Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Great Commandment - Love God with all of Your Mind

Let us not get bogged down in details.

What is the greatest commandment? To love God with all your heart soul mind and strength.

This means there is no greater commandment than to love God with all your mind.

Thus let us be reasonable, and not forget our mind.

The mind, as opposed to the heart soul or strength, brings to attention the fact that we are faced intellectually with the problem of loving God despite God casting souls into hell.

As opposed to rejecting the love of God because God casts souls into hell, let us earnestly resolve, to intellectually get to the point where we can love God despite his casting souls into hell.

I give you my advice, if you ask God to help you resolve intellectual moral/compassion issues that prevent you from loving God, such as the fact that God casts souls into hell, God will in short time answer you and help you to love God despite the fact that God casts souls into hell.

To love God with all of one's mind, does not mean, mentally ignoring the fact that God punishes sinners with damnation. It means facing up to the fact that our love of God is impaired because we believe that god damns sinners to terrible punishments. It means, growing intellectually to the point where we can love God despite the terrible punishments he inflicts on sinners.

James was the brother of Christ. James said, ye ask (in prayer) but ye receive not, because ye ask amiss. In my opinion the point here being, is that if you ask God for things that help you to love God, God will quickly like a forgiving loving father answer you, but if you ask to win the lottery or something like that God will ignore you.

I told God that I wanted him to help me to grow in the love of God, I asked God to forgive me for my sin of lusting mentally after women I am not married to, and I think, I am almost sure, that God forgave me. Why? Because at the time I asked God for forgiveness, I was very often thinking about God and how to mentally love God, despite His damnation of sinners to hell, all the time, day and night. Such is part and parcel of loving God with all one's "heart mind soul and strength".

In scripture in Proverbs we read something like, "the righteous doth meditate on the Lord day and night".

How can we take advantage of God when he forgives us for backsliding, by then after obtaining forgiveness backsliding some more, as if God's kind and patient forgiveness was license for backsliding?
I feel as if God taught me a few things about loving God with all of one's mind despite God casting sinners into hell. I cannot off the bat remember all of these things. But I remember one thing: God is loveable because God loves virtue. God the Father loves the virtues found in God the Son, and God the Son loves the virtues found in God the father. This came into my mind as I meditated upon the stained glass type window in my apartment as the sun shined through it (I bought this plastic film that produces a stained glass effect at Home Depot).

I asked God, what with all these sinners going to hell for all time, why should there even be the existence of any humans to begin with? I asked this, because in my mind I had trouble loving God due to the terrible punishments inflicted on sinners in hell--and if we are to love god with all our mind, we must be able to love God despite the fact that we understand that he damns lots of sinners to hell. The answer that came into my mind: Why should God deprive a saint of eternal life, simply because the process that leads to the saint having eternal life also leads to lots of asshole/sinners being damned?

It is not heresy to say, that there is no greater commandment than: love God with all your mind. We cannot love God with all our mind until we jump the hurdle which is the impairment of the love of God produced by the knowledge that God damns sinners to hell. To attempt to jump this hurdle by pretending that God does not damn sinners to hell, is merely self-deceit, 'climbing up some other way'.

The people of this nation spend almost all of their time one of two ways: watching TV, and chatting/gossiping. The people of this nation watch TV for an incredible number of hours per year and they speak an incredible number of words daily conversationally--these are know facts. By way of contrast scripture gives warning re images, and re rich men (rich men control corporate TV) and re the excess of gossip--Christ said, every idle word that men speak, they shall have to give account of in the day of judgement.

The people of this nation must come to realize, that all this watching TV and chatting impairs the ability of the individual concerned to love God with all of his/her mind.

@2007 David Virgil Hobbs

Friday, September 21, 2007

Dream about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

I had a dream about a week ago while I was sleeping about the Iranian president. The dream was very short and simple, it consisted of just a thought in my mind. The thought was that Ahmadinejad likes the brown gravy that they serve with the mashed potatoes at the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlets.

When I awoke, I was thinking that there are people whose big thing in life is demonizing Ahmadinejad--but the idea that he likes the KFC brown gravy makes him seem like a person like the rest of us. And I was thinking that the mere fact that somebody is not satisfied with mashed potatoes by themselves, but wants to add gravy to his mashed potatoes, does not indicate that said person is dangerously and hyper-ambitiously acquisitive.

I realize that the sleeping mind is capable of making mistakes--but the awake mind is also capable of making mistakes.

@2007 David Virgil Hobbs