Thursday, September 29, 2005

Estimating 4-mile-run times from 1-mile-run times for training purposes

Comparing the world record time for the 4 miles to the world record time for the 1 mile, I estimate that you can estimate the time of a runner in the 4 mile run, by looking at his time per mile over 4 miles, and then multiplying that time by 0.88. Thus, one can estimate a runner's time in the 4 mile run, by looking at his time in the mile, and multiplying that by 1 divided by 0.88 which is 1.14.

Thus if a runner were to run a mile in 450 seconds, 7.5 minutes, one would estimate that he could run four miles at a pace of 450x1.14 = 513 seconds; and if the runner could run the 4 miles at a 513 second per mile pace, one would estimate that the runner could run one mile in 0.88x513 = 451 seconds...the math is correct the difference between 450 and 451 is due to rounding.

I needed to understand the relationship between 4 mile and 1 mile times, because I had a dream that the best way to train for the mile run, is to run four miles non-stop.

Experimenting with the treadmill at this or that speed over 4 miles, to find what pace you should run the 4 miles at, just doesnt cut it. For someone running at 4 mph, the 4 miles would take 60 minutes, it would be easy to end up with an over-exerted, overly painful, non-fun workout, especially seeing that running the mile is only one part of an intelligent athletic life. And all just to scout out what one's own tolerable pace is in the four mile run!

Why do excess running, when if you can run the mile at a decent pace you can be a decent player in lots of different sports?

The speed at which I can run the mile improves every day, it changes every day. Sept 27 I ran the treadmill mile at 4.0 mph. Sept 28 I ran it at 4.2 mph. The speed at which I can run the mile, and also the speed at which I can run 4 miles, changes every day at an uneven pace. I use runs of a mile to scout out what is a speed that is close to the best I can do. I would much rather use 1 mile runs to scout this info out than 4 mile runs. At the same time, I want to use 4 mile runs to train for the 1 mile run. Thus I need to be able to extrapolate from my speed in the one mile run, what my speed could be in the 4 mile run.

For example my next mile on the treadmill I intend to run it at 4.4 mph, 13 minutes and 38 seconds. If I can comfortably run that speed without going all out, I want to be able to estimate what speed I could comfortably run 4 miles in. My estimate would be 818 seconds, or 13:38 my per mile pace in the mile, times 1.14=933 seconds = 15 minutes 33 seconds, 3.9 miles per hour.

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

More productive swimming practices through mathematical conceptualizations

Over approx the past week, I have practiced swimming approx every other day, so I have had about three swimming practices, this after not swimming for approx a couple of years. I realized when I returned to the water this time, that I though I could swim fast for 25 yards, I had to get to the point where I could swim fast for 50 yards. I decided that the drill I would use would be swim 50 yards at about 90% of top effort, then swim 50 yards breaststroke as slow as I want, and repeat this cycle for about an hour, sprinting the 50 yards 11 times in the hour.

I decided not to time myself at first lest I put myself into a negative hypnosis, or a state of hyper-exertion. I remember how the Olympic track athlete Edwin Moses said he never goes all out in practice. But after a while I discovered that about 1.5 seconds after pushing off the side of the pool, I started my stroke, breathing every 3 strokes alternatively from the left and from the right, and used about 8 of these 3-stroke stroke cycles to get the 25 yard length of the pool. I discovered these 3 stroke cycles each took approx 1.6 seconds. This comes out to a time of about 12.7 seconds for a 25 yards length of the pool.

I have'nt checked the stats recently but I figure that when the world record speeds are set the speed is approx 9 seconds the first length of the pool that involves a dive at the beginning, and 11 seconds the second length of the pool that does not involve a dive at the beginning, seeing how they say the dive at the beginning takes 2 seconds off the time for the length.

In the third practice I noticed that the big change compared to the first two practices, was, that for the first time I was able to get down to seven of the 3-stroke cycles both the first and the second 25 yard lengths of the pool, while moving at about 90% of maximum effort without gliding significantly between strokes.

I calculate that there are six factors that will reduce my time and increase my speed compared to what the times and speeds are in practice. These are: changing from a pool that is shallow on one side to a pool that is deep on both sides; changing to an all out maximum effort; improvement in my conditioning level; improvement in my diet that I have been paying too little attention to; improvement in my strength level, and improvement in my skill level (I am self-tought in the competition-style S-shaped crawl-stroke).

Therefore at 1.5 second glide after push-off plus 7 3-stroke 1.6 second cycles, I need to improve my speed over 25 yards, on average by 0.28 seconds improvement produced by each of the six factors that could make my time faster.

And at 1.5 second glide after push-off plus 6.5 3-stroke 1.6 second cycles, I need to improve my speed over 25 yards, on average by 0.15 seconds improvement produced by each of the six factors that could make my time faster.

Therefore at 1.5 second glide after push-off plus only 6 3-stroke 1.6 second cycles, I need to improve my speed over 25 yards, on average by only 0.02 seconds improvement produced by each of the six factors that could make my time faster.

The estimate of how many seconds it takes me to complete a 3-stroke cycle might be a little off, but still I find that this kind of mathematical conceptualizing inspires me, energizes me, makes me relaxed and optimistic. It inspires me to not just try to speed up the rate at which I stroke, but, also, to improve the amount of power I get out of each stroke.

I think I am clever, knowing myself as an individual, to not time myself for a length exactly and correctly, but rather to sort of slowly figure out how long I glide at the beginning and about how long each stroke cycle takes. No reason to shock yourself with a time that is morale-bustingly poor at an early stage, when you will be improving faster than you think you will. No reason not to think you are at world record speed when actually you are a little slower--slight inaccuracies can be thrilling, motivating, inspiring. The calculations might be a little optimistically off, but one can see how little speed improvements in each of the six speed producing areas have to add in order to bring me up to a world record type pace.

