Monday, January 02, 2006

Cop Prowls Campus enforcing reading of emails sent to people on campus--Dream

In the dream I was a campus cop riding around in a white car. My job was to make sure that these guys on campus read these emails that were being sent to them. I was driving through the campus at night...about 20 yards away I saw the dark silhouettes of these guys looking at me. I saw their upper bodies from the waist up. There were about twelve of them standing or sitting side by side off in the distance about 20 yards away, they were outdoors, beyond some lawns and bushes. They were lined up side by side in formation, regularly spaced. They were each in front of a fairly bright brown background colored similarly to the background in the emails they had been sent; it was as if each of them had something behind them that was like a half of a circle, that covered an area up to about a foot above their head--but they in front of this brown background were merely silhouettes. They looked like cardboard cut-outs used for target practice by persons practicing fire-arms marksmanship.

One of the persons on campus who had not read the email that had been sent to him was a tall heavy white caucasian person with heavy brown hair that did not fall below the top of the collar. On the inside, this person was like some kind of icon on a computer screen that has turned lighter and paler in color, the lines delineating the icon having grown more light-faced as opposed to bold-faced, because it is not possible at the given time, to trigger any kind of computer action by clicking on the given icon.

In the dream one of the techniques I used to get persons such as this inactive icon type person to read the emails that had been sent to them, was to trigger some change in a group of persons that was a different group than the group the inactive icon type people belonged to. The idea was that triggering a change in the group that the inactive-icon-type-people were at odds with, would cause the inactive-icon-type people to read the emails they were getting.

The emaild that I was policing, whose readership I was enforcing, were these emails that in real life I had sent out to folks at universities whose football teams were underdogs in college football bowl games. But in the dream, I was not conscious of who had sent out the emails and who had sent out the emails did not seem relevant.

When I awoke, I was thinking of how there are atheists who simply assume that the world needs them. But if there is no God, then the world does not need them and nobody needs anybody. It is not possible to distinguish between whether the world needs somebody or not, if there is no God, no source of absolute wisdom and omniscience to have an opinion on the matter; if the absolutely wise God thinks the world needs these atheist men, then the world needs these atheist men. If the absolutely wise God does not think the world needs these atheist men, then the world does not need these atheist men. If there is no absolutely wise God to have an opinion on the matter, then it cannot be said that the world needs these atheist men. Thus it is absurd that such atheists should declare that the world needs them or that anything is good or bad.

But then you have persons who the world really does need, because in God's mind they are people who the world needs.