Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Laws rendering sex impossible for reasonably careful men

The female editor of the Scottish magazine 'Holyrood', has fired a male columnist who worked for her paper. Why? Julian Assange is wanted on rape charges under Swedish law, because after he had sex with a consenting female, while lying in bed with the female after the sex, he had sex with her a second time, this time without her consent. Galloway in the video-blog-post that got him fired, had said:

"Some people believe that when you go to bed with somebody, take off your clothes, and have sex with them and then fall asleep, you're already in the sex game with them...It might be really bad manners not to have tapped her on the shoulder and said, 'do you mind if I do it again?...It might be really sordid and bad sexual etiquette, but whatever else it is, it is not rape, or you bankrupt the term rape of all meaning."

According to the Swedish law, if you have sex with a consenting woman, and then after the sex, have sex with her a second time without her having given her consent, you become guilty of rape.

The problem with the Swedish law, is that it is yet another law, yet another attitude found amongst administrators and law enforcement personnel, that has the effect of making it well-nigh impossible for a man who is not reckless, to have sex with a woman.

Suppose Joe and Mary decide to have sex. Mary appears before a notary public and solemnly swears, her hand on the Bible, that she gives Joe permission to have sex. Then Joe and Mary have sex. Then Mary lies and says that Joe had sex with her a second time, this time without her consent. Then if the of the prevailing attitude is the insane notion that a man is guilty of whatever a woman accuses him of unless proven otherwise, Joe becomes guilty of rape.

Hence, even though Mary appeared before a notary public to solemnly swear that she was giving official permission to Joe to have sex with her (videotaped), Joe was still not safe having sex with Mary.

If even after a woman gives official permission, before a notary public, for the sex act, the man still is not safe having sex with the woman, then we have a situation in which it has become close to impossible for a reasonable man to have sex with a woman.

This appears to be yet another example of how: lawmakers and activists fail to see the negative effect of the laws that they are in favor of; lawmakers fail to see the real world which features false accusations and false witness, and see only a theoretical world devoid of such lies; feminists favor legislation that puts them above the male gender, even if ultimately the legislation damages the persons and the liberties of both male and female (conspiracy theory note: sinister forces using the women to degrade both genders is perhaps a reality).

Sometimes women have a motive to falsely accuse men of rape or harassment. They might want to bask in the limelight of the fame of being a woman wanted so bady that men misbehave. They might be extorting some favor such as marriage from the accused. They might have been bribed by an enemy of the accused to get the man in trouble. They might have decided that financial safety for them lies in enmity versus the falsely accused.

It would seem to be reasonable that if a woman does not want to have sex a second time with the man she has just had sex with, she should get out of the bed that she is sharing with the man. If the man having sex a second time with her is so bad that it warrants the man being locked up and having his life ruined due to a rape conviction, how can the woman still be in bed with the man?

I wonder does the Swedish law also apply to married couples? If it does apply to married couples the inhibition of heterosociality has extended even into the marriage bed. If it does not apply to married couples, it still has the effect of censoring sexual relations that a (hypothetical) ethical polygamist virtuous male might enter into in a nation in which officially speaking a man is allowed to only have one wife.

For centuries and milleniums, there was no government big-daddy around to police sexual harassment and rape offenses against women. The legislative activism of the modern day in large part serves women who need the government to help them ward off sexual harassment and rape. Yet there also exists a type of woman who is able to avoid harassment and rape despite a lack of government activism designed to combat sexual harassment and rape.

Sometimes those who end up needing the government to defend them against sexual harassment and rape, are guilty of actions and of negligence (example drugs, alcohol, foolishness) the result of which is that the government has to expend time energy and money defending them against rape etc., that it would not have had to spend had they behaved themselves.

Give us a break. Stop being so simple-mindedly feminist in your thinking about sexual harassment and rape and think about this: banning from campus a man who is popular with attractive co-eds, is at least slightly similar to rape, and the primary victim is a man. Impoverishing a man who is popular with beautiful women, is also somewhat similar to rape, and the primary victim again is a man. Intimidating a man into not communicating with 'shy' women who want to marry him, somewhat resembles rape, and the primary victim is a man (it is false that if a woman fails to respond to a first email/letter/phone-call, contacting her again is harassment, because typically even when the woman wants to marry the man in question, she will fail to respond to his email/letter/phone-call).

When as a result of feminist excesses or male rapist-like jealousy, the man that a woman loves is destroyed, the victim of feminism ends up being a woman, a female.

