Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dangerous computer virus that mystifies geniuses, helpassistant, still unresolved

The text below shows what I incorrectly thought was the case when I thought I had this ultratough virus beat. Actually After I restarted once helpassistant folder was not recreated, then a second restart failed, on third restart, the help assistant folder had reappeared in C:\Documents and Settings

Incorrect blog post I made when I thought I had the virus beat:

My computer was attacked by a virus, which installed helpassistant and HelpAssistant.S-COMPUTER folders in C:\Documents and Settings, and enabled the help assistant user (the help assistant user is disabled by default, it can be found through right click on my computer, manage, local users and groups, users). The word on the internet is that the virus is a trojan, the technical name for it being is also called mebroot.

The internet pages that dealt with the subject said: this is one of the worst and most sophisticated viruses ever; it is a virus that has stolen huge amounts of private info, passwords etc from banks; it is an extremely difficult virus to deal with. Many brilliant sounding writers on the internet gave very complex descriptions of how the virus works, without even attempting to provide a solution. I saw three pages of a forum which featured someone trying to coach a victim of the virus through one very complex solution after another to cure the virus, none of which worked (I marvelled at the patience of the victim and his coach). The internet offered many fantastically complicated and dangerous sounding methods for ridding the computer of the virus.

The most common solution was to run the recovery console and then fixmbr. However, opinion was divided as to whether such an action would produce a disastrous result of the loss of data in the computer. The general opinion was that one should be expert before using the recovery console because a mistake could result in a loss of all data in the computer and the need to reinstall the operating system. There were warnings to back up all data before proceeding with the recovery console solution. The two folders the virus created contained multi-gigabyte copies of folders on my computer such as desktop, my documents, favorites, and others. This filled up my computer to the point where it was 99% full. Twice after the virus invaded my computer, the computer operation, while I was viewing the vancouver2010 olympics pages, was interrupted by a scary 'stop error screen' that said:

"A problem has been detected and windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:
Run a system diagnostic utility supplied by your hardware manufacturer. In particular, run a memory check, and check for faulty or mismatched memory. Try changing video adapters.
Disable or remove any newly installed hardware and drivers. Disable or remove any newly installed software. If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press F8 to select advanced startup options, and then select safe mode.
Technical information:STOP: 0x0000007F (0x00000008, 0x80042000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000).
Beginning dump of physical memory
Physical memory dump complete.
Contact your system administrator or technical support group for further assistance."

The computer became so stuffed with files due to the virus, that disk cleanup would not function. Seemed the computer being so stuffed with files was causing the 'stop error screen'. Needless to say, the computer getting stuffed with files restricted my ability to add new files to the computer. I had heard that the virus enabled those who controlled to take control of the entire computer. I was worried that the virus might cause even more problems in the future. I like most everyone whose computer has been infected by this virus, had a strong desire to get rid of it.

The whole thing was a big pain in the ass because I was afraid that if I simply deleted the copies of folders the virus had made, I might delete something that I would end up sorely missing, something that had been copied with the original removed.

I deleted the helpassistant and helpassistant.s-computer folders. On restart, the helpassistant folder re-appeared. After repeated deletes of this folder, it kept reappearing.

I decided to implement a couple of the simpler and safer methods advised on the internet for dealing with the virus: I disabled the help assistant user previously mentioned as found via right click in my computer, and changed the name of the helpassistant folder and then deleted it. But on restart, the help assistant user had somehow been enabled again, and the helpassistant folder reappeared.

So next I simply deleted the help assistant user in my computer, and again changed the name of the helpassistant folder and deleted it. On restart, to my surprise--success. The helpassistant folder did not reappear, and the help assistant user identity did not reappear in my computer.

Perhaps one reason I was able to succeed, was that when the virus first downloaded, I found it's exe because it was suspicious looking, via Windows Defender - software explorer, and deleted it. Windows defender gave the following information on the virus exes:

File Name: ltkpsftav.exeDisplay Name: ltkpsftav.exeDescription: Not AvailablePublisher: Not AvailableDigitally Signed By: NOT SIGNEDFile Type: ApplicationAuto Start: YesFile Path: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Application Data\aniccw\ltkpsftav.exeFile Size: 278784File Version: Not AvailableDate Installed: 2/25/2010 8:12:15 AMProcess ID: 192User Name: S-COMPUTER\OwnerClassification: Not yet classifiedShips with Operating System: No

The other exe from the same virus that I deleted was:

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temp\FrPx.exe

However according to the prevx antivirus program, which unlike windows defender and the trial version of spyware doctor found the virus, the virus is still on my computer at "c:\$mbr.0 [PX5: 99AA2E4B009FF0F80185002040C95900259D9CD1] Malware Group: Rootkit.MBR". Maybe this remnant of the virus will cause a problem, don't know. But prevx wants to be paid $35 for the full version before they will delete $mbr.0. The prevx paid version says it will provide real time protection against such viruses. As for me, I am now planning on switching to the Google Chrome browser, using it instead of Internet Explorer.