Swimming even only one 25 yard length of the pool at max speed used to be for me, a devastating frightening exhausting experience. This was because I did not count how many strokes it took me to get a length of the pool. Thus after the first 12 yards, I would psychologically be in a no-man's land, not knowing how many more strokes I would need to get to the end, feeling exhausted, feeling like a drowning sailor. (Let's face it, the anaerobic exhaustion in sprints can be relatively severe and extreme, worse than the moderate sense of fatigue felt for long periods in long distance training). Then I learned to count how many strokes or breaths a length took, this in and of itself relaxed me, made me feel confident, helped me to pace myself, helped me to endure the anaerobic exhaustion and stress. Now that I am swimming 50 yard segments non-stop, I feel the advantage of knowing how many strokes it takes to get a length even more.

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Inspiring productive relaxing sprint workout using facts about speed and a ball

I decided my next workout would be sprinting 20 meters touching the ball only with my alternating left and right feet, touching the ball every three steps. This workout, will enhance my skills for soccer, which is the team sport I am best at relative to other persons. I figure when it comes to team sports, I should first get into what I am best at relative to other persons. Then maybe I will get some respect, get to eat higher quality food in greater quantity, and be ready to move on to other team sports in which I am not as good relative to other people. I figured this fly with the ball over 20 meters workout also somehow has effects which increase my 4 simple no ball involved 40 yard dash time.

So I wanted to know what the world record is over 20 meters, I find this kind of imagery inspiring, and it helps me to pace myself. If I know that I am speeding along at near world record pace it becomes folly for me to struggle to go any faster. If I know that I am moving at a certain level relative to world record pace, that makes practice interesting. Interesting practices are better practices as the athlete performs better. Knowing how fast I am moving relative to world record pace inspires me, relaxes me, makes me optimistic. As a result I perform better during the practice and the practice does more to improve me as a player than it would otherwise.

I estimate that I would be moving at world record pace, if after first kicking the ball, I covered the 20 meters in 2.7 seconds ( ). I estimate that I will kick the ball 4 to 5 times over the course of the 20 meters. If the first time I kick the ball forward counts as the start of the sprint (thus discounting the flipping the ball up prior to kicking it), there will be I estimate 3.5 subsequent kicks. On average if there are 3, they should come approx once every 0.9 seconds, if they are 4 they should come approx once every 0.7 seconds. Then you have to take into account the slower speed in the first ten meters. If the first kick the kickoff is followed by 4.5 meters run prior to kick number 2, and then another 4.5 meters are run prior to kick number 3, kick 2 should come approx 0.9 seconds after kickoff, kick 3 should come approx 1.7 seconds after kickoff, kick 4 should come 2.3 seconds after kickoff, and kick 5 2.8 seconds after kickoff.

Thus I know I am approaching world record speed, roughly, when kick 2 comes 1 second after the "kickoff" (kick 1), kick 3 comes 2 seconds after kickoff, kick 4 comes 2.5 seconds after kickoff and kick 5 comes 3 seconds after kickoff. So the formula for me to remember is an approx formula, one-one-one half-one half. The speed of the count could slow down whereas the rhythm of it would remain the same, two slow kicks followed by two twice as fast. I can always slow down the speed of the count to account for the fact that I am juggling a ball and have to come to a stop before I collide with the wall on the other side.


@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Sunday, September 25, 2005

cooking the superior chili--my attempt

Small red beans were recently identified by the US government as being the most powerful anti-oxidant, more powerful than blueberries or pomegranates. There is evidence to show thatt those who are exclusively vegetarian do not get certain animal proteins they need. The anti-oxidants in the tomatoes and small red beans in chili can cancel out the oxidants in the meat in the American dish called "Chili". Chili like curry can be easily stored in the frig, and then a couple of days later end up tasting better than it did when it was first cooked. Limitations on the availability of time energy money are well dealt with through recipes such as chili.

Looking at the various recipes for chili, recipes which can combine small red beans and meat, I noticed that one mistake at least 99 percent of American cooks make, is that after frying the ground meat they use in their chilis to pefection, they boil the fried meat in tomatoes mixed with tomato juice, (they are real big fans of using lots of tomato juice when cooking chili) with the result that fried meat that tasted fresh and excellent before it was boiled in tomato juice, ends up tasting stale due to the meat being boiled in tomato juice after first being fried separately. In order to deal with this seeming staleness produced by the boiling of the fried meat, their recipes prescribe endless simmering times for the chili even after all the different ingredients have been combined.

The American cooks might be right if boiling the meat in the tomatoes/tomato-juice produces some kind of increase in the healthiness of the Chili. My take on this is that the tomato stuff makes it easier for the body to deal with the meat; but boiling the meat in the tomatoes/juice is not going to significantly aid and abet this benefactory process.

I propose that cooks should create chili in which the meat is NEVER boiled after it is fried. One way to do this is to cook the meat, remove it, then cook the tomatoes tomato juice etcetera, and then mix the meat with the tomatoes and tomato juice etcetera AFTER the tomatoes and tomato juice have cooled down so that the meat NEVER boils in the tomatoes/juice.

Such an approach would result in a much tastier chili. The fact that the chili would be tastier is a nutritional plus, given the fact that the small red beans chili is so nutritious. If the chili tasted better, more of something healthy would be consumed, and less of less-healthy alternatives would be consumed. Better tasting foods are the more easily digested. Thus the chili tasting better would be from a nutritional standpoint an improvement.

