Friday, April 28, 2006

God shares with the rich, but the unGodly rich will not share with Men

Although 83 percent of the USA is Christian, we are living in a USA, where many employers, have become enemies of Christianity, Christians, and Christians.

One Timothy Six Seventeen to Nineteen, found in a letter to Timothy from the St. Paul who according to the faith without works crowd is the father of the faith without works doctrine, says: "Command those who are rich in this present world not to be haughty neither to put their hope in the uncertainty of wealth but in God, who so richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. Urge them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous givers, to practice sharing, and to treasure up for themselves a sound foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of the life that is really life."

Try putting the above quotation on your resumes and see how far you will get with today's American employers.

American employers these days react to quotes such as One Timothy 6:17-19, with petulance: "we're the rich!"; which at least shows, that even they understand, that the One Timothy 6:17-19 quotation, is talking about rich sharing with persons who are not rich. They understand, but they take offense, because they have managed to convince themselves that the rich should not share with those who are not rich, because those who are not rich are supposed to be class enemies of the rich.

(As an exception, the selfish rich allow for "sharing" that results in a payback for the "generous" rich person that exceeds the amount of money that has been shared, they allow for "sharing" that superficially appears to result in a transfer from the rich to the not rich when actually it produces the reverse or hides the transfer from rich to not rich).

Beyond petulance, certain of the American employer class has manifested their aversion to Christianity by plunging into Satanism, Atheism, Islamism, Judaism, Hinduism, etc etc., religions and philosophies that put less ethical burdens on the rich than Christianity does.

This general rejection of Christian ethics regarding the responsibilities of the rich, goes hand in hand with an attitude that relaxation is what produces real religious experience and happiness, which is an attitude that simply ignores the possibility that stress--there are forms of mental and physical stress that produce health--could lead to religious experience, a high mental state, and happiness.

Nevertheless, it is reasonable to expect that in order to enter into heaven, men have to be God-like, because God dwells in heaven, God created heaven. It is also reasonable to see, that obviously, there is nothing God-like, about the rich being selfish and ungenerous with those who are not rich.

God has unlimited wealth, yet he shares his unlimited wealth with mankind, including the rich amongst mankind would not have any riches were it not for God. By way of contrast, many of the rich, refuse to share with the not rich and attack those who advocate such conduct.

God shares his wealth with mankind including the rich amongst a mankind that would be poor were it not for God, even though He, God, can see that all members of mankind, will end up sinning to the point that they deserve to be damned, so that their damnation can work its spiritual effects on those (angels, humans, animals) who end up not being damned. By way of contrast, many of the rich, refuse to share with persons who are not rich, on the grounds that the not rich, are unworthy of having things shared with them.

God shares his wealth with mankind even though mankind is in a completely different class than God is; yet the selfish amongst the rich believe in class warfare vs those of a different class.

God shares his wealth with mankind, even though the difference between God and mankind is enormous compared to the difference between the rich amongst mankind and the rest of mankind. Yet the selfish rich share only with their own families, on the grounds that such sharing is appropriate only with those who are the most biologically, genetically similar to their own selves.

So therefore, obviously, there is nothing God-like about the failure of the rich to share with and be humble with those who are not rich.

The haughtiness of the haughty rich vis a vis those who are not rich, results in various types of denial of reality.

The reality, is that bad luck and good luck both exist in the world. This reality is denied, it is alleged that bad luck and good luck have nothing to do with financial status. The reality is, that the sins of men, envy, jealousy, selfishness etc., create financial disorder in society. This reality also, is denied.

The financial order that exists in society, with the rich on top, is a kind of sacred cow; the selfish amongst the rich can not bring themselves to admit that the financial order is in any sense, in reality, a disorder.

Such psychotic denials of reality, result in the foolishness wherein the skills and abilities of persons who have fallen low in the economic pecking order go unused.

In today's USA if someone quoted the Christian proverb which states that "it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God", such a person would likely end up being ostracized or worse by employers and their lackeys.

From a Christian perspective, one would expect to find the light of God in today's society, in Christian men who are not rich; if the rich control who gets riches and the rich have a tough time knowing God and God's will, one would expect wisdom to be found amongst those who are not rich; yet in today's society, Christian men who are not rich are like untouchables in Hindu society, because they have two strikes against them: one, they are not rich, and two, they are Christian.

What we have in today's America, is men of wealth, who have organized themselves into groups that employ persons. Many of these groups that employ persons, put absolutely nothing above the profit motive. They even pass laws that basically demand that such employing groups put nothing above the profit motive.

