Monday, October 31, 2005

Scouting report--World's best soccer (football) teams Brazil, Germany

If I was getting ready to play on a team that had to play the world's best teams (Brazil, Germany) I would first look at the heights and the weights of the players. You can find the details at:

Pages about Soccer
Hts and wts of players on Brazil, Germany national soccer teams, and goalkeeping rules notes:
table log of soccer air-dribbling flight drill workouts
Dimensions of soccer field, goalie habitats, jpeg marked scale map of soccer field, notes on dimensions of field...

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Soccer Air Dribbling Diary Table

You can find my Soccer Air Dribbling Diary Table at:

Pages about Soccer
Hts and wts of players on Brazil, Germany national soccer teams, and goalkeeping rules notes:
table log of soccer air-dribbling flight drill workouts
Dimensions of soccer field, goalie habitats, jpeg marked scale map of soccer field, notes on dimensions of field...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Can God stop a Leaf from Hitting the Ground?...Yes.

Some say they do not believe in a God, who is able to do things like prevent a falling leaf from hitting the ground. I have heard (;f=15;t=000645 ) that the famous Rabbi Harold Kushner is one of these types. They say there are so many people and events going on in the world that God does can do a few things but gets so absorbed in whatever he is doing that he is unable at the same time to say prevent a given leaf from hitting the ground. Persons who adhere to this view find that it helps them to reconcile themselves to God, be at peace with God, despite all the suffering that goes in in the world and also perhaps in the hereafter in places such as hell.

I do not know whether believing that God is so overwhelmed by the job of being God that he cannot stop a given leaf from hitting the ground, has any significant damaging effect on those who believe such. But I believe that the correct interpretation of the scriptures is that God is able to if he so desires prevent a leaf from hitting the ground.

It gives some peace to believe that God has set in motion in certain places and times, events over which he does not have omnipotent control, to intervene to alter these events. But then they have to face the fact that God is the one who has created certain "theaters" where he lacks omnipotence, and where as a result human suffering occurs.

Those who find peace with god by denying his omnipotence find the peace of not having to blame God for the suffering in the universe. But those who believe God is able to say prevent a leaf from falling to the ground, develop of a love of God that has to do with crediting him for the good things that happen in the universe. To deny that God is omnipotent and able to intervene to stave off human misfortunes, is also to to deny that God is responsible for the good fortune humans and other living things experience in the world. I would say that crediting God with the good that living things experience produces more love for God than simply being able to not blame God for the bad things that happen in the world.

To deny that God is able to say prevent a leaf from hitting the ground, is to imply that God does not answer prayers, that prayers will not accomplish anything. The problem with this is that prayer is good for individuals and for the world, and the idea that prayers are ineffective, is an idea that proceeds to in actuality render prayers ineffective. The idea that prayer is ineffective, implies that the teachers and priests and kings that God has sent into the world to teach persons to pray, are merely foolish.

As for the question of how an omnipotent God could allow evil to exist, Paul speaks in Romans, of how God was willing to show wrath with certain persons, and also wanted to show mercy with others. God wants to display to mankind, both his wrath for the wickedness in humankind, and also his loving mercy with humankind. Through a natural phenomenon such as an earthquake, God could express his wrath through destruction and also his mercy with those who are spared, who survive, who are rescued. It seems to me that God works to improve hearts minds and souls of those on earth and also those in heaven, by displaying both wrath and also loving mercy.

Perhaps it is reasonable to believe that there was an archangel, that God gave great powers, so great that when the archangel fell and rebelled, he was able to some extent for some time to exercise powers that compromised God's omnipotence. But even if such a powerful fallen angel existed, God could still prevent a leaf from hitting the ground, he could still answer prayers right down to little details.

I do not believe that the beauty of the human mind lies in the fact that it does not know anything but rather imagines things. I believe that it is possible to know things about God, and that such knowledge is different than and in some ways better than mere faith. I believe faith is different than mere imagination. If you ask a trustworthy person where a given street address is, and he tells you, and you believe him, that is different than merely imagining that the street address is in some location. It is also different from knowing that the address is in a given location. To get wise about matters of God first you have to believe in certain things, and then you can get to know that certain things are true. To get to the point where you know that a certain address is at a certain location, you first have to believe that it is at that location, and then when you get to the location you know that is the location of the address. Yet there are many who do not get to the point where they know something about God, because they are not willing to believe something about God.

I do not consider that faith in God is analogous to and on a par with say faith in Santa Klaus or Peter Pan. I do not believe that faith in God is helpful in the same way that faith in Santa Klaus or the tooth fairy is helpful. I do not believe that faith in God is similar to a child's imagination imagining that Santa exists. I believe faith is stronger, and greater than imagination and I believe faith in God is something more profound than faith in Santa.

I always believed that God is Almighty, but that at the same time God wants us to hustle when it comes to good works--he does not want us to be the type who could say rescue a child from a angry dog but refuses to do so because God could step in to rescue the child. I have had the attitude that God's nature is to hide himself, that there are certain things that we do not understand about God, that it is wise to focus on the aspects of God that we understand and admire, as opposed to becoming obsessed with the mystery of the misfortune that strikes beings that have all sinned so much that all the good times they have are an undeserved gift of mercy. Yet I continue to hope that I will get wiser and wiser when it comes to understanding such matters.

