Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Poem: De Negro Addresseth de Hindus

De Negro Addresseth de Hindus 

By  Stella Scripto' Africanus-Futurum 

Had foreign wise-men written deir scribblin's while livin' amongst dee
Would dat small difference in dy small mind, spell de difference between trud and falsehood?

Men whose scribblin's is fust written in an Aryan language,
Secretly harbo' malice uh de most 'estreme kinds
Against da damn sucka's dey pretend t'befriend

Since when, do dudes who is not insane, reject Scribblin's uh Instrucshun,
Simply cuz' dey were created by some fo'eign race in some foreign land?

Do ye dark soudern Hindus not reverence Hindu scribblin's,
Dat wuz written by Honkys when dey lived down no'd uh Pakistan?

So's den be it, de fo'eign-language Scribblin's uh Wisdom wuz fust written in,
Dat compels dee t'reject da damn teachin's in it?

Whut kind'a honky fool, rejects some Scribblin' uh Instrucshun,
Simply cuz' it wuz fust written in some fo'eign language?

Even yo' Hindu scribblin's, wuz fust written
In some language ya' would not now unnerstan'

So's is it, dat ye reject Sacred Scribblin's dat wuz fust written,
in some language belongin' t'a language-family oda' dan dine own?

So's would it be, if dudes wrote da damn fust copy
Uh a scribblin' in Aryan-Greek ye would accept,
But if dey fust wrote it  down in Semitic Aramaic, ye would reject?

Dine racial cousins de Pakistanis, gots shown dat dy race
is capable uh reverencin' scribblins fust written in some Semitic language

Whut kind'a Honky fool said, Ah' reject da damn Scribblin' uh Literature,
Dat is, likes de branch uh a tree subtly endowed wid divine beauty,
(in de Scribblin''s case beauty uh a verbal & conceptual kind)
Cuz de audo' chose t'scribble it in some Semitic language,
but Ah' would gots accepted it if de audo' had made da damn fust copy in Latin?

Perchance da damn fust copy uh de Scribblin' uh Wisdom wuz made in some Non-Aryan language,
cuz de wise puh'secuted-sucka's would fare betta' dat way

Wise Aryan dudes have long understood, dat it be foolish t'reject some Scribblin' uh Wisdom,
Simply 'cause it wuz fust written down by some man not-Aryan o' in some non-Aryan tongue.

Oh Hindu fools, if Ye wuz t'puh'chance fufill yo' wildest dreams,
and stole da damn plans fo' de wo'ld's most powerful weapon fum de Chinese,
Would Ye den reject, igno'e and burn dose stolen plans,
Simply cuz' dey wuz fust written in Chinese?

Who knows how many times an Aryan-joker has wisely adopted some non-Aryan tongue?

Seein' dat dou dost not know, if de angels rap in an Aryan tongue,
Dost Dou presumptuously assume, dat dat which be fust written in some tongue-not-Aryan,
Is sump'n t'be rejected?

O Ye Hindus, Ye gots convinced yo'selves,
Dat dine stomachs gots'ta be betta' filled,
By way uh dine rejectin' Scribblin's uh Wisdom,
Dat wuz fust written in some language not Aryan,
By dudes who appear t'have not been Aryan

Whereas, whut ye should gots done,
Is recon'd dat respectin' de Good Scribblin' uh Wisdom written in some non-Aryan tongue
Would result in dy belly bein' filled wid tasty doodads
De Proverb said, de Lo'd hates de heart dat deviseth wicked imaginashuns

It wuz as some medicine fo' yo' Aryan pride,
Dat da damn Scribblin's uh Wisdom wuz fust written,
in de land uh Palestine
In some tongue not Aryan

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Big Funeral AME Medodist Charleston June 2015

By Buddin' Negro Supuh'star Poet

Takin' pleasho' in puh'fectin' deir selves, and in bein' virtuous,
And in polishin' de deatrical producshun dat wuz deir Church Service
To some professional Broadway level uh competence
Dey knowed dat real-virtue consists uh one takin' pleasho' in bein' virtuous

We associate fame wid excellence, we fancy our famous-selves betta'
Dan de heavenly churches nobody eva' heard uh

AME finds it easy t'recon' demselves bein' fo'given and snatchd t'heaven,
While mah' mind reminds me dat if Ah' wuz tortured I'd apostasize

Ah could see AME's genetic and spiritual roots--
Its de Christian English knights uh Kin' Charles & Carolina,
Whut spo'ts-star equals dose knights uh old?