These groups, which are deformed versions of the kind of employing groups that Christians have historically seen as potentially positive forces in society, would not even exist were it not for Christians; yet such employing groups have various excuses for tossing out Christians, Christianity, and Christendom, excuses which make perfect mathematical sense to their profit motive obsessed minds such as: Christianity will interfere with sales to non-Christians; Christianity will push up labor costs; Christianity will push up taxes; Christianity will interfere with the criminality that is a necessary part of profit maximization, etc. etc.

Such groups of amoral, criminal, anti-Christian, unethical, profit obsessed, acquisitive persons are obviously a real threat to Christianity and the Christian society that produced them; they resemble gangs of Anti-christs who murder and steal and rape. Yet it seems nobody in the societies that these groups parasitize, ever even bothers to think about how this problem of criminal satanic money worshipping gangs can be solved.

Christianity when mispracticed or misinterpreted, can result in the separation of the souls of living persons from God, and can result in persons going to hell when they die instead of to heaven. Yet on the whole, Christianity is a force that results in more persons being closer to God while they are alive, more person entering into heaven when they die. Although many non-Christians will not admit it, many of the thoughts words and actions that non-Christians are proud of are rooted in Christianity.

The demise of Christians, Christianity, and Christendom, is thus an extremely serious problem for Christian and non-Christian alike. Yet what we have, is non-Christians failing to understand how the things they are proud of and cherish and admire, have Christian roots, Christians leading apathetic un-Christian lives, and Christians being effeminate with evil forces.

@2006 David Virgil Hobbs

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rationalizations for Mass Murder Do'nt Hold Water

Various individuals and groups can be suspect of various things. That does not mean we know the individual/group is guilty; it means we suspect them to be guilty. We might suspect them to be guilty of good qualities or of bad. I suspect that one reason the USA civilization is in material and spiritual decline, is that Jewish males get offended by the natural camaraderie Jewish females find with gentile males. Gentile males can get to the point where they are spiritually high, their civilization can become a high civilization, such developments can be a factor leading to socializaton between Jewish females and gentile males, partly because the Gentile male is rightfully considered to be honorably charming when his natural charm is brought to the surface when his civilization is doing well.

So since there are good qualities to gentile civilizations, as we can see from the fact that so many of the leading Jewish ladies prefer gentile men, we are right to feel alarm over the destructive jealousy in Jewish males, that we suspect influences them to break down charming Gentile civilizations that are flourishing materially and spiritually, thereby turning these great Gentile civilizations into pathetic, ruined ghosts of what they used to be and what they could have been.

In the days of the Davidic monarchy, the rich were not justified, in the eyes of the inspired prophets of those times, if they murdered persons who were not rich and their representatives such as the inspired prophets. In the eyes of the prophets, the rich, and in the eyes of the Mosaic law, the rich could not excuse such murders on the grounds that they the rich murderers, felt that their victims might shift power away from themselves.

Yet now there is a powerful strain of thought, that declares, "the modern rich have the right to murder in democracies", because democracies steal from the rich, and theft is a violation of moral law just as murder is.

This murder excusing strain of thought does not stop and think: "the rich were not excused to murder because they felt their victims might steal from them in old monarchical times; so then therefore how can they feel excused to pre-emptively murder those who they fear might steal from them in democracies?"

This murder excusing strain of thought does not stop and think: "kind of silly, that those who are at least above average in the sense that they have broken the moral and legal laws more than the average man, should strike at the average man on the grounds that the average man might steal from them".

According to Romans, a government that "takes vengeance on the evil-doer", is a government that persons should honor and obey, even if it comes to paying tribute, similarly to how in ancient times priests such as Moses collected taxes to be spent on religious activities. There is nothing in this scripture to indicate, that a democracy that "takes vengeance on the evil-doer" is unworthy of said obedience and honor.

The idea that the rich have a right to murder persons, simply because the planet earth we live on is in danger of becoming unhospitable to human life due to pollution created by the progress of civilization, strikes me as offensive. It is obviously very possible to forestall excessive atmospheric pollution without resorting to mass murder on a gigantic scale.

That persons should oppose honorable efforts to reduce global pollution, and then use said global pollution as an excuse to promote the extermination of 90 percent of the world's population, I find to be absurd. I have gotten tired of individuals and groups who are addicted to playing the old worn out corny Hegelian game of promoting something and then leading the charge against that thing that they themselves have promoted. This kind of promoting phenomenon that are then suppressed, is obviously an extreme inefficiency in global society; it reminds you of an island where the people wasted their time energy and money building walls which they then condemned and tore down.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Semitism Also an Ism

We hear complaints about "anti-semitism".