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New soccer aerial stop & go off-footed tricks--success on first attempts

I tend to develop a gloomy feeling about things like my progress in soccer, as a result of focusing mentally on my failures, and ignoring my successes. Demanding impossible rate of progress from myself, I continually disappoint myself.

I felt I needed to remind myself in writing regarding how the first hour of evening soccer practice today, was actually bright, even though the day as a whole was gloomy. This written record will serve to remind me of my natural strengths.

Although I had not worked with my right foot (I am left-footed) for a few days, first hour of evening practice today, things went well with the right foot on the second and third touches of the runs, without warmup, and with difficult new tricks being accomplished on the first attempt.

I surprised myself at my ability to succeed doing new never attempted before stop and go type aerial dribble patterns with my right foot.

By aerial dribble I mean moving around at a brisk speed while keeping the ball off the ground but under control. By stop and go, I mean that what I was attempting and succeeding with on the first or second attempt, with no warmup, was air dribbling a few feet at a brisk speed, coming to a stop while air-dribbling, and then air-dribbling in forwards again at a brisk speed.

Evening practice started at 751 PM. My intent was always to keep the ball off the ground between touches, and to be moving at a rapid speed. I counted an attempt a success if I kept the ball off the ground between touches, covered approx the intended distances between touches, and moved at speed between touches when such was prescribed by the intended pattern.

The first run of the day (no preceding warmup work) at 752 PM, my intent was to: kick the ball with my LF forwards 6' (T1); chip the ball up & over the imaginary defender with my RF, about 9' forwards (T2); kick the ball forwards with my RF (T3) while maintaining control. I succeeded on the first attempt.

2nd run of the day, 755 PM, my intent was to: kick the ball with my LF forwards 6' (T1); touch the ball without moving forwards with the RF (T2.0); kick the ball forwards 9' with the RF (T2.1); kick the ball forwards with the RF while maintaining control (T3). I succeeded on the first attempt.

3rd run of the day, 757 PM, my intent was to: kick the ball with my LF forwards 6' (T1); touch the ball without moving forwards with the RF (T2.0); touch the ball again with RF without moving forwards (T2.2); kick the ball forwards 9' with the RF (T2.3); touch the ball with the RF (T3). I succeeded on the first attempt.

These 2nd & 3rd runs of the day on the first attempt I succeeded with a trick I had never attempted before.

800 PM, my intent was to: kick the ball with my LF forwards 6' (T1); touch the ball without moving forwards with the RF (T2.0); touch the ball with the LF without moving forwards (T2.1); kick the ball forwards 9' with the RF (T2.2); touch the ball with the RF (T3). I succeeded on the 2nd attempt doing this never before attempted trick.

827 PM, my intent was to: kick the ball with my LF forwards 6' (T1); kick the ball forwards 9' with the RF (T2); touch the ball without moving forwards with the RF (T3.1); kick the ball forwards with the RF (T3.2). I succeeded on the 1st attempt doing this never before attempted trick.

841 PM, my intent was to: kick the ball with my LF forwards 6' (T1); kick the ball forwards 9' with the RF (T2); kick the ball about 9' to my left with the RF (T3); touch the ball again with a foot (T4). I succeeded on the 1st attempt doing this never before attempted trick.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

My personal soccer exploits over the past two months

June 24, about two months ago, I became serious about getting an air-dribble attack ready to the point where I could confidently implement it in games (air-dribble = ball is kept in the air and under control while body and ball move at up to high speeds and long distances).

I had over the previous year managed to get myself involved in lots of actual indoor soccer games with other players; this experience had taught me, that although I had developed impressive air-dribble abilities in practice (to the point where spectators scoffed at the greatest players of all-time when watching me), the abilities I had developed were futuristic and not ready to be implemented in games. I learned that I needed to polish to a high degree of reliability and perfection, aerial dribble attacks that actually could be with confidence implemented in games in the present tense; I realized that moves I had been practicing were dependent upon starting, preceding touches that had to be polished up to the point where they could be implemented with a high degree of confidence.

Starting June 24 I was carefully recording the results of my attempts at air dribble runs in a straight line, involving: 20 to 40 foot distance covered with ball off ground and close to body; ball touched 5 to 7 times with left or right foot; chip over imaginary defender on 4th or 6th touch.

Over the past two months:

I decided to use thoughtful cleverness to improve my rate of improvement in terms of skill in the air-dribble maneuvers.

I utilized lessons learned regarding how to accelerate skill improvement, that I had learned last year when involved in my 'quixotic', 'bridge over the river kwai-type' effort to develop the ability to make 90 degree aerial turns with the ball touched on every step before and after the turn during the aerial run.