I saw-- through deir service, dey wuz honorin' deir physical and cultural ancesto's,
De English Knights uh Carolina uh dree hundred years ago,
Who Ah' could see in deir bodies & faces & voices & mannerisms,
A line uh hono' runnin' drough de past generashuns Daddy to Daddy,
Physically all de way back t'Christian Kings, and spiritually back t'great men,
Who accomplished whut most who attempt such doodads fail in,
De forgin' uh a strong relashunship between some sucka's and deir God

AME Medodist, Charleston dude, dig dis:
You's looked into de TV 'n said, 'dats where dykes belong', as if ya' knowed me.
Dude, I'm sexy, dey're on de-inside at least half-hetero. 'S coo', bro.

AME Charleston Dude Rappin' t'me drough de TV, dig dis:
You's is such some fan uh mine
Ya' know about da damn letta' I sent t'Boston churches not t'ya'
I's gots'ta be so's baaaad dat da damn sheriff chasin' de escapees
Eyeballed mah' latest blog-post befo'e ya' dun did

While Ah' wuz fo' hours watchin' de Charleston AME Medodist service Ah' felt bo'ed.
But 4 hours afterwards Ah' felt da damn services had been real powerful

Afta' de services Ah' could feel
How such Church services Helped da damn blacks 'n den me,
T'enta' into some transcendental state uh mind

Afta' de services Ah' felt deeply deprived due t'de fact
Dat dere's nodin' likes Charleston AME Medodist roun' Boston


Poem text: Wds 346; avg sentence length 8.9 wds. Dale-Chall Readability Score 13.7 (highest I've ever seen, due to dialect-effect). Easily understood by those of at least college-graduate level in reading ability. Search based on top 10 keywords:  charleston damn services service knights selves virtuous church dude star - Google Search Jan 1, 1600 - Jun 16, 2015 - (290 web-results, 44 book-results, 8 news-results).). 

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Department of Men's Rights

Department of Men's Rights

I intend in the future to post text re Men's Rights as sub-posts in this blog-post.


Re Government & Private Sector Inflicting Grievous Damage on Hetero-males.

1. When a man is considered to be at least half-guilty of an offense vs the sacred sexuality of the female, simply because she socially rejected him, such psychologically,  socially, economically & otherwise, damages heterosocial males. Such intimidates males & allows females to bully by threatening to make false allegations. This despite Solomon's Proverb, to wit, 'open rebuke is better than hidden love'.

2. Usually females expect males to bear most of the social-burden of beginning a relationship. (in part) Therefore, men being half-guilty of 'sexual-harassment' because a woman socially rejected him, is a cause of devastating social economic & psychological damage to males.

3. 'We shall expect the handsome genius to be a playboy with women. Then we shall legislate such that it will be extremely dangerous for him to socialize or have sex with women. Finally we shall punish him for failing to be a Playboy' - 
Villain C. Nomen. 

4. When males attempt to initiate or deepen a relationship with a female, the danger existsthat the female will unpredictably become hostile. Therefore, laws thatcriminalize social-rejection, psychologically, socially, & economically damage & intimidate males.

5. For at least 100 years, scientists have noted that during courtship females of most species exhibit coy behavior, for which the male has to compensate by way of social-initiative.

6. Needless to say, the male being assumed to be guilty of offenses ranging from sexual harassment to rape, even when there is a complete absence of witnesses or physical evidence, intimidates a man into social-passivity, even though the females (foolishly?) expect him to originate most of the actions that initiate or deepen the relationship (subsequent to perhaps some flirtatious body-language on the female's part). The intimidation into social-passivity causes psychological social & economic damage to the male.

7. 'Gay rights consist of abridgement of the rights of the homophobic heteros, & women's rights consist of the abridgement of the rights of the sexist males' - Villain C. Nomen

8. After watching the funeral of state senator Pinckney for many hours, What came into my mind was those who are victims of grievous injustice. Which led to thoughts of how hetero-social (subset heterosexual) males suffer monstrous damages at the hands of government and the private-sector, whatever benefit such accomplishes for society completely outweighed by the damage it causes.

9. for above points: Dale-Chall Score, 10.7, easily understood by those at least of college-graduate level in reading; 384 words; search based on top 10 keywords: males social female socially females damage rights guilty expect relationship - Google Search (395 results).

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hamburger Trial & Error

I intend to post results of my experiments cooking hamburgers as sub-posts in this blog-post.


Frozen 'Wolfneck' 5.3 oz burger was pasted with mix of Wright's Liquid Smoke & Red Palm Oil. Griddle preheated to 500° F. Griddle had hickory chips, black peppercorns, pieces of garlic in it. Deactivated charcoal & sea-salt were sprinkled in the area of the griddle where the burger was cooked. The first side was left to rest on the griddle for 4 minutes; the 2nd side of the burger for 5 minutes, then the 1st side again for 1.5 minutes while covered by a pot-cover, with the hickory chips & the peppercorns pushed close to the burger. The burger was then allowed to sit on a cool plate for 5 minutes. 

