Friday, December 05, 2014

Basketball shooting at pro-level without warmup, after 6-month layoff

February 22 - June 7 2014, I practiced basketball at least once a week.

Then from June 7 - December 3 2014 (almost exactly 6 months) I did not take even one basketball shot.

Then Thursday December 4, I returned to basketball: I shot pro-distance 3-pointers (three-pointers) 3-point or three-point shots. Everything was scored from the beginning there was no unscored warmup.

Out of 10 attempts from 24', center of court, left-handed, without preceding running dribble, 4 were goals. Out of 10 attempts on the left-handed 24' shot preceded by a one-dribble 11 foot 45-degrees slant-left dribble, 2 were goals & 2 were almost goals (meaning, in & out, around-the-rim etc. Of 30 right-handed attempts, 1 was a goal, 1 was almost a goal, & 16 hit the rim.


December 2014 Sports Calendar for David Virgil Hobbs 

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December 2014 F14 Basketball Drills 
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online Basketball Shot Drill F14, February 2014 Results
(February 22 - June 7, 2014)

The results indicate that the method of training I followed during the first months of the year, produced a resilience whereby I was able to shoot 40% on the pro-distance 3-pointers without warmup, after 6 months of not shooting the ball (running 3-pointers off the slant & weak-handed 3-pointers are of course ultra-difficult).

The results with the right-hand indicate that the training during the first 6 months of the year produced lasting results whereby I would have been able to pass well with right-hand without warmup, after not having practiced or played basketball for 6 months.

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