My estimate of an average chili looking at 10 different chili recipes on the net is as follows:


1 lb ground beef
20 oz small red beans
23 oz tomatoes
14 oz tomato juice
1 onion
3 tspn chili powder
1.5 tspns oil
0.6 clove garlic
0.4 tspn cumin
2.0 oz green chili
0.8 tbspn brown sugar


1 fry ground beef, drain except 2 tblspns fat, remove ground beef.
2 fry onions in oil by themselves
3 half way through frying of onions add garlic
4 30 secs before end of frying of onions add green chilis,
5 add meat to onions. Add chili powder and wine
6 add cumin one minute after onions and meat onions combined in (5)
7 add tomatoes, juice 2 minutes after (5)
8 brown sugar at step 5 + 9 minutes
9 add beans at step 5 + 20 minutes
10 simmer covered till 40 mins after step 9, then uncovered another 40 mins...

My idea was to tweak this average recipe is as follows (alterations in red):


1 lb ground beef
20 oz small red beans
23 oz tomatoes
14 oz tomato juice
1 onion
3 tspn chili powder
1.5 tspns oil
0.6 clove garlic
0.4 tspn cumin
2.0 oz green chili 6 long thin hot orange chili peppers, two broken in pieces
0.8 tbspn brown sugar changed to 1.6 tblspns cane sugar
20 curry leaves broken in pieces, 10 first add 10 second.


1 fry ground beef, drain except 2 tblspns fat, remove ground beef.
2 fry onions in oil by themselves
3 half way through frying of onions add garlic
4 30 secs before end of frying of onions add green chilis (6 long slim very hot ripened to orange Indian grocery store chili peppers, 2 of them broken), and curry leaves
5 add meat to onions. Add chili powder and wine
6 add cumin one minute after onions and meat onions combined in (5)
7 add tomatoes, juice 2 minutes after (5)
8 brown sugar at step 5 + 9 minutes changed to cane sugar
9 add beans at step 5 + 20 minutes
10 simmer covered till 40 mins after step 9, then uncovered another 40 mins...
if pressed for time, simmer 20/20. Add curry leaves 10 minutes before end.

In the process of cooking my tweak of the average, I discovered that the fried meat, both before and after it was fried with the cumin and the chili powder, tasted better than the meat in the chili did after it was boiled in the tomato-juice/tomatoes. The meat tasted better after it was fried in cumin and chili powder than it did before this part of the frying.

What I was trying to hit on in this tweak of the recipe was a charming combination of revving up mild ingredients (curry leaves, sugar) along with also revving up hot ingredients (6 long thin HOT chili peppers).

My notes on chili:

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Friday, September 23, 2005

Imagery in swimming practices

Imagery adds to the drama of practice, making it more exciting, rendering the athlete more motivated, and at the same time more optimistic.

For example, the last two times I went swimming (every other day) I sprinted 50 yards eleven different times. That is 550 yards, 1650 feet. I was wondering how tall a building that would be. Answer: it would be a building whose height ratio compared to the taller world trade center building would be 1.21 to 1.00.

Knowing that I am sprinting a distance greater than the height of the world trade center every time I practice, makes me feel optimistic, and makes me feel motivated, and relaxes me. If I am relaxed and optimistic about something this increases the chances of me succeeding in it.

I just look at photographs of the world trade center. I imagine a building 20 percent taller. I say to myself, Every day in 40 minutes swimming practice I am sprinting the height of such a building.


The Trade Center towers were a stunning 110 stories tall: One was 1,362 feet high, the other 1,368. The highest structures in New York, together they housed more than a thousand different businesses.


@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Straussianism plus Judaism plus Israelism equals a prescription for unethical ethnocentrism and atheiocentrism

Atheistic Straussianism, in practical terms, finds its adherents amongst persons who are ethnically Jewish, persons whose religion is is Jewish, persons whose first loyalty is to the state of Israel.

The theistic person strives to obey and purify his conscience, because he fears God; such is reasonable, because a man's conscience, is a man's idea, however mistaken, of what God's will is for him as an individual. By way of contrast, there is no reason for the brazen atheist to fear divine retribution re violations of and inpurity of conscience.

The various forms of Judaism and neo-Judaism, to one degree or another, free the adherent of Judaism from the burden of behaving ethically with regards to non-Jews. By way of contrast, Christianity teaches religious tolerance and promotes ethical conduct on the part of Christians vis a vis non-Christians and members of foreign races.

Human nature and the ethical systems of human societies, produce in humans a relative lack of inhibition regarding humans of foregin nation-states. Treason is abhorred by human societies, and human societies tolerate aggression against foreign societies (war, spying) that they do not tolerate within a society (murder, theft, fraud).

Thus you have the uninhibited unrestrained selfishness of atheism, combined with the uninhibited aggression against "non-kosher" persons found in Judaism, combined with the lack of inhibition persons loyal to a nation-state feel regarding their conduct with regards to persons of a foreign nation-state feel regarding their conduct with regards to persons of a foreign nation-state.

The combination of these three types of lack of inhibition, can be expected to lead to conduct on the part of the uninhibited, that is excessively uninhibited and aggressive in terms of its impact on persons who are not Jewish or Israeli.

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Words of ancient philosophers (Straussianism) vs beliefs of actual ruling groups, results of such beliefs

Straussians argue as if, the really important thing is, what philosophers of a given age wrote down in books, as opposed to what the rules and peoples believed, did, and accomplished.

It is false to assume, that what philosophers of given eras wrote in books, reflects the beliefs and codes of conduct of national leaders and citizens.

There is plenty of historical evidence showing how the words written by philosphers and philosopher-like persons, differ, from the beliefs and actions of contemporaneous government leaders and citizens.

The Neo-conservative Straussians themselves admit, that often philosophers for fear of retribution, wrote in a style such taht the ignorant would think the words meant one thing whereas the true meaning of the wors were something else.

So, looking at the confusion produced by conjecture and dispute re what th supposed hidden message of a philospher is, a hidden one that conflicts with the common sense interpretation of the words of the philosopher, you have the confusion caused by how rulers and subjects vary from philosophers who especially in ancient illierate societies were very unusual, though not necessarily powerful persons. Thus there is exponential confusion clouding the rresolution of the issues at hand, which are,when if ever were the philosopher's ideas ever actually tested in the real world? What was the net result of the testing out of the philosopher's ideas?