As if Semitism, was not also an ism.

Semit-ism resembles race-ism. The Semites, are a race.

Tykes adopt the grand strategy of accusing others of what they are guilty of, likewise it seems,
the anti-anti-semites.

In international trade and investment economics, race X can take advantage of another race Y by suppressing race Y's racism while secretly and or outwardly promoting its own racism.

Those who complain and accuse others of "antisemitism", imply through their words and actions that:

There is something wrong with not being a Muslim or a Jew (Semites are Muslims and Jews).

There is something dishonorable about valuing criteria such as criteria by which Semites are outscored by blacks, mongoloids, indo-europeans, and non-Semitic non-indo-european Caucasoids (such as the natives of europe the Aryans mixed with when the Aryans wandered hither and thither and maybe back hither from thither). Non-Semites often outscore (though a judge might not admit it) Semites in terms of voice personality intelligence and appearance.

There is something honorable about valuing criteria other than the criteria in which Semites are defeated by other races, criteria such as, umm umm... number of hookah bars per capita, lack of marital passion in women, number of persons who secretly follow the mystery cult religions of their ancient forefathers, etc etc.

Yet I confess, that I suspect that there are significant numbers of "Semitic" Iraqis, who are generous and friendly people, and who are not haughty.

@2006 David Virgil Hobbs

Friday, April 21, 2006

Asexual relationship with a womanchild; outcompeted by a dyke -- dreams

In the dream, I saw the woman I'll call Lady Glamazonchamp. In real life she is white, five ten inches or so, straight brown girl length hair, pretty, bust, extremely wide and thick shoulders, shoulders maybe even 40 inches wide shoulder to shoulder. I saw her in real life go into some nails manicure place on Main Street. In the dream she, Lady Glamazonchamp, was a girl about ten years old with straight brown girl length hair, that was a little darker than Lady Glamazonchamp's; this girl had an attractive face, but it was not as typically pretty as Lady Glamazonchamp's. I was in a room with this girl. There was nothing sexual about our pleasant relationship; and there had been no goosiness from the girl/woman, she had been very easy to meet.

RE the interpretation of this dream, you might say it shows the error of extramarital lust is not the only feeling abiding inside of me. I do'nt know the proper interpretation of the dream, or the level of truth in it.

In another dream I saw this white woman in her forties I'll call LS. She was lying next to me. I ca'nt get into the details of it, which could offend people, but basically I had the feeling that she was a dyke who was competing with me for women, maybe even outcompeting me by getting herself healthier than me, and that she had all the bad qualities my brother had, qualities such as lazy, selfish, heretical. In this dream I did not find her attractive. But at other times I've had positive dreams about LS woman.

By the way only some of my dreams get reported here.

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Faults of the Americans

Americans spend alot of time complaining about their leaders, but they are oblivious to their own glaring faults.

The American, is brainless, ignorant, childish, irresponsible with regards to the nation-state, enamored by pleasures such as entertainments, lazy, selfish. The American, hangs paintings of Christ blessing the little children on the wall, but does not understand the difference between child-like and childish. The American born agains, think that being born again means sucking your thumb like a baby. Lots of the Americans are beneath childish, in that they are more like babies than children.

The American, does a poor job of serving every idea he or she believes in. The American does not understand, that a conscience does not mean doing a trash job with regards to what you believe in. The American believes in nationalism, patriotism, and proceeds to do an incredibly poor job of being a nationalist or a patriot. The American claims to be a Christian, but does a horrendous job of being a Christian.

The American, is expert at finding fault with others, while remaining oblivious to his or her own faults.

The American, is an idiot about the religion he or she is noisy about. The American chooses the scriptures he likes, and rejects the scriptures he does not like. The American does not understand how to balance two scriptures that point in opposing directions. The American does not understand or merely pays lip service to the importance of conscience. The American, is flippant, having deluded himself into the idea that the salvation of men always is predestined and has nothing to do with good works. The American, fails to understand that there is nothing Christian about ignorant brainless conduct. The American does not understand that the proper interpretation of scripture, involves realizing that most of God's thoughts are not in the Bible, and that the scriptures were written by men in a certain place at a certain time to other men in certain places at certain times. The American, pays lip service to Christianity and then goes out and abuses the saints.

