him, that the rich, in their selfishness, are traitors; that the rich think that the safest approach is to charm their own country while betraying it, because then they will be safe if their country comes out a loser and then they will also be safe and able to enjoy the result if their country comes out a winner. I was about to explain to him the how and why of the falsity of Adam Smith's doctrine that selfishness automatically leads to patriotism, since supposedly selfishness impels man to keep the factors of production in his own nation, but I felt such an explanation would be over his head, and I felt wearied of explaining things to him.
2- I was in my mother's apartment where I grew up. Instead of being shaped like a long narrow rectangle as in real life, it was shaped like a square. My mother was lying on her bed in her room. She was sick, she was dying. Sometimes when I looked at her lying on the bed, I saw this tall, athletic looking, heavy set but not fat, six foot plus dirty-blond haired white guy, who had a clean shaven face except for a slight mustache. At other times when I looked at her, I saw a guy who looked like this big six foot plus white guy except small, about five feet tall, skinny, and with a small head. At other times when I looked at her, I saw this small green mask, about six inches high, lying on her bed facing up, that talked, its mouth moved.
My mother had  written a book, a thin little book, that was by Mircea Eleade, according to the book, but it was my mother who had written it. I had a brief case that contained the notes for the book. This briefcase folded into a rectangular shape, long and wide but very narrow, it was a lightish brown color. Someone told me to be careful with this briefcase lest I lose  or misplace the notes in it. The book she had written, made the following points: There are "motive" religions, and "amotive" religions. "Motive" religions are religions that feature punishments in the afterlife for sinners; whereas  "amotive" religions are religions that do not feature punishment in the afterlife for sinners. The 'NWO' (New World Order) favors 'amotive' religions. I was wondering in my mind, what kind of a religion is a religion that features afterlife punishments that do not involve physical pain, such as being left alone isolated on an island. I am not sure but I think such religions fell into the 'amotive' religion category.
At one point I saw my mother lying on a couch, wrapped up like a mummy in a blanket. I brought her a glass of water. One of my big concerns at this time was getting a glass of ice and scotch for my father. I had to look around for a glass, find the ice, find the Scotch, put it together, and bring it to him.
Out on Blackstone Street below, there were all these tall white people with graduate degrees. The males amongst them had longish hair. On the front porch of the apartment I had been inside of, there were these short people with graduate degrees, carrying their children on their shoulders piggy-back style. At least one of these short people was black or close to black, he had long hair, was fattish, and had a mustache. Most of these short ones were fat to stocky in build. These tall people with graduate degrees and short people with graduate degrees were dominating economic life.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Eve Dreams

There were some unremembered details in these dreams.
1 Off in the distance I saw Christy N and Melissa I. Their hair was short and yellow, and their legs were muscular yet feminine in shape. I thought they were sexy. I have heard some rumors about how these ladies are into me.
2 I met this Mass Rehab Commission counselor, and together we went to some rally featuring a big crowd in Central Square Cambridge. She looked sort of hunch-backed, with very wide shoulders and thick arms, apish. It was like a polite date that I did not enjoy. During the rally I lost sight of her and then I could not find her. I did not bother looking for her and went on my way. In real life, this counselor was with me while I was talking to another counselor who had power over whether I would get a job. She pointed her finger at this other counselor, named Kristin, and said, "not Heather, Kristin!". Somehow she new that Heather L at the Y had a romantic interest in me. Heather L is beautiful but Kristin is not. I felt sexually harassed.
3 Walking along Main St. Waltham in the direction of Weston MA, I came to an intersection where the road on the left, a curving road, looked just like Blackstone St. down by 53rd St. in Hyde Park Chicago; there was this white building that looked like the first place my family lived in America when I was a child. The road to the right looked like the road that heads to Weston. I chose to travel the road to Weston because it looked more like a road that I could jog on. I was jogging through these weeds next to a train track on this road. These weeds were at least chest high. I leaned far forward as I jogged, and I snapped my hands at the ground in front of me, to help propel me forward and to keep my balance. To my right a train was going at least 40 MPH but I was keeping up with it.
4 Danny Kohrman by high school era neighbor and friend, was swimming the breast stroke in the old Hyde Park Chicago YMCA on 53rd St. He seemed to have been faster than me at the breast-stroke in high school days but no longer was faster than me. There were these barriers like the sides of cages here and there, as they had in real life at this Y to deal with all the unruly youths. It was dark and gloomy and not well ventilated as this Y used to be before they tore it down. Kohrman was telling me that when one side of the pool is shallow as is the case with most pools, the breaststroke turn on the shallow side is slower than the breaststroke turn on the fast side. In real life I figure I might have a chance at the age group national record in the breast-stroke; it would be nice to know how much I would be speeded up if both sides of the pool were deep.
5 I had been out working all day from 730 AM to 730 PM., but I did not feel tired at all. I had in me that new light and spritely feeling  I've had in my body since I reduced my cigarettes consumption 95 percent.  I was sitting near a desk in an office waiting to get paid. I was only collecting for 7 hours of work although I had been at it for 12 hours. Such is the way it goes at places like Labor Ready, you spend so much time waiting at the office before you get your assignment, and so much time getting back from your assignment, that the hours you get paid for are alot less than the hours you put in.
6 I was in an office/store that was not oriental in management or ownership. I was talking about how much I liked the 'oriental' store nearby. I calld the nearby store 'oriental' because it was Thai or Burmese or Malaysian but I was not sure which. I took a light softish orange ball about the size of a bowling ball, and rolled it bowling style at a wall in the store I was in; it bounced off the wall, out of the store, into the oriental store, and into the office in the oriental store. This happened twice.
7 David Cockrell, was living in the room my mother used to live in at my mother's apartment in Chicago. Cockrell was this black basketball star at my high school, the kind of guy  you think of as cool. I was occupying the living room. Cockrell was talking about how many girlfriends/wives he had. The hair on his head was shoulder length, frizzy, it looked like the hair on this demon pictured in this poster at, in which the demon was putting on a mask that looked like Pres Dubya's face. Last time I looked up Cockrell at the high school website I could not find his contact info.
8 At some juncture between all these segments I do not remember exactly which, there was this black haired pretty white woman sitting in the apartment I grew up in. She looked like Dylan S. from the Georgetown volleyball team (Dylan had shouted out 'yes' as she jogged by me but then failed to respond when I sent her a letter and then I lost track of her). This woman said she thought it was very important that I have one cup of coffee in the morning (yesterday for a change I had no coffee all day).
9 There were a few people who sort of loomed over me who were giving me advice. But when I awoke I could not remember any of he advice they had been giving me.