This all seems to be yet another example of how: the internet becomes filled with fantastically overcomplicated solutions to problems; the wise thing to do is to patiently search for simple solutions, and try them, or combinations or modifications of them, before plunging into some very complex or dangerous solution. Seems people, including myself to some extent, tend to become absorbed in the fascinating intellectually challenging details of overly complex solutions, when the wiser thing would be to step back, look at the big picture, and make better decisions regarding which solution should be attempted in the first place.

Regarding those who created this virus, my first reaction was extreme hatred. However in their favor at least it can be said, that the virus did not delete important files and folders, it just copied them.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

second winter olympics ice hockey poem

David Virgil Hobbs
Winter Olympics Hockey, February 26, 2010
Inway ethay ightlay ofway ethay ing'skay ountenancecay isway ifelay; andway ishay avourfay isway asway away oudclay ofway ethay atterlay ainray. Erewhay ethay ordway ofway away ingkay isway, erethay isway owerpay: andway owhay aymay aysay untoway imhay, Atwhay oestday outhay?
How Canada's hockey team being influenced by wise leadership gained an upset victory over higher ranked Russia; and how Russia's performance showed that if only it had not procrastinated being influenced by such leadership it would have won instead.
Part II
The narration continues after the ice hockey matches of February 24th, and prior to the matches of February 26th
Canada of second rank a few days before
Was upset by the fifth ranked Americans
While watched by twenty million Canadians,
But on Wednesday February the twenty fourth,
For the first time in fifty years Canada,
Defeated the number one ranked team Russia,
In a massacre, seven to three was the score

Five days before this triumph of the Canadians,
David Virgil emailed a dozen Olympians
Appointing them Olympian leaders,
One of them was Canada's Mike Richards

A top offensive line is also a shut down line rarely
Yet after the appointment of Richards immediately,
Canada formed a new line, which in one line combined
A top scoring line which also was a shut down line
Richards on the left, Crosby center and Nash on the right,
Intended to suppress the Russian offense
This it succeeded in doing as if blessed

Of the twelve athletes appointed five days before
One was Russia's second string goaltender, named Bryzgalov;
The first goalie, who was not appointed, was Nabokov,
Who gave up six goals up to minute twenty four,
While the Russian offense scored just one time;
The last thirty six minutes of the night,
With Bryzgalov in goal for the Russians
Russia scored two goals and allowed just one

The mathematics of the match could be said to show
That if Russia had used only Bryzgalov in goal
The Russians by a score of three goals to two would have won;
If Russia during the match had used Nabokov alone
there would have been a fifteen to two loss for the Russians,
Russia procrastinated putting Bryzgalov in goal
the result being the Russians though ranked number one,
were upset by the number two ranked Canadians,
who had earlier themselves thrilled
The US the land of David Virgil,
by giving the fifth ranked US victory
by a decisive score of five goals to three
@2010 David Virgil Hobbs

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

winter olympics ice hockey poem

David Virgil Hobbs
Winter Olympics Hockey, February 24, 2010
Atwhay othday ityay ofitpray, atyay ayay imetay enwhay ethay esslay opularpay ortspay isyay enjoyingyay ethay imelightlay ofyay amefay, otay ewailbay ethay injusticeyay ofyay ichesray estowedbay onyay osethay owhay ayplay ayay ortspay atchedway andyay ayedplay ybay utbay ayay ewfay, ilewhay osethay ofyay ethay andlay erewhay ethay esslay opularpay ortspay isyay opularpay, ignoreyay oneyay owhay excelsyay atyay ayay ortspay ayedplay andyay atchedway ybay anymay?
Good info on ice hockey is hard to find
Her'es the best estimates I can make at this time
Michael Milbury and Jeremy Roenick
Are hockey announcers this flu-filled winter
At the year two thousand and ten olympics

The Milbury surname indicates English ancestry,
Mike graduated from Brighton High in Boston
When Nixon was the President in nineteen seventy;
The Roenick surname indicates something German
Jeremy graduated from Braintree high in Braintree
When Reagan was prez, in nineteen eighty seven.