The American, who is loud-mouthed about his alleged Christianity, has forgotten all about the descendants of Christ, Christ's family, Christ's disciples. Where are they? What group are they part of?

The American rejects Christianity as incompatible with nationalism: "Hey, thar is non-Christian guys in th' Marines, duhhh...thar is Amerikins who r not Christian, doi, thar is fo'eigners who is Christian, umm, thar is voters an' cornsoomrs an' employers who is not Christian, we will nebeh be able t'presarve our nashun eff'n we is nice like Christians"; and so, the American rejects his own white race, because his white race brought has been Christian, and also rejects the religion of his own people.

The American does not spend his time energy and money in ways that make his leaders better people, or in ways that make his nation a better and stronger nation. Instead the American fritters away his time energy and money on frivolous pursuits and pastimes. Such is what the American calls Christian.

The American, is useless or worse in terms of his or her conduct with regards to true leaders. Leaders face crushing burdens and stresses, but the American will not lift a finger to help the crushed leader. Instead, the American will forget about his own faults and find all kinds of faults with his leaders, will be impossibly demanding with his leaders, demanding from them a level of conduct he would never imagine demanding from himself. Americans treat their leaders, the way people treat fish in a fishbowl, watching them, listening to them, but all the while being studiously useless. Americans treat their leaders the way the devils treated St Anthony, sort of hovering around the leader constantly, all the while being completely useless. Americans treat their leaders the way certain peoples of old treated unfit infants, they sort of abandon them on the mountaintop, expose them to the elements, never showing any concern for the physical safety of their leaders.

Americans being the way they are is tragic, because America is the kind of country where the citizens being just a little more virtuous, can mean the difference between the nation being a heaven on earth and the nation being a hell on earth. It is not as if America is a long distance away from being a heaven on earth, a place where people could experience God's spirit while alive, a place which produces influences that drag people out of heaven and put them in hell. Nevertheless, it has become a hell on earth, inside an outer shell that sparkles and shines and reminds us of what America used to be, and that reminds the ignorant of what they think America really is.

The American looks in his Bible, and decides in typically foolish fashion that unconditional obedience to leaders is a Christian duty. It never occurs to the American, that the hidden, important meaning of the exhortation to obedience to rulers, is to keep a lookout for persons who should be leaders but are not, and to serve such disenthroned or potential leaders. It never occurs to the American that devils can assume positions of leadership, or that kings can be disenthroned as were David and Christ. The American lives as if Americans had no control regarding who leads them.

Christianity clearly declares that pride is a sin, the American pretends to be a Christian, nevertheless the Americans have enthroned the sin of pride as a virtue. There are plenty of Americans, who are so conceited, that they could not stop being conceited if they tried.

The American, lives his life as if the more people attend your funeral the better a chance you have of going to heaven, was a maxim. Americans fall all over themselves honoring members of whatever occupational group they happen to be part of, when such persons die; at the same time, they are rude and scornful with people simply because these people happen to be from a different occupational group. The American is gullible enough to actually believe, that it is impossible for a man wearing a policeman's uniform to go to hell, it is impossible for a man wearing a soldier's uniform to go to hell, etc. etc.

The American, is constantly flattered by people trying to get his vote, trying to sell things to him, and he and she are dumb enough to believe all the flattery.

The American, has in these times filled with visual media, come to realize that he or she and their family, are lacking in beauty. So as a way of denying this uncomfortable fact, the American denies all realities, because he who sees reality in one aspect sees reality in another aspect also.

The American, is conceited about how his nation is able to using its hi-tek weapons, obliterate any nation on earth--the American is stupid enough to think that he is more of a man than the person who had the accident of birth to be born in a nation without such military power. Any little thing is enough to fill an American with conceit, arrogance, haughtiness, and yes, pride.

@2006 David Virgil Hobbs

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's foolish to punish A for not socializing with B

There are people who are obsessed, with for example, improving person B's social life, by punishing person A for failing to provide person B with a social life. Such punishments include crusading to have person A denied employment (!).

Such crusades, lead to poor performance in the private and public sectors, because the emphasis on punishing a person for failing to provide others with social good times, leads to a de-emphasis of other, more important matters. Such abuse A for not socializing with B persecutions, involve punishing A because persons B C and D, are shy about socializing with person A, whereas, A should not be blamed for B C and D's mutism and communications disabilities.