Whereas, seeing taht rulers and citizens are the ones who have historically conrolled society as opposed to philosophers, and seeing how the beliefs of rulers and itizens have diverged from those of philosophers, the for more scientific approach would be to analyze what the beliefs of those with real power have been and what the kinds of outcomes such beliefs have actually produced.

(Straussians unleash the forces of murder and theft through lies, yet their own sacred scriptures are in confusion because their revered priests of yore and yesteryear, were, according to the Straussians themselves, writing in such a way that they did not actually mean what common sense dictates they meant. Do Straussians realize that ancient philosophers can be overvalued because they were members of populations in which very few person were literate, compared to the numbers of literate persons around today?)

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Erin, dal, belts, working class, poems, my brother, sodomites, Brazil, b-ball, blogs, cousins, Lillian, Megan, civil war, fitness for execs--dreams

Dreams I have had since the last time I reported them.

1 Erin G (a lady) met my dad and my brother. She helped set up some electrical equipment I had bought then I went into another room, and started marking off squares about 1" by 1" as in a chess board, on a big piece of wood. Then my brother started bellowing at me like a 12 year old impersonating an NFL football player, in that childish throaty artificially deep tone of voice, basically false krap about how I am doing it wrong and he is smarter etc., because he wanted to impress me and upstage me with Erin. I got angry with my brother. My father took my brother's side. I was thinking, Erin must have left by now; but she was still there to my surprise, she had psychological powers of endurance. I walked her home, she looked like she had aged 30 years just from meeting my father and brother. I kissed her on the corner of her mouth.

2 Night after 9/8: I was at my brother's apartment in Chicago, cutting off pieces of a belt to add belt pockets to my belt, and getting a new belt; I lost track of how much belt leather I had taken and how much money I owed for the belt leather. There was rice and the Indian soup "dal" in the kitchen, but there was concern amongst some people there as to me eating it, was I supposed to eat it? I told them that I was so tired out and inconvenienced by my father's fits of rage that I had to eat it. Above the food was a paper printout keeping track of how much I was eating it for health insurance purposes. Maybe rice and dal, are so healthy that if you could prove you ate them your health insurance would go down. My dad has told me that rice and dal are supposed to be the single best food in the world from a health standpoint.

3 Night after 9/9: I used to be in a cop gang, but then I was in a gang that was not a cop gang, that wore handkerchiefs on their head. Thee was an authoritative guy in the gang, tall white slim and handsome and black haired, who did not wear a bandana on his head, he looked well to do and important, like a military officer, he looked like a young Mitt Romney but he was not Romney. Some gang member used som xerox type machine to print out all these pages, there were recipes for stuff like french toast and pancakes, I felt this hunger for french toast and pancakes. In the recipe for french toast, the type was so small I could barely read it. These pages showed that day after day I was winning in this game in which I invested money everyday in things like stocks. Then I was riding in the direction of Waltham city hall on a bicycle. I felt depressed, like a child who nobody would play with. Like a child, I wanted friends in my immediate neighborhood, and did not want to venture outside of it to search for friends. I was thinking how the important guy at Frosty's bar who looked like LBJ, Dave M., in real life seemed to be telling me (the best anyone can tell anything over the loud music at the bar) that the problem was, that I was managment and the people at the bar were not management, but were labor, workers, and stuff like that. I was remembering how LBJ seemed to like the other side better, how he said, "we're greedy and selfish", how he said Nixon his competitor was "our best president".

4 Night after 9-11 dream: I was watching some internet TV show from Chicago, that interviewed people all over the world, I was thinking they should have the people they interview read one of my poetic prayers; or, that was maybe what they were actually doing. When I awoke I was confused as to whether I felt they should do this or whether they actually were doing it.

5 Night after 9-11 dream: I saw my brother he was in a room I was in, he started babbling in a stream of consciousness type of way, he was in the habit of this kind of babbling. He looked extraordinarily white in the face, whiter than he does in real life. I told him I did not want to see him anymore.

6 Night after 9-11 dream: I was looking at a floor in some large room. A muscular stocky white male's head and upper body werre sticking up out of the floor. He then submerged himself under the floor. Then he came up again. This was a hard, tiled normal floor, but for the human like creatures I was watching, the surface of the floor was like the surface of the water in a swimming pool. One of these creatures that looked like a muscular white male, then begain swimming through and along the surface of the floor, as if the surface of the floor, was the surface of a pool of water. He was doing a powerful crawl stroke. the surface of the floor re-formed itself after his arms and legs hit into it, the same way the water surface reforms itself as a swimmer passes by. Then there were two of these white muscular males on the surface of the floor that was like a water surface for them. Then one of them, who had very wide shoulders, torso, and hips, but flabby buttocks, was sodomizing another one of them. there might have been also a couple of females similar to these males, being lesbian in the floor but I am not sure about that.

7 Night after 9-11 dream: there was this new sporting event in which people played volleyball while standing in water that came up to their waists. The Brazilian men's team, young men with dark brown skin, defeated the USA team in this new water-volleyball event--and the entire time they were playing the US team, they were protesting against President Bush. Then they walked for miles across this very big lake, in which the water throughout the lake was waist-high, protesting against Bush the entire time. They walked across the lake, and got to a point about ten yards from the shore where I was standing, and stood there protesting against Bush.

8 Night after 9-12 dream: This white woman with black slightly wavy hair, who were granny glasses, was siting by a compuer printer that was next to a wall. the printer ws spitting out these big white pages, that were about 14 inches wide, and about 19 inches high, that were filled with small single spaced black type; the text on the pages had to do with some topic I was involved with. The printer spewed out a large number of these pages, some on this sub-topic, others on that sub-topic. I dropped the pages on the ground. The order of the pages became confused. Then I thought, I should use those large paper clips, to separate the sub-topics and I was wondering why I had not thought of using the paper clips before.

