Saturday, October 03, 2015

Grilled Pork Chops Marinated in Papaya Juice & Tamarind

Equipment: Indoor Iron Griddle

Meat: Pork Loin Center-cut Bone-in Pork Chop, approx 1.5" thick

Rub Tamarind Paste & Papaya Juice into Pork Chop, place chop in plastic bag, place in frig. Have at least an exhaust fan running in window before starting. Put hickory chips, black peppercorns, garlic pieces, crushed red pepper, and enough spring water to cover in griddle and turn up heat full blast. When water starts to boil and steam, put pork chop on grill above steaming water, for 3 mins a side, 1 min covered with a pot-lid. When water has boiled off, sprinkle fresh-ground dry barbecue seasoning in pan,  push hickory chips etc in griddle together to form a bed, & cook pork-chop 4 mins a side on hickory-chip bed, 1 min/side covered by pot lid resting on top of griddle. Then when griddle temp is over 600 degrees F, place pork-chop directly on griddle & cook for 6 mins per side, 1 min per side covered by pot lid resting on griddle. Remove from griddle put on plate, garnish with red-palm-oil & fresh-ground sea-salt. Wait 5 minutes before eating. 

I ran the above recipe but with the minutes per phase at a lesser value, and still got an excellent result, except for the meat nearest the bone being perhaps too pink for some people's taste. I expect the mins per phase in the recipe provided above would be even better. Though just a pork chop the meat tasted like a high-class cut of meat. It tasted like a 5-star hotel pork-chop. It had a definite charcoal-grilled or gas-grilled or wood-grilled aroma and taste to it. And of course it was very digestible and very nutritious. Perhaps a little barbecue sauce added to the plate as a dip would have made it taste even better.

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