Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ice hockey poem -- commemoration of 2010 NCAA championship

David Virgil Hobbs
Poem on the Occasion of 2010 Boston College National Ice Hockey Champions

Aulsay, asway away oicechay oungyay anmay, erethay asway otnay amongway ethay ildrenchay ofway Israelway away oodliergay ersonpay anthay ehay: omfray ishay ouldersshay andway upwardway ehay asway igherhay anthay anyway ofway ethay eoplepay...ethay ORDLAY aidsay untoway ethay ophetpray Amuelsay, Eholdbay isthay anmay Aulsay allshay eignray asway Ingkay overway ymay eoplepay...Amuelsay ooktay away ialvay ofway oilway, andway ouredpay itway uponway Aul'ssay eadhay, andway aidsay otay Aulsay, ethay ORDLAY athhay anointedway eethay ingkay...Amuelsay aidsay otay allway ethay eoplepay, Eesay Aulsay omwhay ethay ORDLAY athhay osenchay, erethay isway onenay ikelay imhay amongway allway ethay eoplepay. Andway allway ethay eoplepay outedshay, andway aidsay, Odgay avesay Ingkay Aulsay...Amuelsay aidsay otay Ingkay Aulsay, Utbay ownay ythay ingdomkay allshay otnay ontinuecay: ethay ORDLAY athhay oughtsay imhay away anmay afterway ishay ownway earthay, andway ethay ORDLAY athhay ommandedcay imhay otay ebay aptaincay overway ishay eoplepay, ecausebay outhay Ingkay Aulsay, asthay otnay eptkay atthay ichwhay ethay ORDLAY ommandedcay eethay. ethay ORDLAY aidsay untoway Amuelsay, Ooklay otnay onway Eliab'sway ountenancecay, orway onway ethay eighthay ofway ishay aturestay; ecausebay Iway avehay efusedray imhay: orfay anmay ookethlay onway ethay outwardway appearanceway, utbay ethay ORDLAY ookethlay onway ethay earthay. Avidday Eliab'sway otherbray, asway uddyray, andway ofway away eautifulbay ountenancecay, andway oodlygay otay ooklay otay. Ethay ORDLAY aidsay otay Amuelsay, Ariseway, anointway Avidday: Enthay Amuelsay anointedway Avidday otay ebay ingkay: andway ethay Iritspay ofway ethay ORDLAY amecay uponway Avidday. Utbay ethay Iritspay ofway ethay ORDLAY epartedday omfray Aulsay



The Boston College Men's Ice Hockey team, featuring lots of Massachusetts boys, decisively defeated Miami of Ohio in the NCAA semifinals, even though Miami's team was bigger and higher ranked. Then they also badly beat Wisconsin which also was higher ranked and had bigger players. This despite the fact Boston University (which is not Boston College) coach Parker had said, he does not recruit Massachusetts boys because Massachusetts players are injured, burnt-out, tired, and lack enthusiasm for ice hockey because of having played it too much as boys.

Part I

Boston College defeats Miami of Ohio by 7-0 in the 2010 NCAA Hockey semifinals

The youths of the Boston College Men's Ice Hockey Team
Are smaller than average men;
Yet in the semifinals
Against Ohio's Miami University
Their small players scored seven
Against men a tenth taller than them
While Miami scored zero against
Boston College's little defense

This even though Miami was ranked first
Whereas Boston College was ranked third

Part II

Boston College defeats Wisconsin by 5-0 in the 2010 NCAA Hockey finals

Then in the finals on Saturday night,
The Boston College team for hockey on ice,
Composed of youths below average in height
Playing against Wisconsin scored five times
While Wisconsin's taller and heavier young men
Scored zero against the Boston College defense

Part III

The Boston College victories contradict Boston University Coach Parker's idea that Massachusetts boys should not be recruited because they are stunted as a result of having been obsessed with ice hockey.

The Boston College men's ice hockey team scores many goals
Yet it contains many Massachusetts youths, known as massholes

And the Boston University Coach had stated,
His team contains few from the state of Massachusetts
Because the state's boys play too many hockey games,
And so by the time they become of college age,
They are tired injured burnt out and lazy,
And take no joy in the sport of hockey.

Yet Despite what the Boston University coach said,
The injured, tired, burnt out joyless and ice hockey obsessed
Boston College dwarves from the state of Massachusetts,
Beat two teams filled with tall heavy heroes,
by seven to nothing and five to zero.

@2010 David Virgil Hobbs

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Poem re Duke beats WVU in basketball

David Virgil Hobbs
Poem re Euro-American Duke Downs African-American WVU
Ostmay augustway Aesarcay, oneway ouldshay owknay atthay ethay Americanway egionslay adhay evernay ownknay efeatday iorpray otay ethay acialray integrationway ofway eirthay ilitarymay unitsway. Orfay enmay indfay itway easierway otay attainway otay ethay acticepray ofway ertaincay irtuesvay, amongstway erethay ownway aceray, omparedcay otay ethay ifficultyday ofway acticingpray uchsay irtuesvay amongstway osethay ofway otherway acesray. Orfay ostmay ofway en'smay irtuesvay enefitbay osethay ofway eirthay ownway aceray, ereaswhay ehay owhay etraysbay ishay aceray oesday otnay enefitbay utbay armshay ishay aceray.
David Virgil, sent his psalms to the white players and coaches but not to the black players and coaches at Duke and WVU, prior to the game between Duke and WVU. Result of the game: unexpectedly one sided victory for the whiter Duke.
Part I
The narrative describes the basketball game played Saturday April 3 2010 between Duke and WVU, which was won by Duke

On saturday evening April fourth,
Third ranked Duke of North Carolina,
The highest ranked of the four college teams
Left in the NC double A tourney,
Took on sixth rank West Virginia
In Indiana in basketball.

Duke, seventy one percent of whose players
Are white Euro-Americans,
Was by just two points the team that was favored,
But Duke beat them by twenty one.

Fifty six percent of Duke's points were
scored by two slim German-Americans whites,
six five Scheyer of Chicagoland's Glenbrook high;
and, Oregon's six eight Kyle Singler.

These heights translate mathematically
to five nine and six foot amongst ladies.

Of Duke's total points three out of four
By Euro-americans were scored.

Duke conquered a West Virginia team
Of which african american were sixty percent
Of whose fifty seven points in defeat,
The African-Americans produced nine out of ten

@2010 David Virgil Hobbs

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