I have compiled a list of scriptures from the first gospel, the gospel of Matthew, that indicate to me that God indeed is able to say stop a given leaf from hitting the ground, able to answer prayers dealing with fundamental human material and spiritual needs, even if we do not understand why at the same time God allows sufferings to hit mankind. You can find this compilation at:

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Plutopia, a name I coined for an Ideal Form of Society

I have developed an idea for a form of government, which I suspect might be the best solution in terms of type of government for many nations today. I call this form of government Plutopia, Plutopian, Plutopianism. I first expressed this idea, to the best of my recollection, a few years ago by reading the idea into an answering machine at some media outlet(s). Then: best I can remember I first named the idea "Plutopianism" in an email I sent to "Chatham House" on January 14 2005; on January 30 I discussed it again in an email to the "World Social Forum"; and on 29 September I mentioned Plutopianism again in an email to Tim Bolen, who as I recall is some guy who appeared on the George Noory late night radio show.

Excerpt from my email (Jan 14 2005) to Chatham House:

Suppose the truth was that if there are more than 10 billion people in the world, the damage to the ecosystem will screw up the elite and most of the planet.

In that event, it could be unnecessary and counterproductive to attempt draconian measures such as massive disease induced exterminations.

Take for example a hypothetical society, "PLutopia", in which women recieving X level of assistance agree to limit themselves to having one child only. As a result, 33 percent of women in Plutopia, the Plutopian proletariat, have one child. In Plutopia, if a woman wants to have more than three children, she has to buy a license to do so from the state. In Plutopia, one percent of women, the Plutonian elite, have an average of 5 children each. In Plutopia, the remaining 66 percent of women, the Plutonian volk, content themselves with having 2.4 children each, many stopping at two due to the operation they have to undergo if they have 3 children. Guess what? in Plutonia, the average woman has 2.0 children, the (not counting ever-lengthening life-spans) zero population growth level.

Excerpt from my email (Jan 30 2005) to the World Social Forum:

Right now my idea re the problems of the world, is that the population of the world needs to be managed in a way that corresponds to whatever the truth is regarding the maximum number of persons the world can sustain without doing serious damage to itself and turning the world into a disaster area for the vast majority of the world's people.

There is disagreement regarding what this maximum sustainable level is. Depending on the maximum sustainable population the world is able to sustain, the population (as I see the issue now) should be managed according to the following "Plutopian" (name I coined) formula: With Y being greater than X, and Z representing the maximum sustainable population in the world, women who get assistance from the state agree to limit themselves to X number of children, women in general are limited to Y number of children, and women who want to have more than Y number of children have to buy licenses from the state in order to do so, the levels X and Y are set at depending on Z.

My current state of mind, is to fear what the result could be, if an elite were to conclude that its own prosperity and survival depended on eliminating a large proportion of mankind, due to the planet earth's ecological inability to sustain a given population level.

Excerpt from my email (Sep 30 2005) to the World Social Forum:

In the end we have to face the fact that misanthropic tendencies have been unleashed in the world due to the high level of population growth caused by public health and agricultural improvements. I have dreamt up a way to deal with this kind of misanthropism, which I call "plutopianism". The Plutopian society agrees to give women the basics of live in exchange for a given level of service and the women agreeing to limit the number of children they have to a given level. In the Plutopian society, women have to buy licenses in order to have more children than the general limit. The wild tiger in the human race so to speak is preserved against overcivilization by placing no limits on how many children men have (then you have the fact that practically speaking it is easier to tell how many kids a woman has had than how many kids a man has fathered).

Complete text of my 2005 emails re "Plutopia":

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Friday, October 14, 2005

How to learn to strategize re and follow college football games

My Annotated College Football Links:

How to Have Fun Following College Football While Spending Little or No Money

You might have an interest in gambling on sports, or You might be a purist (sort of like me) who considers gambling on sports impure, but either way you have to learn some things if you want to get a high level of enjoyment out of every minute you put into following college football while in the process spending zero or just a little money.

One of the first problems you would face is finding the statistics relevant to the game you are following. You might be a gambler, you might be simulating gambling with make-believe money, or you might just be into pontificating re what strategy a team should follow if it is going to pull off a stunning upset. Such pontification is a high level of fan-hood found in those amongst fan-dom who are too pure for gambling.

Whatever the basis of your interest, if you were to plunge into Google searches using key words such as college football stats you would probably end up expending alot of time and energy finding the info and then putting together the info for each of the the two teams playing each other, while this info was right under your nose, all put together for you for every game, if you just knew where to look.

Hints: when looking for statistical info related to an event, look for info the way a gambler would look for it, look for sites that cater to gamblers who gamble on such events, nothing motivates like money. And count on the media already having done a good job putting together the stat info re the teams and players in a given event.