In ice hockey Russia ranks first in the world,
Canada ranks second, and third is Sweden
Fourth is Finland, fifth is the US this year

At the winter olympics of two thousand ten,
On February twenty first, fifth ranked US
Beat second ranked Canada by a score of five to three;
Slovakia beat Russia on February eighteenth

Today it's US ranked five versus Switzerland ranked seventh,
Russia ranked number one versus Canada ranked second,
Fourth ranked Finland against sixth ranked Czechoslovakia,
And third ranked Sweden versus ninth ranked Slovakia

A dramatic tale will unfold on television,
How second ranked Canada does against number one Russia,
After having lost to the fifth ranked Americans,
While watched by twenty million Canadians

This year the highest paid ice hockey player
Earning ten million dollars for a year,
Is Canada's Vincent Lecavalier
Fifty six NHL players earned more than five million this year,
NHL players have a median salary per year of a million,
Meaning half get paid more and half less than a million per year.
@2010 David Virgil Hobbs

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Luge death at Vancouver olympics, reports reviewed

I decided to become well informed re the Luge death at the winter olympics. Who knows what life-saving benefits might be the result of a person talented and skilled in understanding words and expressing thoughts with words, such as myself, putting some volunteer time into studying the subject, right? But i found myself totally mystified by the reports re the cause of the tragic accident.

As usual, it seemed like the news reports were mindless regurgitations of some other news report, or mindless regurgitations of what an expert has said, with the explanation of the terms used by the expert left out, rendering the regurgitation of what the expert said, incomprehensible. As if the writer was not really interested in understanding what the expert said, and also not interested in imparting to the audience, an understanding of what was said.

It was amazing how long it took to find a map of the course showing the curves in the Luge course that were being talked about. Even after reading many internet news articles re the accident, I was nowhere near finding a map of the course so I could see on the course the curves which caused the problems resulting in the Luge athlete flying off the course, while his sled continued on down the course--f he had kept himself attached to the sled and continued on down the course with the sled, he would still be alive now.

It was like getting sucked into quicksand--finding out the details re the tragedy, became unexpectedly time consuming. The more time I invested in the research, the more it seemed that it would be a waste now to just forget about it, and get on with life, without developing any kind of deep understanding of what happened.

Finally a gif image of the course was located (by me) at ; I cropped the image and saved it for personal use, so as to enable me to understand what was being talked about in the internet news articles re the tragedy.

"It appears after a routine run, the athlete came late out of curve 15 and did not compensate properly to make correct entrance into curve 16...This resulted in a late entrance into curve 16 and although the athlete worked to correct the problem he eventually lost control of the sled resulting in the tragic accident." ( (

The internet news was filled with paragraphs such as the one above; most of the readers probably did not understand what was meant by "came late out of curve 15", and "late entrance into curve 16".

The phrases require explanation. From the perspective of the language of the world in general aside from the specialized world of the luge winter olympics, "coming late out of curve 15" would not be a problem, as it would mean that one was going more slowly than usual up to the point of leaving curve 15. Therefore there is something in the expert's comment, that requires explanation as it is based on specialized luge oriented lingo.

The photos of the accident occurring, seemed to show the tragedy victim, entering a curve that would move him in a direction to his left, and flying off the track as he entered this curve. Yet the expert authority whoever he was, said that the accident happened at curve 16, a curve during which the luger is constantly turning to his right. This confusion is left unexplained by the news reports.

A video of the crash is at:,0,3014063.story

My close inspection of the photos and the video showed that what happened, is that as the victim flew into the air while turning to his right at the end of the hairpin curve which is curve 16, when he flew into the air, he switched from being feet ahead of head, to head ahead of feet. The photos were taken from the direction that he was traveling. Thus when he flipped from feet first to head first, the photos taken from a spot towards which he was traveling, made it appear as if, he was going feet first into a turn to his left.

"After studying the crash on video, they said, it was determined that the luger was offline coming out of Curve 15 and 'did not compensate properly to make correct entrance into Curve 16'."--,0,3014063.story

The above para is one of the few to translate the mysterious "came late out of curve 15" verbiage.