These social life promoting crusades, involve punishing A for not wanting to socialize with B. Whereas, all people, want to socialize with whomsoever they want to, without being punished for the choices they make.

Such crusades purport to being rooted in, an interest in promoting healthy, fun good times for people; they atempt to promote good times for people by punishing A for not socializing with B, and punishing F for not socializing with G. Whereas, the proper approach of a party interested in promoting social good times for A B C and D, would be to do things for A that reduce forces that unreasonably/unjustly impair A's ability to socialize in the ways A wants to socialize, and to do things for B that reduce forces that unreasonably impair B's ability to socialize the way B wants to socialize, and so on and so forth.

The whole process of attacking A for not socializing with B, in and of itself constitutes a force unreasonably impairing A's social life, although the professed goal of those attacking A is to promote fun social lives.

Implicit in attacks on A for not socializing with B, is the idea that A is a tool that should be forced to promote B's social life. Whereas, people want to lead social lives based on their own wishes and desires, and do not wish to be forced to socialize with others.

Attacking A for not providing B with social pleasure, involves the playing of favorites, B's pleasures are considered more important than A's pleasures. Whereas, people prefer that nobody be treated as a special person whose pleasures are more important than other people's pleasures.

The people who revel in attacks such as A punished for B not socializing with B, are the type that gain advantage from forced socializations. Thus they are compared to those who enjoy social lives that are not forced, relatively speaking, boring and depressing to socialize with. Promotion of the social lives of boring depressing persons, at the expense of persons who are interesting and produce joy, such as the persons the bores want to be forced to socialize with them, is one might say, a kind of evolutionary and cultural dead end. A society in which people's love is real and voluntary, as opposed to feigned and forced, is the kind of society in which people have fun social lives.

The attacks on persons for not socializing with certain other persons, are attacks that are components in a larger subculture involving the imperialism of obsessions, wherein persons who are obsessed with something, force others to be obsessed with such things also. For example there are those who are obsessed with the cleanliness of clothes; they demand excess attention to cleanliness of clothes from others. Likewise there are those who obsess over cleanliness of body, or of living quarters, who pressure others to devote unreasonable amounts of time energy and money to such matters. Such obsessives can pressure persons into spending many hours of their limited free time on the pet obsessions of the perpetrators; when such obsessive imperialists combine with persons obsessed with the promotion of their own social lives, the net result can be that the victims of the obsessives have no free time, or free energy left at all.

@2006 David Virgil Hobbs

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Senator Blather changes mind, now believes Jews go to heaven

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 9, 2005

Senator Blather proves truth of his his new doctrine that Jews can go to heaven without being Christian

Hilda Kelly Blather Executive Office Building
Room 667
8:31 A.M. EDT

SENATOR BLATHER-Ah's pleased t'announce, thet although in th' past Ah have declared thet even th' best Jews will suffer th' punishment of burnin' in hell fo' all time when they die, Ah have now decided t'change mah posishun. Af'er discussin' th' matter wif Rabbi Schlemuel an' Pasto' Magoo, mah noo posishun, is thet Jews kin hoof it to hevvin wifout believin' in Christ o' livin' a Christian life (shocked gasps), on account o' God made a special covenant wif them three thousan' years ago. Howevah, Ah still adhar t'th' posishun thet varmints who is not Jews, does not haf enny special covenant wif God, an' will burn in hell fo'evah eff'n they does not become Christian. (scattered applause.) It jest goes t'show th' power of th' special covenant God established wif th' Jews three thousan' years ago--Jews a-gonna to hevvin while non-Christians who is not Jews burn in hell, Ah reckon. It is simply unreasonable, t'dishono' sech a pow'ful covenant. (Mild applause.)

This hyar leads t'th' quesshun, an Ah quote, "What about all the people who are not Jews, who have in their blood, a certain amount of ancestry that comes from the ancient Israelites that God made his powerful covenant with? What happens to them?"

Mah posishun regardin' this hyar matter, as of now, is thet th' matter sh'd be settled through junetic Ah mean genetic testin'. Them who in ancestry is less than two percent Jewish, who does not become Christians, will burn in hell fo'evah, but eff'n their ancestry is mo'e than two percent Jewish, they kin hoof it to hevvin wifout bea-comin' Christians. Howevah, our Church Council is studyin' th' matter, thar is a vote a-comin' up, an' we may decide thet them whose ancestry is less than five percent Jewish hafta become Christians in o'der t'go t' hevvin, while them whose ancestry is mo'e than five percent ancient Israelite does not hafta be Christians t'go t'hevvin. Stay tooned.