9 Night after 9-11 dream: I was on a basketball team that had this pretty, slim white woman who had straight black hair and wore straight black bangs over her forehead. The woman was well over six feet tall, medium to slim in build. She wore a blue bikini bottom the way volleyball players sometimes do, and I think a white shirt. She looked in the face similar to the way I used to look, when I wore bangs when I was younger. I thought she was attractive, but at the same time I thought she was somewhat boring. We were playing a game or practiving on this indoor basketball court. The court had these big blue things on it, of the type high-jumpers and pole vaulters fall into after their leap. Seemed most of us had one of these things to lounge on, right on the court. Seemed most of us had our own computer printer, which was spitting out page after page filled with information about basketball tailored to each of us as an individual. The pages the printers were spitting out were white, big about 14x19 inches, filled with single spaced small black type.

10 Night after 9-12 dream: A phys ed class was being held, seemed on the fields next to the Harvard stadium. As I began running in the direction of the field, I slipped and fell in the mud, the field was very wet amd muddy. The mud was not dirty, but I had the feeling that it as no very pure mud either, I was wondering to what extent it was mixed with dogshit. Megan F and me were in the same phys ed class. I did'nt see her but I knew she was in the class. We both had a blog. The way we posted our blogs, was by writing them out in big letters on these white walls that were about 20 feet high. Megan's blog post was about to appear on this big computer monitor that was about 30 feet high, that slanted backwards. I could see this blank page opened on the big monitor, with a URL address bar on top. I was excited and impatient about seeing her blog post. A conflict developed, because Megan was about to start writing out a blog post on a wall, and therefore I could not write out my blog-post on the wall because my blog-post had to be a certain distance below Megan's blog-post, and nobody knew how long Megan's blog post would be. I thought this was weird, because Megan and I had our own separate blogs. I had to mark off the start of my blog post, by heating up these things that looked like American pennies, in a large microwave oven with curving sides and top, that was blackish dark gray on the outside and about ten feet high, and then putting the red hot pennies into the wall, forming a line of a few pennies. There was some regulation, that if my picture appeared in a blog, I had to be dresssed in these suspenders that crossed on the chest, the suspender over my left shoulder crossing over to my right side, and the suspender on my right shoulder crossing over to my left side--but they had not been enforcing this regulation. Then I met this clean shaven black haired young man in a suit, who was holding these brown pants with the crossing suspenders attached to them. They had now decided to enforce the regulation about the crossing suspenders to my surpise. But I wa not planning on posting my photo in the blog post,so I did not feel I had to wear the crossing suspenders. Some important game was starting involving the phys ed class outdoors outside the hallway. I was impatient to get out there and not miss the excitement. I ws wondering how the phys ed teacher would get me into the game if I was late. One of the teams was dressed in brown long sleeved shirts and brown pants, there were about fifty of them packed together on a sideline in about three rows of about fifteen each, they looked like they were dressed in football uniforms but without the pads and the helmets, none of them was over my height of about five feet ten inches, alot of them had rown straight collar length hair, I was not sure if they were boys or boys mixed with girls.

11 Night after 9-13 dream: I was meeting with all these cousins of mine that I didnt know I had. My brother ws messing up the meeting by acting as if the only important thing was what HE enjoyed and what HE liked to do, and by presumptuously dumping himself upon the meeting, taking it for granted that I wanted him around, assuming he was invited. Lillian was at this cousins meeting, she was a cousin or similar to one, she lay there naked, her chest was very big, it looked like the chest of a man with a huge chest, llike the chest of one of these barrel chested wrestlers or strongmen with huge chests. I had these two cousins I didnt know I had, who were brothers, one was short and wore glasses, had brown hair, was the smart energetic but nice type, his brother had light brown hair, was about six feet tall, athletically built, wore tight pants and a tight shirt, he was the energetic lady's man type, he wore a short-sleeved shirt with a collar, and dress shoes. Some of these cousins/cousin like people, always had their cat in their lap while they talked to each other. A few of them would sit there, each with their cat in their lap, talking to each other. They tended to sort of retreat into the rooms in this big house we were in, isolating themselves. They were also addicted to these small toys, that resembled animals or people. There were a couple of other things about them that I did not like. My cousin Kerry, a real cousin who I already knew was a cousin, was there. She looked short and stocky and wide shouldered, she wore a plad long sleeved shirt, though she was adult in the dream her face had that handsome/pretty square jawed look it had when she was a child. Her hair was shoulder length brown and wavy. I did some basketball shooting during this dream aboutt meeting cousins I didnt know I had. I was practicing cutting to my right before shooting though I am a lefty. I took a running jump shot from the top of the key, from pro distance three point land (a shot I cahn hit at about forty percent) and it went in. Seemed to me shooting baskets was a good exercise not too tiring not too sedentary not too boring--but the experts will tell you shooting baskets is too sedentary to do you good.

12 Night after 9-15 dream: Megan and I got married. She walked into the door of the place where we lived holding a baby we had had in her hands. The baby looked like a large light green luminescent piece of marijuana about a foot long. The place where we were living was too small for the three of us which depressed me. I felt shocked that I had gotten into this marriage and baby thing, and I regretted it--Megan after having had the baby had become pudgy.

13 A dream I forgot to write down: Civil war broke out all across the nation, between myself and Danny R the boyhood friend who is now a business school dean. I did not know whether he was the Yanks and I was the Rebs or vice versa. Seemed the dream did not involve physical violence type war but rather the war of ideas. Seemed the war of ideas had to do with the subject of business management.