Apparently, the Luge athletes ride up high on the track during curves, and come down low towards the middle of the track during straightaways; the phrase 'coming out of curve 15 late', meant coming out of the high curve trajectory late, as a result of which one is higher up vertically than one should be coming out of the curve; the authoritative expert opinion translated into common language, best I can tell: the victim was too high vertically coming out of curve 15, which resulted in him being too high vertically coming out of curve 16 also.

At you can see what it is like to go through the course the victim died on, from the perspective of one sledding through the course at a high speed.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soccer air dribble runs returned to, link to log page

After a vacation of about a month from the practicing the soccer, I got back to the practicing soccer again on Feb 11. I've gone on to a new practice log page which links to the others which are still up. The current soccer practice log page is at:

This page is loaded with cool original state of the art web programming from yours truly. I used tricks I learned surfing the web, then put these tricks together and applied them in an original innovative way. I did not try to hide or obfuscate the code. I don't have the time/energy right now to give lessons on the tricks in the code but perhaps you can learn from it.

The page was very hard work. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Even the venerable javascript malfunctioned from time to time. I had to sit at the computer sometimes for 15 hours without a break working through the problems. I felt like, if I take a break and come back to it tomorrow or in a couple of hours, my understanding of the problems will be so reduced that I have to stick it out without a break until the problems are overcome.

Like the barely audible mutterer on the Martha Stewart show said, once the new innovative programming that has never been done before is finished, it looks easy; but the pioneering work that goes into it is hard.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Named color equivalents of the 27 mathematically basic colors in CSS HTML

This is about an online program page I created at which allows you to see how the named color equivalents of the 27 mathematically basic colors interact with each other.

Using hexadecimal notation such as #ffd700, or rgb notation such as rgb(255,127,255), or rgb percentile notation such as rgb(25%,54%,86%), can be a drain on time and energy. Most of us are not used to typing characters such as (, ), #, comma signs, and numbers. The numerical names of colors do not in the mind identify with any particular color.

As a result we end up using colors much less than we otherwise would and less than would be warranted by given the ratio of what we accomplish compared to the effort inputted when we are using the appropriate technique. In the modern time, a quintessence of art is color in web pages yet the colors go unused. This despite the fact that this playing around with colors accords well with scriptural injunctions against making images of things found in nature.

What I call the mathematical colors are all the colors in which the red, green and blue values are either zero or zero percent, the maximum 255 or 100%, or half-way between zero and maximum at 127 or 128, 50%. There are 27 of these colors. Most of them have named color equivalents, thus a simple name such as red can be used in the CSS and Javascript, as opposed to the cumbersome, un-descriptive notational equivalents such as rgb(255,0,0), or rgb(100%,0%,0%), or #ff0000. For the colors that do not have exact named color equivalents, the named colors that are closest to the mathematically basic color is presented.

It is important to have an understanding of the mathematically basic colors; otherwise the coloring of the page can tend towards becoming unbalanced, with too much or too little attention paid to certain colors. Now that we have mathematical colors, it makes sense to take advantage of the math of the colors as a way of maintaining the artistry of the page.

At the bottom of the table in the bottom three rows, starting with 'silver', certain colors that are not mathematically basic are presented, along with their closest named color equivalents. Colors for metals are under-represented in the list of named colors so I emphasize them here, despite the difficulties involved in presenting such colors (metallic colors tend to be a mix of colors rather than just one color, use of gifs and jpegs are recommended for them).

Using this table, one can just copy and paste the color name from the input at the top, this makes coding a page easier.

The table allows one to see not just how various color texts look on various backgrounds, but also how various color borders look on various backgrounds.

Version 1 of this page presents what the 27 mathematically basic colors look like in various text and background combinations; in this version the closest named color equivalents are not presented, rather, the exact mathematically basic colors, are presented (example, for #7f00ff the exact color #7f00ff is presented, rather than the closest named equivalent which is 'darkviolet'.

What boggles my mind is, that a local bank has hired some guy with a degree from an art school to do graphic design work for them. This guy does not even know HTML. I'm sure if I had applied to the bank for graphics design work they would not have hired me (despite my skill as evinced in my creation the online app linked to here). And then we have to bail out these banks when they of course go broke.