I stuck with a determination to develop my right-footed skills (I am naturally left-footed), having learned during the 'quixotic' 90-degree-turn-ball-touched-on-every-pace phase, that even hopelessly difficult tricks can be mastered with the off-foot (the clumsy foot). My success in terms of developing my right-handed shot in basketball had taught me that with patience I can accomplish the unbelievable with my right hand even though I am left-handed.

I applied a thoughtful carefully-developed methodology to development of my right-footed skills.

I successfully implemented the 'automatic mastery' trick of skill development acceleration: mastery of the use of the right-foot on the first touch of the runs, automatically created improvement on right-footed touches that came after the first touch.

The result after the past two months of the application of various carefully-thought-out tactics designed to accelerate improvement in development of skill, have been fantastic: fast runs, low failure rate on runs, precise accurate ball placement, long distances achieved on runs, tightly controlled runs.

I only regret that due to: my own reluctance to drive my body and mind too hard, & the lack of open gym time, the amount of practice time I have gotten in has been far below 24 hours per week.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

WSJ piece praises India's lacking Olympics medals

Regarding "India's Olympic Achievement: Indifference -".

Mr. Dalrymple states that India should be praised for winning few medals due to lack of Indian government support for Indian Olympians:

"...there is one shining beacon in the world: India. Its low tally of medals in the Olympic Games puts practically all other countries to shame...It is not that India tried and failed. It did not try, and therein lies its peculiar wisdom and is India, whose government does nothing to encourage (or deter) its athletes, that is right, not the rest of the world...".

Dalrymple's doctrine is clear and emphatic: India failed at the olympics because of a lack of government support. Basically, Dalrymple's doctrine is that a nation is a fool, simply because it wins medals at the olympics; and, the more medals a nation wins, the more of a fool it is.

Returning to reality, where is the evidence to prove, that India failed at the Olympics, because of a lack of govt support for Indian Olympian types? Where is the graph plotting govt support $ for Olympians per capita vs medals achievement per capita?

Sometimes nations where the govt supports Olympians, win medals at the Olympics. Sometimes nations fail to achieve medals despite govt support for their Olympians. Sometimes nations win medals, despite a lack of govt support for the Olympians. Sometimes nations fail to win medals, and this coincides with a lack of government support for the Olympians.

India's low-medals-tally at the Olympics could have been due to causes other than, lack of official govt support. It could well have been, that even if India's govt had funded the Indian Olympians, the medals tally would still have been low.

When Dalrymple says, the Indians scored low at the Olympics because of a lack of government support, he implies that there is no such thing as Olympic achievement in the absence of govt support.

Returning to reality, there are plenty of examples of Olympian achievement despite a lack of government support. It is precisely these dramatic stories (that Dalrymple inexplicably ignores) featuring those who succeeded without govt support or despite hardships, that it would be reasonable to focus the mind on, if the object were to be, appreciating that which is relatively less-appalling on the Olympian scene.

There are many causes of a lack of Olympian performance: genetic, environmental, choices of the free-will. The environment featuring govt support is only one of the possible causes. To equate Olympian achievement with govt support, is to irrationally & unjustifiably, denigrate the importance of environmental factors other than govt support for Olympians, in terms of effect upon winning Olympic medals. Such environmental factors could provide clues to nations that do not perform well, regarding how to improve health and performance amongst their citizens.

Mr. Dalrymple, by emphasizing the govt-support-for-Olympians environmental impact, de-emphasizes the importance of genetics in terms of impact upon medals achieved. If genetics plays an important role in some sport in terms of medals achievement, the recognition of such can help us to not be fooled into thinking that the achievement was caused by an especially skillfully constructed & healthy environment, when actually the root cause was genetic. On the other side of the coin, the recognition of such can help us to overcome errors such as, the error that some race is genetically inferior in some way when actually it is not inferior.

Mr. Dalrymple's obsession with the role of govt support in terms of producing medal-winnings, conceptually eclipses (total eclipse) the possibility that the Olympian medal-winner's own free-will, & mental qualities flowing from that free-will such as genius and inspiration, play a role when an Olympian wins a medal. Whereas the reality is, that sometimes an Olympian wins a medal as a result of his spiritual or tactical genius. We can learn from such genius when we can spot it. When we spot such genius we can love it & appreciate it. But how can we even spot such genius, when recognition of such genius is obscured by the attitude that Olympic medals are produced by governments spending money on their Olympians and nothing else?

Even when national Olympics performance is due to government support of Olympians, such at least can constitute an example of government working effectively to produce results.