14 A dream I forgot to write down, that I felt sure I had written down, but could not find in my notes: I wrote a paper about twenty pages long about business management and the education of business managers. Instead of covering the topic of what the business schools out there are doing, I plunged into whatever I felt like plunging into in the topic of business management and the education of business managers. I enjoyed writing the paper because of the freedom I gave myself re what would be written about. The paper was clever and humorous, fun to read in a topic where much of the reading is stultifying. It was a smart paper but written competently so as to make the subject matter understandable. In one paragraph, I got into the issue of physical conditioning for executives. A couple of footnoted lines in the paper, said, in the context of discussing fitness for execs, that the best way to train for a mile, was to run four miles non-stop. I think one of the footnotes cited something written by a Mr. Wise. The paragraph included a formula I had invented which allowed one to devise a training routine for a given distance track event, using the distance run in the given track event and working from there. I was trying to put the lines about a mile and four miles into boldface type but having some difficulty doing this. When I woke up the feeling I had, was that the message in the dream is that the best type of physical fitness training for execs is that they should be good at running the mile and that they could become good at running the mile by running four miles non-stop.

15 A dream I had earlier, prior to the previous dream report, that I forgot to report: Matt Lauer from the NBC show had interviewed two or three soldiers who told him that troop morale in Iraq is high. In the dream the thought in my head was that the interview was a staged, phony interview, involving interviewing people who were for all practical purposes paid actors.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Neoconservativism as I now see it a non-experts point of view

"Howdy-doo, we is th' Straussian Trotskyite neoconservatives.

We do'nt believe in a God, but we believe religion an' patriotism is useful so long as us atheists corntrol th' govment an' th' religious varmints. We believe thet us atheists, who corntrol th' govment, hafta lie t'th' varmints in o'der t' git them t'do th' wise thin's.

We're hankerin' yo' t'less rule yo', so thet we kin use yo' in wars thet we pretend is fo' th' purpose of redistributin' power t'th' common man, as enny fool kin plainly see. So we pretend thet th' wars is fo' th' purpose of redistributin' power t'th' common man, whut's wrong wif thet? Af'er all, a key principle of neoconservativism, is thet th' varmints hafta be lied t'so thet th' wise atheist philosophers who rule on over them, kin further expan' an' cement their power. Let us become th' lyin' masters of yo' slaves...."

Such is my amateurish idea of what neo-conservativism might be about.

The problem with Straussian Trotskyite neoconservativism, as I now see it, is that it simply assumes that the national and the world interests are best served when atheists control the government and lie to and control the people.

To this one can posit several possible alternatives: atheists controlling the government but not lying, non-atheists controlling the government and not lying, non-atheists controlling the government and lying.

Where is the proof that for example, non-atheists controlling the government and not lying, is not a superior form of advancing the world and national interests than neo-conservativism? The experiments in atheist, lying government, are few compared to the experiments in non-atheist, honest government. Yet one can readily see, that atheist, lying governments, have in some ways damaged the world even though in some ways they have helped it.

The non-atheist, generally speaking, fears retribution from God for his sins. Thus he strives to live in accordance with his conscience. The atheist by way of contrasts, lacks the inhibitions which prevent men from plunging into uninhibited selfishness.

As for the practice of lying, lying has been condemned by almost all of the world's religions and systems of law. One of the reasons for this, is that liars, use lies as a tool to, for selfish purposes, unfairly deprive men of life and property. It is hard to deprive a man of his property or his life, if you are honest with him, because men do not agree to policies that deprive them of life or liberty.

I do not see how a political theory such as neo-conservativism, can be so decisively enthroned, on the basis of theory alone, with no attention paid to the practical empirical observation of how non-atheist, honest governments compare to atheist, lying governments in terms of the effect on the national and international communities.

Then you have the question of souls...what is going to happen to the souls of the citizens of the nation and the world, when atheists, who believe that religion can be useful when it is subservient to atheists, rule over a nation or the world? What kind of religion are we going to end up with? What kind of anti-religious forces will be unleashed, while a public display of approval of religion is made?

Honesty and the fear of God, are obstacles that stand in the way of those who want to simply cast aside morals to enslave and destroy other persons. What happens when such obstacles are cast aside? What does it say about the character of those who want honesty and the fear of God to be cast aside, that they are people who want such things to be cast aside?

The Straussians see the fall of the pre-nazi government, as a classic example of the type of government that they oppose and seek to avoid. The fall of the pre-nazi government, led to misfortunes for large numbers of persons. Problem with their viewpoint, is that they fail to see how factors that have nothing to do with the fall of the pre-nazi German government, ended up resulting in misfortunes for many persons at the hands of the German Nazi government. They fail to see how the ideas that the Straussians themselves spread, are ideas that could have caused weakness in the pre-nazi German government, ideas that might have led the the defects in Nazism, ideas that might have led to the destruction of the victims of the Nazi government.

"The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works; There is none that doeth good."
~Psalms 14:1

~ Proverbs 6:16-19:
These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pledge of Allegiance Ceremony in Public Schools does not violate Constitution

Originally the California Court of Appeals ruled that the pledge of allegiance policy at the school was unconstitutional. The appeals court based its decision on the earlier US Supreme Court decision Lee v. Weisman, 505 U. S. 577 (1992). That case arose out of a graduation ceremony at a public high school in Rhode Island. The Supreme Court ruled that a religious ceremony at the graduation, involving an invocation and benediction, was unconstitutional, even though it was voluntary, because students would feel pressured to attend the ceremony.