Important Links:

Microsoft MSDN Color Table

@2009 David Virgil Hobbs

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Blather, King in DVH roundtable re taxi service crisis

Transcript: Blather and King on 'DVH News Sunday'

Sunday, February 08, 2020

BLATHERVILLE, TX. — The following is a partial transcript of the Feb. 8, 2020, edition of "DVH News Sunday With David Virgil":

Copyright © 2010 DVH®. For personal, noncommercial use only. See Terms of Use. For other uses, prior permission required.

"DVH NEWS SUNDAY" HOST DAVID VIRGIL: This is DVH NEWS SUNDAY. I'm David Virgil. Today, on a special Roundtable, the taxi service crisis, Americans, ninety nine percent of whom are not allowed driver's licenses unable to afford taxi service, continues to make headlines. We're back live from the DVH-Bay on the campus of Blather College just outside Blatherville, Texas. Welcome to you all. welcome back, Sir Senator Blather and Sir Congressman King.

SENATOR BILLY JO BLATHER: Thank yo', David. Pleasure t' be back.


DVH: Thankyou, Senator Blather, and thankyou, Senator King, for agreeing to this roundtable discussion. Our company would be in real financial trouble were we unable to obtain exclusive interviews with great men such as yourselves. Yet as you know, we at DVH are esteemed as being the most courageously and sharply anti-establishment group in the nation and I am going to ask you some tough questions nobody else has asked.

DVH: Years ago, in the United States anybody who could pass a driver's license exam, could drive a car. Therefore, Americans did not have this problem of being in need of taxi service and being unable to afford taxi service. So I am going to ask you the tough question that nobody else will ask. Why not go back to the old days, during which anybody who passed a driver's license exam could drive, which kept taxi service costs low, and which also made taxi service less necessary and less expensive?

Senator Blather: We is th' one's who is bein' courageous by agreein' t'be interviewed by yo' in th' fust place. Fack is, thet we now haf th' highess quality taxi service in th' wo'ld. Th' Amerikin taxi service provides th' hard wawkin' mino'ity wif taxi service thet is th' bess in th' wo'ld. Varmints fum all ovah th' wo'ld come t'America t'use Amerikin taxi service. Yo' sh'd see th' problems in th' fo'eign countries whar th' govment provides taxi service. (Loud Applause).

Congressman King: If ya' wuz not so's racist, ya' in yo' mind could look into de eyes uh de yung negro chick who lost ha' Big Daddy cuz' some honkyfool who had some driver's license ran upside ha' pops who wuz some top musician and also a supuh'star adlete and in de prime uh his yung brother life, and ya' would dink oderwise. (Applause). Dere used t'be too many accidents, so's we decided dat we had t'limit de numba' of driver's licenses t'one million. 'S coo', bro. Now de drivers is excellent drivers and dere is less accidents. Dese drivers is brilliant and hard wo'kin', as some matta' of fact, dey wo'k too many hours. Deir average income be only $400,000 puh' year, but still dey unselfishly manage t'contribute t'my political campaigns so's dat Ah' am able t'as yo' congressman, suppo't da damn war on terro', which be way mo'e impo'tant dan any damned taxi ride. Now our nashun spends way less bre'd on gas, and so's de Arab Muslim raghaids dont have any bre'd t'fund deir terro'ist invasions uh black Christian Africa and do ho'rible doodads. (Applause).

Senator Blather: Now days in o'der t'git through drivin' skoo, yo' hafta haf a junius IQ an' a photographic memo'y. These days yo' hafta spend four years in drivin' skoo t'git a license so drivahs larn how t'be extremely safe drivahs. True, drivin' skoo these days costs $652,000 but we haf high quality Drivin' Skoo professo's arnin' fine incomes an' corntributin' t'antiterro'ist political campaigns sech as mine, an' we haf top quality technology an' equipment in th' drivin' skoos. American drivahs is th' bess in th' wo'ld as a result of which we now haf th' wo'ld's bess taxi service system hyar in America, providin' th' highess quality taxi service in th' wo'ld. Comparin' th' drivahs of today t'them of yessuhterday, is like comparin' respeckable spo'ts superstars like Peyton Mannin' t'liberal bozos. (Applause).

Congressman King: We da damn guv'ment decide who kin be allowed t'run some Drivin' School, and we limit da damn numba' of drivin' schools. Thus we gots good Drivin' Schools dat contribute t'de war on terro', and da damn Drivin' schools dat we gots, is prospuh'ous enough t' contribute t'our political campaigns so's dat we kin prosecute da damn war on terro'. We fo'ce da damn Drivin' schools t'provide some quality educashun t'de drivers.