Result: perfect, pink in the middle, good outdoorsy taste, no offensive taste, but too dry. Felt better after eating the burger compared to how I usually feel after eating a burger, I suspect because of the beta-carotene Vitamin A on the burger, further released due to heating. 

Conclusion: Perhaps the salt should not be sprinkled in the pan. Perhaps the burger should be turns only once, not twice. I think that perhaps not sprinkling sea-salt into the griddle would make the burger juicier.

Note: This attempt was preceded by a couple of other attempts.



Frozen 'Niman Ranch' 5.3 oz burger was pasted with mix of Wright's Liquid Smoke & Red Palm Oil. Griddle preheated to 500° F. Griddle had hickory chips, ground black-pepper, pieces of garlic in it. Deactivated charcoal & was sprinkled in the area of the griddle where the burger was cooked. The first side was left to rest on the griddle for 2 minutes with flame at max, then for 4 minutes with flame off & griddle heat falling from 500° to 340°; the 2nd side of the burger for 2 minutes with flame to max (griddle-heat rising 340-380°), and then for 4 minutes with griddle-heat off, (griddle-heat falling from 380° - 300°), & with a pot-cover covering the burger (but Iforgot to push the red peppers hickory wood & garlic under the pot-cover). The burger was then allowed to sit on a cool plate for 5 minutes. 

Result: pink in the middle, more juicy compared to the dry one in the previous entry, but had that fried or boiled taste I dislike. 

Conclusion: I thought I was being too unsophisticated & attempted to reduce the extent to which the burger was burned on the outside, by playing with the heat-level, which I could detect using my infrared-thermometer. In my attempt to get sophisticated I failed. We must remember this was working with a frozen burger on a griddle on a gas-flame indoors. I suspect that the extended cooking at low temperature with the pot-cover not covering & then covering the burger, results in the burger cooking in the frost & frozen-liquid inside the burger, creating the unpleasant boiled/fried taste. Not sure if the problem is extended low temp cooking with pot cover off, or with pot cover over burger ( danger of burger being steamed), or both. This is getting complex as I expected it would if I tried to perfect the burger. Think I'll have to sleep on the problem, then my rewired brain might be able to get a handle on this. Right now at a loss as to how to get the proper taste without somewhat burning the outside. 

Note: This attempt was preceded by an attempt that is not recorded in this log.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Selection process for Tribunals & Arbitration Panels

Selection process for Tribunals & Arbitration Panels

Lectio Aliqua Iudiciisque & Arbitri

1. Testimonium. Those who are: competent, conscientious, god-fearing, competent, bribe-resistant, intimidation-resistant, unwilling to commit treason, desirous of rendering fair & just verdicts, desirous of doing god's will, persons who believe that conduct cannot effect salvation, persons who believe Christ is the Son of God, willing to testify that they possess all the aforementioned characteristics, are encouraged to apply for positions.

2. Quaestiones. The applicants take examinations whereby it is determined as to whether they possess the required competence. This weeds out the incompetent.

3. Personali  Historiarum. The personal-histories of the candidates are examined to weed out the ones who are just pretending to possess the sought-after characteristics.

4. Testimonium Examinatur. The testimony of the applicants regarding whether they possess the aforementioned characteristics is examined to weed out the ones who pretend to have the characteristics they testify that they possess. This examination process can utilize human & technological resources. There is continual progress in terms of the ability of these resources to discern dishonesty.

5. Excerpta Ex Qua. The remaining candidates provide a pool from which selections are made by way of elections, and/or appointments made by individuals or groups.

6. Suspitionis-Causam. Selection processes that diverge significantly from that described here, are deviant, defective, incompetent, & just-cause for suspicion.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Lyrics Text Analyzed for Songs Santana wants played everywhere

Carlos Santana recently announced a list of seven songs, the playing of which in lots of places, he believes would transform the world into a better place (Carlos Santana wants these songs to play in elevators and malls - Business Insider).