The California Court of Appeals decision was appealed to the Supreme Court, where a majority ruled on technical grounds that the complainant did not have a right to bring the case to the court. Minority opinions argued by Rehnquist and Thomas, stated that the court should have addressed the constitutionality of the pledge of allegiance, but ducked this issue on the technical ground that the complainant did not have the right to sue. Rehnquist opined that actually the complainant did have the right to sue, but that still the pledge of allegiance was constitutional. Rehnquist stated that the US Supreme Court's earlier decision where it prohibited a religious ceremony at a public school graduation, did not apply to the pledge of allegiance case, due to the differences between the pledge of allegiance and the religious graduation ceremony involved in the Lee v. Weisman case. Essentially Rehnquist seems to have declared something like, "the pledge of allegiance in the schools is not unconstitutional because I say so. Put that in your pipe and smoke it". Thomas opined that the Court of Appeals had based its decision on the precedent set by the Supreme Court in Lee v. Weisman, which he declared to have been an erroneous decision by the court. Thomas emphasized, that the first amendment to the constitution, prohibits congress from making a law establishing a religion, but does not prohibit entities other than the federal congress from making such laws.

The California District court judge has now ruled that he is bound by precedent set by the earlier California Court of Appeals decision in California atheist Newdow's favor, which was overturned by the Supreme Court on the technical grounds that Newdow did not have a right to bring the case before the Supreme Court. Apparently the manner in which the Supreme Court over-ruled the California Court of Appeals on technical grounds, was such that the precedent set by the Court of Appeals still dominates the mind of the California District Court judge who has this week ruled in Newdow's favor.

I concur with Justice Thomas in that I do not believe the pledge of allegiance policy in the California Public School, violates the first amendment to the constitution, because the constitution prohibits CONGRESS from making laws establishing religion, and does not prhibit entities such as public school districts from making such laws. It surprises me how so many justices, have been able to ignore this point.

Furthermore I find, that in establishing the pledge of allegiance, Congress did not enact a law establishing a religion. What congress did, was declare that the pledge of allegiance, when said, should be said in a certain way. Congress did not even order that the pledge of allegiance be said. Congress simply said that the pledge of allegiance should be said in a certain way, when it is said. Congress did not prescribe any penalties for those who did not say the pledge of allegiance the way congress suggested it be said. Congress reccommended all kinds of etiquette regarding the flag, without prescribing any punishment for those who failed to follow the etiquette. There is no punishment for those who for example fail to hoist the flag in a "brisk" manner. Even when Congress prescribed that those who desecrate the flag be fined or imprisoned, it did not specify what the fine should be, and emphasized that state regulations have dominance over congress' reccommendations re the punishment of flag burners; and congress emphasized that the Supreme Court should hear and deal with any objections to the penalty it had prescribed for flag burners.

Congress has an obvious right to give its advice to to the public regarding how the flag should be treated, and regarding other such matters. It is natural that a people should look to its elected leaders for advice regarding all kinds of matters including spiritual matters and it is natural that the nation's leaders should dispense such advice. A group of congress-critters getting together to sign a petition advising the public that they should live in this or that manner, does not, of course violate the first amendment's prohibition of legislation establishing religion. Thus it would be false to say that the constitution has been violated because, even though the state and not the congress is pushing through the pledge of allegiance in schools, what is being pushed through is a congressional violation of the first amendment.

Suppose that congress had indeed passed some law say law X, that unconstitutionally established a religion. If a state such as california were to copy law X, which congress unconstitutionally passed, into a state version of law X, the given state such as california would have a right to do this, even if congress's version of law X was unconstitutional, so long as the state's version of law X was constitutional.

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Thursday, September 08, 2005

My mom, the New Orleans Superdome, Chinese, Jews, Catholics, Dallas, Melissa, Perot, Michigan, football, drought, Ariel Sharon--dreams

Dreams I have had since the last time that I reported my dreams. As usual there were unremembered details in the dreams.

1 My mother and I were getting off a plane. She was wearing the white gloves that she wore when our family visited London when I was a child. She had cancer. I knew how to make the cancer go away by giving her something to eat. But when I woke up I forgot what that thing was. We were in a hurry to get off the plane, because there was this good deal available to us, that we wanted to take advantage of. We rushed off to get three pairs of brown shoes--cowboy boots, regular boots, and regular shoes, and a cheap car, in a deal from this nice light skinned black guy. In a segment after this dream I saw myself drinking something at a table, from above. The stuff we were drinking tasted like concentrated pomegranate juice.

2 I thought there was a woman in my room, but it was just the vacuum cleaner in the corner of the room.

3 The people from the landlord were checking on my apartment night and day, all the time, checking on this or that. There was some pot lying on my table, seemed like they had seen it, half asleep I got up to talk to them, I could barely talk.

4 I had this dream after the flood hit New Orleans. I had this ground floor dark brown rear porch connected to my house. There were these oils and this thing that looked like the New Orleans Super-dome sitting on my back porch. The purpose of the oils and the thing that looked like the New Orleans Super-dome was to preserve my back porch.

5 There were some black magic murders in Florida. Spanky and Megan were accusing each other of committing them.

6 The best solution to something was that a file cabinet should be kept in a car, with trash behind the files--this had something to do with eople walking 2.5-6 mph.

7 I was thinking about Lillian while talking. I felt that Lillian was exciting...some kind of space age exercise involved pulling up on these pulleys...I was in a white car that was too small for me...something that had to do with cleaning overtime...these Chinese men had taken over security in this office building. They were smiling, they looked nice. They were planning on sending me to a re-education camp. One of them looked like the head guy at this Chinese restaurant on Moody St. Looking at him, I felt that the reason the Chinese were taking over, had to do with China being such an ancient civilization.

8 There was this big jewish meeting, hundreds, maybe thousands of jews meeting, and I was there. It was in a big hall with a balcony high above the ground, on the wall. On the ground floor I saw a jew with a beard mustache and hat who had pink skin he had a strong work ethic he was a success. These jewish kids on the balcony pushed me off the balcony. The ground was way below me, there was a pool below me as I fell to the ground, there was a wall in the form of a circle about ten yards wide in the middle of the pool, as I fell towards the pool I was calm and collected, I had to aim to hit inside the circle or outside it in the water, I survived, though the fall was from such a height that a human could not be expected to survive such a fall even into the water. There was a gigantic rowboat attached to the building the jews were meeting in, below the building, as if the rowboat was a subsidiary of the building the jews were in. There were glum looking US military personnel in the rowboat.