DVH: thankyou for providing such informative answers to my questions. When questions are well answered, they make you begin to realize that the question was kind of dumb in the first place.

DVH: So now I'll take a slant that is less weird and antiestablishment but that nevertheless is relatively incisive. Senator Blather, the American people are faced with the problem of being unable to afford taxis at twenty dollars a mile. Only two percent can afford to hire a cab so as to be able to move around transportation-wise the way they need to. 53% can afford a cab to the point where they can satisfy their transportation needs partially, but since they have to pay twenty dollars a mile this is a very heavy strain on their budget and they still are unable to fulfill their transportation needs. 45% cannot afford taxis at all. Please describe the clever plan you have formulated to deal with the problem.

Senator Blather: Fust of all, let me say thet as a proud believah in th' free market, we muss allow th' fo'ces of th' free market t'operate freely, we muss allow th' cab drivahs an' th' taxi compenny ownys t' engage in free market competishun aginst etch other, on account o' ev'rybody knows thet tax cuts, an' free market enterprise competishun, is fine fo' th' economah. (Applause). Tharfo'e it is of th' greatess impo'tance, thet taxi services be supplied by th' private secko' an' not th' govment. Govment is inefficient. We does not be hankerin' fo' govment t'be involved in providin' cab services o' taxi services. An' we does not be hankerin' t'exclude fo'eign taxi companies fum competin' in th' American taxi market on account o' we knows thet free trade is fine fo' us. Tariffs on fo'eign taxi service will jest lead t'retaliashun aginst American taxi service exporters who is fine anti-terro'ist folks. (Applause).

We hafta remember thet taxi service is a privilege, not a right. Ah believe in gittin' th' govment outta th' business of providin' taxi service t'Americans. As of now, th' govment is involved in programs like Taxicare an' Cabaid, which he'p Americans pay fo' taxi service. These programs is based on taxes thet burden th' hard wawkin' mino'ity, so thet members of th' lazy as a houn'dog majo'ity kin git a ride t'th' pickup game on th' neighbo'hood negro baxetball court, which is obviously completely ridiculous. (Applause). Th' govment taxes th' hard wawkin' mino'ity, an' then some obese bozo fum th' lazy as a houn'dog majo'ity, gits a free ride t'th' supermarket, when he c'd haf walked th' same distance in ten minutes. (Applause).

DVH: Congressman King, you take a different view on the subject. You believe that no American should be left without taxi service. You have spoken eloquently regarding how unfair it is, that some Americans are able to go wherever they want whenever they want in a taxi, while other Americans are never able to afford a taxi or go anywhere in a car. What are your plans?

Congressman King: Ah' have been suppo'tin' legislashun which gots'ta brin' taxi service t'every American so's dat no American gots'ta be left widout taxi service. Unda' my plan, All Americans gots'ta be required t'buy two dousand dollars uh taxi service puh' month, and no American gots'ta be allowed t'buy mo'e dan two dousand dollars uh taxi service puh' month, and da damn guv'ment gots'ta help dose who kinnot affo'd it t'affo'd it. Man! Thus de limited amount uh taxi service dat be available gots'ta be evenly distributed amongst da damn populashun. Such be justice. As Hobbs gots reminded us, it be easia' fo' some camel t'pass drough de eye uh a needle dan fo' some rich joker to enta' de kin'dom uh God.

Unda' my plan, de guv'ment gots'ta decide who be goin' to get more dan some dousand dollars in taxi service in some given month. Too much uh de taxicare money be spent on thin's dat produce only some small difference in de life of de taxicare recipient. Man! Thus as opposed t' guaranteein' dat da damn taxicare recipient gots'ta receive all de taxi service he needs, we is goin' t'make hard decisions regardin' who should get how much taxi service. Dis gots'ta cut da damn cost uh de Taxicare and Cabaid programs. It gots'ta also allow us t'punish dose who oppose da damn war on terro' by deprivin' dem uh taxi service.

Unda' my plan, de hard wo'kin' folks who kinnot affo'd taxi service and gots not been helped out by de Taxicare and Cabaid programs, gots'ta be required t'buy two thousan dollars of Taxi service each mond. De ones who kinnot affo'd to buy two thousan' uh taxi service puh' mond gots'ta be helped t' pay fo' it by de guv'ment.