Note: I was impressed by the quality of the comments made online at the WSJ in response to this article. I wanted to post this with the comments I saw but apparently I have to be paying WSJ about $25 per month for print or online WSJ access, in order to be able to post with them.

@2012 David Virgil Hobbs

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Olympics what I learned during the Olympics

There are certain loveable women
women of unusual anatomy,
women who sell sex to women,
women who lewdly exhibit their bodies
women who misbehave and sin
women whose parents were not Christian

Yet still, God has divine love for these women
even though they are untypical and sin

This love God has for these women,
can abide in a man's heart within

Sometimes man can feel this love for the woman,
before he and the woman have even spoken

Sometimes man does not feel this feeling
this God's love for another within,
until many years after
he first when young knew the girl

Man having this love God has for outcasts inside
far transcends the typical lustful state of mind

By prayerfully praising God Man can win
the victory of finding in himself, within
God's love for the untypical and those who sin

But the prayers must be fervent heartfelt prayers,
and be prayers that mentally involve God's praise

@2012 David Virgil Hobbs

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympics 2012 closing day August 12

The Southern edge of the Adriatic Sea
is also the northern coast of Italy

Sunday August the twelfth,
year two thousand and twelve
sixty-six men of three nations
of the Sea of the Adrians,
Italians, Croatians, and also Serbians
total population seventy two million
won medals of bronze or silver or gold
in handball, volleyball or water polo.

For the honor of being amongst men the top nation
of the day per capita amongst the Olympians,
They vanquished their closest competitors the Cubans,
total population only eleven million

Two bronze and a gold were won by Cubans like Ramirez
in the lighter-weight men's boxing and wrestling events

The medals won by the sixty-six men of the Adrians,
evidenced a depth in terms of athletes, and of champions.

And would you rather enjoy as a fun contest
water polo, handball or volleyball events,
enjoying yourself with a dozen friends,
or would you prefer your time to spend
in solo physical combat that's violent?

Adriatic men know how to enjoy living
and how to be Olympian while enjoying

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Olympics august 11 saturday events

Olympics August eleventh was war between,
British empire's Carribean sprinters,
Spanish empire's Carribean martial artists,
and martial artists of the Empire of Persia's
northern province of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan's conquest of two wrestling golds and boxing bronze,
locked it in struggle for the day's lead amongst Olympians,
against Spain's Cubans and Puerto Ricans in the Carribean
who won two boxing golds, wrestling silver, and bronze taekwon.

Azerbaijan's population is only eight million;
it's southern border is the northern-most border of Iran.

Carribean islands Puerto Rico and Cuba
off the east coast of central Latin America
have populations of eleven and four million
and are located near the West Indies islands

So I say, Persian Azerbaijan's three medals won the day,
over the four medals of Cuba and Puerto Rico,
and also beat both Cuba alone and Puerto Rico alone,
due to its medals per capita in combat sports today

British West Indies continued to excel,
running bronze and golden sprint relays
But one could say to a certain extent,
relays redundantly duplicate the solo race.
Men grow tired hearing day after day,
the same small nations praised in verse
by the mathematical poet.

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Olympics, email sent prior to start

I have put up online, a copy of the email that I sent to London Transportation Commissioner Peter Hendy, morning of Monday June 25th, 2012, prior to the start of the 2012 Olympics.

Then on Thursday June 28th,  a 'freak' lightning storm hit England with 110,000 lightning bolts, more lightning bolts than have ever previously hit England in a storm.

Link to copy of email:

 London Trans Cmmr Hendy: re improving your Olympics internet presence, telekinetic poetic prayers, new original theological insights

Olympics August ninth, tenth

August ninth and tenth at the Olympics in London,
Looking at men's medal winnings per capita,
Britain and her little white colonies on islands,
would have been defeated by little Latvia;

But Britain's little black colonies in the Carribean,
whose population put together is only four million
Achieved many medals relative to their population

The result ending up being that Great Britain
& her little colonies on the islands,
all of whom still have as official anthem,
God Save the Queen the anthem of Great Britain

Staved off the challenge from Latvia,
a nation of only two million,
located just west of Russia,
south of Finland, and north of Poland

Bronze and gold were won by West Indian sprinters
in the race relay four by four hundred meters;
in two hundred meters they won gold, bronze and silver

Thus West Indians mister Lendore, mister Gordon,
mister Forte, mister Brown, mister Solomon,
mister Mathieu, mister Weir, mister Pinder,
mister Bolt, mister Blake, and mister Miller

Conquered the beach-volleyball bronze duo
composed of Plavins and Smedins the two Latvians,
and the Latvian Stromberg's cycling Gold,
To continue the British Empire's dominance
over the two thousand and twelve Olympians

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Thursday, August 09, 2012

2500 year old Persian Painting resembles Hastings Tapestry

Browsing the internet, I came across an article, that showed Persian-empire wall paintings from 470 BC, that I immediately noticed bore a striking resemblance to the Bayeux tapestry .