I put together lyrics of all seven songs and dumped them into a software ( that analyzes text. Result:

1068 words in total. Dale-Chall Score 5.7, easily understood by those of at least 5th-6th grade level. Average number of words per line, 5.5. 10 most common Keywords: love right oh will feel how long know get heart

Google Search based on top 10 keywords:

love right oh will feel how long know get heart - Google Search

The Imagine song by Lennon contains some atheist-sounding lines ('Imagine there's no heaven...No hell below us...And no religion too'). My interpretation is that Lennon wanted us to for the moment forget about heaven hell and religion, & think about virtues like peacefulness & philanthropy banishing hunger & greed. This does not prove an atheism & anti-Christianism. Being Christian does not mean the mind focusing on heaven hell and religion all the time; it means the mind also focusing on peace & philanthropy at times. The way I understand it, the Beatles started off in religious families, rebelled, and then returned to religiosity as they got older.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Department of Alcohol

I intend to post my comments re alcohol as sub-posts in this blog-post.


1. Ideally, alcohol should not be consumed until one has been awake for 10 hours. 

2. The closer to the ideal the better.

3. I ideally alcohol should be consumed after exercise or physical work.

4. Become somewhat intoxicated without becoming drunk is an honorable ambition.

5. The sometimes honorably magical state wherein one is intoxicated but not drunk, is heavily influenced by social company and environment.

6. An advantage of high-alcohol content liquids is the flexibility in terms of alcohol per unit liquid that can be achieved.

7. Could be that some of the best drinks, were unknown in Bible-times in ancient Palestine, due to the various changes over the past 2000 years.

8. When mixing an alcohol containing substance with other liquids keep in mind that alcohol dehydrates, and that substances that hydrate balance this dehydrating effect.

9. Coconut water mixes well with alcohol because Coconut Water is a natural hydrator.

10. The body's water is used to digest things that are not water. Hence many things other than water are to some extent dehydrators.

11. The body can find it difficult to simult digest alcohol and things like some fruit juices that are difficult to digest.

12. Generally a combination of  water or coconut-water, fruit-juice, & high-quality-sugar, is preferable to simply fruit-juice, when it comes to combination with alcohol or exercise.

13. Have to be careful because sometimes 15 minutes can pass between the time one's alcohol consumption becomes excessive & the time one's body and mind begin to feel sick.

14. As of now the preferred alcohol is organic Tequila.

15. Which alcohol is best for a person and how much should be consumed varies depending on how old the person is.

16. Simple beer can produce transcendental experience given the right kind of social company.

17. Simple wine can lead to spiritual transcendental humble neighborly dreams.

18. Alcohol can serve the purpose of reducing the consumption of Cannabis down to more optimal levels.

19. Alcohol three out of every four days and cannabis on the fourth day combined with celibacy, can coincide with union with Christ.

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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Department of Vedic Studies

I figured it would make me hip to devote some time to the Vedas and that I could do this without committing heresy. I intend to post future posts re the Vedas in this blog-posts as sub-posts.


Rig Veda is the oldest text of Hinduism- the average estimate is that it dates to 1300 BC, 3300 years ago. It contains 10 books that in total contain 1028 hymns. Though exposed to the study of the Vedas all my life, I always assumed that they were verbose boring redundant and impossible to get through without sacrificing excess of time and energy. But today, I used to choose 10 of these hymns at random via lightning-generated atmospheric noise. In total according to,  they came to 3110 words, Dale-Chall Index 9.8, indicating they are easily understood by those at College Freshman-Junior level at least. The 311 word per-hymn figure indicates the Rig Veda contains 320,000 words, the equivalent of 800 400-word pages.

The program produced a list of top keywords in the 10 randomly selected hymns:

1. thou - 37 times (7.0%)
2. us - 34 times (6.5%)
3. indra - 28 times (5.3%)
4. thy - 26 times (5.0%)
5. agni - 23 times (4.4%)
6. thee - 22 times (4.2%)
7. come - 20 times (3.8%)
8. mighty - 18 times (3.4%)
9. gods - 16 times (3.0%)
10. strong - 15 times (2.9%)
11. hath - 14 times (2.7%)
12. thine - 14 times (2.7%)
13. heaven - 13 times (2.5%)
14. soma - 13 times (2.5%)
15. god - 11 times (2.1%)
16. vayu - 11 times (2.1%)
17. waters - 11 times (2.1%)
18. men - 10 times (1.9%)
19. strength - 10 times (1.9%)
20. savitar - 9 times (1.7%)

Looking at this list I eliminated words like thou, us, thy, and thee because they are commonly found regardless of text subject-matter. I removed or translated words like Indra and Agni because they are Indo-centric. I removed Soma because people are not sure what Soma was and because society has been under a cloud of cannabis-persecution. I came up with a list of 10 Rig-Vedic keywords to plug into a search engine:

fire mighty gods strong heaven god wind waters men strength - Google Search

The top result in the above search?

The Attributes of God by A.W. Pink-The Power of God