DVH: Congressman King, Congressman Kucinich, recently impressed me by in just a few words pointing out what so many supposedly anti-establishment types had failed to make clear in tens of thousands of words, which is that there is a problem in requiring Americans to pay for taxi service when at the same time no limit is placed on taxi service costs and no public alternative is provided in terms of government providing an alternative public taxi service. What is your reaction?

Congressman Kin': Bein' 'esposed t'de honky folks in Wuzhin'ton DC gots made me some wisa' and some betta' man. (Applause). 'S coo', bro. Ah' have come on down to realize dat Senato' Blather is right about unleashin' de fo'ces uh de free market. (Applause). Man! We should not get into de business uh controllin' how 'espensive da damn service provided by taxi companies is. At da damn same time, I recon' we need some public alternative, guv'ment provided taxi service, t'keep down de cost uh taxi service.

Senator Blather: It is ridiculous t'deprive th' free man, of th' free trade right t'pay extry money fo' taxi service thet is of a superio' quality. Why sh'd th' taxi indestry be placed at an imbalance vis a vis th' food indestry, due t'limits placed on taxi-service prices while no limits is placed on food prices? Thet creates whut Hobbs has rightly called an unnatural inefficiency in th' economah featurin' unnatcherly high expenditure on taxi service, at a time when expenditure on gas fo' cabs is fundin' th' Muslim mideastern terro'ists. Th' natural greed of man, prodooces quality results an' makes society rich, as thet wonnerful Christian writer Ayn Rand has pointed out. (Applause). Eff'n we put limits on th' amount of profit Horatio Alger type entrepreneurs kin make by startin' taxi companies, th' result will be krappy taxi service at insanely high prices. (Applause). Its a lie thet Ayn Rand was an atheist Jew, Rand is clearly a Christian surname jest refer t' it's a great web service. Th' public taxi service advocated by Congressman King, will ind up simply bein' a waste of th' hard wawkin' mino'ity's hard arned money. (Applause).

Congressman King: And so's by de fo'ces uh compromise which is a wonderful quality uh de American political process, we gots our program uh requirin' citizens t' buy two dousand dollars uh taxi service puh' mond and helpin' de ones who kinnot affo'd it t'pay fo' it, combined wid no limits on taxi service prices. We should not lose sight uh how some natural free market high price fo' taxi service, which be produced by not limitin' de cost uh taxi service, gots'ta result in less bre'd bein' spent stealin' gasoline fum de Arab Muslim raghaid terro'ists.

Senator Blather: Wait wait, hold on a minute. Us conservative republicans is tougher on th' Arab Muslim raghaid terro'ists than th' liberal democrats like Congressman King. Wif mah plan, govment will be completely outta th' business of spendin' money providin' taxi service fo' citizens, an' less money will be spent on taxi service fo' citizens, so less money will hoof it to th' Muslim raghaid terro'ists buyin' gasoline fum them wif mah program, dawgone it. Fack is, thar is Muslim raghaid terro'ists in Iran who is not Arab an' congressman King did not knows thet which jest goes t' prove thet he is mighty unequipped t'deal wif th' dangerous terro'ist threat. Us cornservative republicans reckanize thet th' owners of th' taxi service companies might be financially blessed by a requirement thet Americans buy taxi service combined wif taxi companies bein' allowed t'operate in th' right free market type libertarian invironment. But sech financial blessin's are fine on account o' th' owners of these taxi service companies junerously corntribute t'mah campaigns fo' senato', an' courageous senato's like me, suppo't th' war on terro'. (Applause).

@2010 David Virgil Hobbs

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Super Bowl preview web page I made, featuring innovative dramatic visuals

I have created a web page that does a superior job of previewing the super bowl compared to ther pages. It depicts the Indianapolis Colts starting defensive lineup, against the New Orleans Saints starting offensive lineup, showing photos of the players without their helmets, with all the players visible at once on a grid. Once you activate the page by clicking the link the entire grid goes up to a dramatically improved level of colorful quality including the ability to expand the photos of the players instantaneously on mouseover. The version up on the web now is version 1 put up at 3:56 AM Feb 6 2010. I hope to get another version up prior to the game.

The page is at:

Once you activate the page by clicking the link in the page, you have to scroll down slightly because the DHTML/CSS/Javascript code effects the ad put at the top of the page by the angelfire web server.

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