Then yo' haf tax an' spend liberals brin'in' up th' quesshun, an' Ah quote, "What about the ancestry of the Jews? The Stanford scientist Cavalli-Sforza says, that the Jews, in ancestry, are half central Palestinian, and half white. Since ancient times, the Jews mixed with the local populations and members of the local populations have become Jewish. How much ancient Israelite ancestry do the Jews have to have, in order to cash in on this special opportunity to go to heaven without being Christian?" Unquote.

Mah response t'these tax an' spend liberals, who c'd well be terro'ists also seein' how they scare Jews by talkin' about Jews a-gonna hell, is thet Cavalli-Sfo'za, is a liberal, an' unner suspicion of bein' a terro'ist, on account o' he is givin' aid an' comfo't t'th' terro'ist inemies of th' Jews. Furthermo'e, th' point is, thet on account o' th' varmints who is now Jews is part of th' Jewish Synagogues thet God made a covenant wif three thousan' years ago, they haf miraculously acquired immunity t' th' go t'hell on account o' yer not Jedtian Ah mean Christian disease. It does not matter whut th' ancestry of th' Jews is, on account o' they is part of th' Synagogues God covenanted wif long ago; howevah it does matter whut th' ancestry of th' varmints who is not Jews is, on account o' they is not part of th' Jewish synagogues. Th' fack thet it does matter whut ancestry th' non-Jews are, but it does not matter whut ancestry th' Jews are, proves thet th' Jews is junetically Ah mean genetically special, chosen varmints. (Applause.)

Th' next liberal slash terro'ist objeckshun is, an' Ah quote, "if such is the case, then it would be better to be a Jew, than to not be a Jew, because if you are a Jew, you can go to heaven if you believe in Christ and also if you do not believe in Christ, but if you are a Christian or some other kind of non-Jew, then you only go to heaven if you believe in Christ" unquote.

Mah response t'sech liberal slash terro'ists is, thet th' more non-Christians join th' Jews th' better, on account o' this hyar increases th' number of genetically special chosen varmints in th' wo'ld. As a patriotic cornservative Christian Ah's proud t'say, thet varmints joinin' th' Jews like this hyar will stren'then America, stren'then cornservativism, an' stren'then th' Jedtian Ah mean Christian Church. (Applause.) This hyar is on account o', th' Jews is admirably cornservative, on account o' they cornsider gentiles t'be subhoomin, an' on account o' their Talmud declares thet Jesus Christ, is corndemned t'boil in excrement fo'evah. Th' idea thet gentiles are hoomin leads t'socialism, terro'ism, an' liberalism, seein' thet th' tax an' spend liberals spend money on gentiles, th' terro'ists is gentiles, an' th' socialists pity th' gentiles. Jesus Christ condemned th' hono'able cornservative rich folks. Non-Christian cornservativism is better fo' Christianity than Christian socialism, on account o', ultimately, Christianity is based on capitalism, dawgone it. (Applause.)

Th' next liberal objeckshun t'mah noo wise cornservative houn'dogma is, an' Ah quote, "if what you are saying is true, then Jews, who consider gentiles to be subhumans who Jews have a moral right to murder, steal from, and lie to, go to heaven, while nice non-Christian people, who are friends of Christendom, and who believe in being kind to gentiles and Christians, and who believe in freedom of religion and civility towards members of all religions, like some of the Deist founding fathers of America, end up in hell" unquote.

These liberals who objeck t'mah cornservative houn'dogmas, is rude varmints, who cornsider cornservative wimmen who is mammys an' the dotters of sech mammies t'be homely an'ugly an' call them dogs. (Applause.) Mah answer t'sech liberal terro'ists, is, basically th' same as mah answer t'th' type of liberal terro'ists Ah soun'ly refuted earlier in this hyar speech. We, th' conservative, white, Christian gentiles, depend upon Jews, we depend upon whut th' liberal terro'ists refer t'as Jewish arrogance, we depend upon th' Jewish hatred of Jedt Ah mean Christ an' th' Jewish scorn of gentiles, on account o' we need a cornservative, tax cuttin', capitalist foun'ashun, which th' Jews he'p t'maintain through their corntempp fo' gentiles, Christianity, an' Christ. Wifout sech a cornservative, tax cuttin', capitalist foun'ashun, we will collapse, an' be destroyed by liberals, terro'ists, an' taxes. (Standing ovation.)

@2006 David Virgil Hobbs