A quote from the article:

"LONDON, (CAIS) -- the Achaemenid tomb chamber, one of the finest examples of the ancient Iranian art of wood painting that survived to the present day, was on show ...This magnificent work of Iranian art offers important insights into the life styles and beliefs of the Persian Anatolia during the Achaemenid Dynasty in 5th century B.C.E. The unique tomb chamber built around 470 B.C.E. for a Persian noble-warrior has remained intact for nearly twenty five centuries (

Some links to photos of the paintings:
The dimensions of the timber-lined tomb chamber are reported to be 2.50 m x 2 m in length and width and 1.85 m in height...the beam with the battle frieze is 221 cm long (7' 2") and 32 cm (12") high... [length 7.2 x height]

( )

The Bayeux tapestry is also long and narrow like a roll of film: "68.38 metres long and 0.5 metres wide (224.3 × 1.6 ft) [length 140 x height] --

The Persian Achaemenid Empire is the greatest empire of all time, in terms of percent of world's population subjugated (they got 45%; in terms of today's world population, they would be ruling over 3.1 billion people). The British empire is the greatest empire of all time, in terms of land area (like a box 3.6K miles high and 3.6K miles wide).

Empires of All-Time By percent of world population:

1 Achaemenid Empire 44.5% (50.0 million out of 112.4 million in 480 BC)
2 Mauryan 43.30% (68.0 million out of 150 million in the 2nd century BC)
3 quing 36.60% (381.0 million out of 1.041 billion in 1820)...
? British 20.00% (458 million out of 2.295 billion in 1938)

Empires of All-Time By By land area
1 British empire, 13 million sq miles,
...15 achaemenid 3.1 mill square miles,


The London Olympics over the past week have been like a battle between the Persians and the British empire.

Poem noting such to be the case

-- David Virgil

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August 1-8 Olympics: British Empire Navy vs Persian Army

Reflecting on what I think been's going on
during the last week at the Olympics Games
(Wednesday August first to Wednesday August eigth),
Observing through a lense that focuses on
men's per capita winnings from day to day:

I've witnessed a struggle featuring
Navy of Britain and her island colonies,
Against Iran's fantastically strong army.
The British empire has been winning
and appears set for eventual victory.

These little Euro-British colonies on islands
after centuries still have as their official anthem
God Save the Queen, the national anthem of Britain.

A week ago Wednesday August first,
the power was in the French swimmers

Next, Thursday August second Great Britain,
ruled sports of land & sea transportation.

On Friday August third New Zealand,
population four million persons
a small white colony of Britain's
conquered land and sea transportation

August fourth three little white colonies
(Canada, Australia, & New Zealand)
and their imperial father Great Britain
dominated sports involving movement
at high speeds over the land and the sea.

On August fifth and August sixth,
British named Afro-British West-Indians
from the islands of the Carribean
dominated land-running sprints.

On August seventh, Persian wrestlers & weightlifters
of the wild and glorious highest weight-classes,
dominated the world's weightlifters and wrestlers,
while the Persian Ehsan Hadidi won a silver
in the classically Olympian discus,
hurling the four point four pound discus sixty-eight meters.

On Wednesday August eigth, the British homeland collapsed
but her little white island colonies filled the gap
ruling water movement of various sorts,
the canoeing, kayaking and sailing sports.

Four of the last eight days I saw
the domination of the men of Britain
and her little colonies, mostly islands,
in water transportation sports.

It's been like ancient military history
a contest between British Empire's fast Navy,
And Persia's magnificently mighty army.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

CSS injected Olympics data output

I wanted to create a work of art that minimizes the portrayal of things found in the sea, on the land, and in the air. I came up with a colorful reworking of NBC Olympic medals data output.

I applied a powerful un-laborious dose of CSS to the data output (CSS telling the page how to output tables in general, divisions in general, so there was no necessity of changing each table or each division individually), and came up with what I consider a work of art:

CSS embellished NBC Medals Table

I find it hard to believe that arts-school graduates who do not know CSS/html, find it easy to get jobs such as 'graphics manager' at places like banks these days. To me it seems that nowadays, a basic practical mastery of art, being in a position wherein one can come close to fulfilling one's potential as an artist, requires a basic knowledge of CSS/HTML.

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