Friday, December 24, 2004

My First Blog: critique of post editor

Leave it up to the computer 'nerds' to screw up the basics,
despite all their proficiency with the advanced stuff.

I started my first blog, spent some quality time and energy
typing out a bunch of impressive sounding paragraphs, hit
preview, looked at what my post looked like, and, voila!,
when I attempted to get back to the blog editor, by hitting
the back button, everything I had typed had disappeared!
Great! Simply hitting the preview button, and viewing what
you have written in preview, wipes out all the hard work you
have done!

So you had better come to understand yet another fine
point that the so called 'nerds' expect you to grasp
instinctively, which is, that when you hit preview, you
HAD BETTER NOT hit the back button, to get back
to the editing window where the post you are working
on resides. No, you HAD BETTER hit HIDE PREVIEW
in the Preview window instead, or all will be for nought!

Then you have the strange fact that if you hit the
'Edit HTML' tab, to add some HTML whiz-bang
to what you have created in 'Compose' mode without
the use of HTML tags, what you are presented with in
'Edit HTML' mode, is simply the text you typed in
'Compose' mode, with all the HTML tags that make
the text you typed in 'Compose' mode look so hip
in preview, missing! One would think that upon
entering 'Edit HTML' mode, one would find
the entire HTML code that makes what one has
typed in 'Compose' mode look so cool in 'Preview',
so as to enable one to elaborate on said code. But
no, the computer 'nerds' strike again! Why? Why?

Then you have the fact that the blogger can put any
fictional time and date stamp on his blog post that
he wants to. Why? You would think that the time
and date stamp should be set so as to accurately
report the time and date of the blog post but no,
poetic license is allowed! I wonder whether they allow
those who add comments to other people's posts
to put whatever time and date stamp they want
on their posts also?

The problem with leaving the option for fictional
time and date stamping open is this that such,
seems to me, takes the glory out of things like
clever stock market recommendations and prophetic
dreams. If I report a dream of something happening
the day before it happens, how can such bring me
any kind of glory, if there is always the possibility
that I had simply back-dated the time and date
stamp on the post? At least with newsgroups and
emails, if there is a given time and date stamp
on the post or email, you can rest fairly confident
that the post/e-mail was indeed posted or sent
at the time and date stamped on it.

For the sake of convenience alone, you should be
able to put the current actual time in as the time-date
of the blog-post; yet, the way things now stand here
at, you have to manually input the current
time-date before making the post.

Then you have the problem that, for obvious reasons,
you might want to save a draft of a blog-post before
you publish it. Yet when you save a draft before you
publish a post, you have to go through all this time
consuming rigamarole involving the page shifting
to the URL showing a list of your drafts and then
you having to click on edit in the drafts list to get
back to the editor to publish your post. Why? Why?