9 I wandered into this complex of buildings that was a Catholic school. These catholic kids who were younger than high school age saw me, they threw rocks at me but did not hit me, they chased me, they caught me, they were angry because they felt I was a protestant. I was trying to make excuses to them. Then somehow I got away from them and was in a gym where there were these white catholic guys of high school and college age. These were spirited guys, I admired them, they were graceful as if their spirituality produced a grace in them as they played basketball...these older guys were not violent but they were from the same complex of Catholic school buildings.

10. In Dallas the buses carrying people around looked just like a stretched out version of my orange Honda Element. The front and rear of the bus were exactly like my Honda Element, but in the middle of the bus, the sides of the bus were like the sides of a cage. The buses in lots of the other big cities looked like these buses I saw in Dallas.

11. I had some positive dream about Harvard that I could not remember details of. It had to do with this idea that this dwarf personnel officer at Harvard had, that I should be a consultant.

12 Melissa I was on a basketball team, she was spirited in a good way, I saw the team play in a big auditorium from above, from a camera on the ceiling point of view. Then I saw her basketball team playing on Blackstone street in Hyde Park in Chicago, meanwhile we played soccer on the sidewalk. We were watching her team play on the street, sitting in front of the house the Kohrmans used to live in on Blackstone street. Senator Kerry came by to lecture me about Melissa, he took the place I was sitting in so I was sitting on his lap sort of. He said that Sen Kerry's wife got in trouble for attacking Melissa, and Gov Weld's wife got in trouble for attacking Melissa; he said the reason Melissa's father was tolerating me was that he just wanted to get me into a position where he could damage my car.

13 Ross Perot was in a car with me. He looked normal and acceptable, not weird as he once did in a dream I had about him. Perot wanted my help solving some murder crime, it had to do with two murders being similar to each other, which implied the two were connected.

14 I saw this white man with black hair on the ground, pointing these instruments up at the sky, it had to do with him making measurements having to do with the timing of a NASA mission to another planet.

15 I was in a big room with high white walls. There was this expensive looking black equipment pointed at me, including an old fashioned camera with the accordion like thing in the rear and two lenses one above the other. The photos were coming out good, they were making me look good, I stood up and smiled a real smile.

16 My Honda Element was moving along at normal highway speed on a highway at night, while I dozed in the back seat. Then to test the car I got into the drivers seat without touching the steering wheel. When I did this the car went off road, up a grassy hill. The car and me and the other people in it ended up in what looked like a city that was not a big city. I like the deep, spiritual friendly atmosphere in the place, it seemed sort of like heaven but not as great as THE heaven. It was like other places whose atmospheres I have liked when awake or asleep, the atmosphere seemed to me so much better than the Massachusetts atmosphere. Off in the distance I heard the soulful voices of young black men talking. I asked them where I was. They said I was in Michigan (as a child I spent several months in Michigan summer camps).

In the second segment I was practicing running football receiver patterns on the concrete, zig zagging left and right, paying attention to how I moved when I changed direction soas to learn how to fake people feet started to hurt...I was thinking, teams watch videos of other teams, they might pick something up about how my feet move when I change direction or fake changing direction, to my detriment (I am a very fast sprinter although I never realized I was such a fast sprinter till after college).

In the third segment, this big black football player, made my brother promise to him, that if or when he the black football player died, my brother would present the rule changes my brother had dreamed up to the NFL and fight for these rule changes. I could not believe my brother had dreamed up such rule changes worth fighting for.

In the fourth segment, there was a drought in a town next to the town I live in in the Boston area. People made long speeches about the drought at the scene where a man had attacked a cop because he felt the cop had caused an accident this man was involved in. The man who attacked the cop died from his wounds from the accident or because the cop shot him or because of both, he died on the street, doctors wearing doctor shirts were hovering over him. This man had knocked on the cop's door, the cop lived only about 50 yards away from where the accident occurred. A crowd gathered about where the man lay dying or dead. the crowd began protesting, people in the crowd began giving speeches, but what they were upset about was this dought, that had hit this town neighboring th town I lived in. But the drought, dir not seem that big a deal to me personally. I said that the Israelis dealt with the drought problem by using these gallon size containers of cheap koolaid for drinking water and to water the plants, the drought was not much of a problem in my town, even though it had not rained for 16 days. There was plenty of cheap koolaid around in my opinion.

In the fifth segment I was at a meeting with Ariel Sharon, walking here and there with him, with my brother tagging along. My brother and I were wearing black suits. Sometimes Sharon was lying down on a couch, and sometimes he was walking around with me. Sharon was surprisingly nice, he was not talking in the deep tone of voice he usually talks in. It was a state meeting, it seemed as if I was king of the USA. I was saying clever, humorous friendly things, but I did not promise Sharon anything. When I awoke I was very dissapointed that the only clever humorous thing that I said that I could remember, was that the good Christians and the Jews are like cousins. Sharon was like a kindly, respectful elderly uncle impressed by his nephew. I was dominating him. I was not afraid of him. Seemed he had a sincere affection for me. My brother was feeding Sharon and the jews candy bars, so they would have carbohydrates to help them deal with the effects of a drought. This annoyed me, because I did not get any candy bars, and it annoyed the Arabs. I saw Arab clothes on clotheslines, drying outdoors, some of the clotheslines were 3 stories high, a few of the clothes looked like this green India-Indian vest I I saw the clothes, I felt a shock taht these clothes were the clothes of the people who clashed with the ancient Israelites in Bible times, or could well be the clothes o those people that clashed with the ancient Israelites during the days of Joshua and David and so forth. But even the Arabs who owned the clothes, were awed by me, liked me, felt as if I ws an elder brother to them.