Fox, Sportsnetwork (, and USA Today (links to games covered pages) all give the odds for the college football games, and also give tons of stats for both teams in a given game, all brought together in one table on one page.

If you had the time could probably find some nuggets of info that big time websites did not show on their game preview stats summary pages, such would admittedly give you an edge over the masses perusing the big websites, yet still, (USC Notre Dame example pages) Fox, Sportsnetwork, and USA Today all do a better job of pulling such stats together for any of hundreds of games, than you could do for one game, even if you were talent, and skilled and spent several hours on that one game.

The wise course of action would be to first go to the game preview pages at the big websites, then formulate a strategy or a theory, and then use search engines to find info relevant to your strategy/theory, thereby getting an edge on the typical spectator.

Which Games Should I Follow?

A fundamental question is, there are hundreds of games, which one should I follow? The ideal schedule would tell you the ranks of both teams involved in a game, however the best schedules I could find, such as the ESPN schedule, show the rank of a team only if the team ranks in the top 25. This burdens me with the onerous task of researching the ranks of the teams for which the ranks of the teams are not given. It would be a major step forward for mankind, if there were a schedule giving the ranks of teams even if they are not in the top 25. America, where is your common sense? Or is there some alleged, allegedly clever, known-only-MBAs hidden financial reason for such obfuscation? Thus you are still left with looking at ranks of teams, if you want to be thorough and perfectionist. Contact me at this blog or at if you know where the schedule shows the ranks of all the teams involved.

Rank of Teams

If you tried to use the search engines to find ranks of teams, you would probably end up wasting plenty of time and energy going to dead links, being referred to some college-whiz-kid's rankings for three years ago, finding rankings that are a problem because they are in a gif or jpeg image and are not text, finding rankings re which who knows how seriously you should take them, plodding through half-assed lists of ranking authorities, lists that, annoyingly, treat a flea of an authority or web page as equal to a lion of an authority or web page. The best webpage by far for college rankings is at There you can find, for free without paying a penny, the rankings for 119 different teams, by 95 different authorities, all in one HTML table, all together with the mean the median and the standard deviation for all 95 authorities in total, all for free--beyond belief but I kid you not! If you found the page after stumbling around adding all kinds of lesser pages to your favorites folder, you would probably be tempted to send the links to these other pages to the trash bin, or worse, if possible, even somehow burn them!

Following the Game live/Real-time

An important part of being a fan who is efficient in terms of enjoyment/minute-spent and enjoyment/dollar-spent is following the game in a real-time play by play basis for free or on the cheap somehow. You have been spending six hours a day, telepathically attempting to catapult some obscure underdog over the top, the way Lee Harvey Oswald used to attempt to move the flame of a candle around through the telekinetic power of his mind. Now you are so psyched up that you would pass up a million bucks just to be able to follow the game on a play by play basis. You want to follow the game for free or on the cheap. But none of the free TV or radio stations in your area cover the game, and you would have to subscribe to the new Hyper-Mega-Ultra Satellite TV service at only $$$ 399.99 per month if you wanted to watch the game on TV. What do you do? Just head for the Yahoo Gameplan web page. If you get to this page too early the links will not be up, but there you will find links you can click on that will allow you to get live real-time audio (occasionally video) and text play by play coverage of most of the important games in the country for nothing or for, depending on the option chosen, less than $2.50 per game. You should at least be able to get the text play by play for most games for free.

I followed the Mississippi Stat vs Florida game for free at Gameplan, watching the real-time text play by play, without plugging in any audio or video, and it was a real thrill, not having to listen to the audio or the video in a way made it even more fun. No wear and tear on the eyes or on the ears, this graphic showed a brown football advancing here and there on a green field as the position of the ball changed, I kid you not it was tremendous!

How Have Your Pet Teams Been Doing?

You might have been attempting to use the psychic powers of your mind to achieve an outcome, you might have been giving speeches, making phone calls, sending out emails and letters pontificating on strategy so as to enable you to take credit for a victory, you might have been gambling with real or paper money, whatever, it is important to be able in retrospective look at how well your pet teams have done not just in terms of the score of the game but also historically in terms of how they have been doing against the point spread. That way, for example, if you had been attempting to telekinetically or through strategic advice push a team to victory and it lost by only 57 points even though it was a 58 point underdog you would have something to boast about. You ccan find a history of how teams have fared against the point spread at a site that is hard to find if you look for such a site using a search engine, at

Player Height Weight Equivalents

How much would players weigh if they were proportionately built the same and were average height? How tall and heavy would they be if they were female? What kind of woman would you have to cross an average man with to produce a male offspring of the player's height and weight? Find out at

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Senator Blather Honors Schmuckley on 20th Anniversary of Cameroon Government changes

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary

October 11, 2005

Senator Blather Honors Schmuckley on 20th Anniversary of Cameroon Government changes
Hilda Kelly Blather Executive Office Building
Room 667

2:30 A.M. EDT

SENATOR BLATHER--Ah have taken note re th' President's impressive perfo'mance in his recent speech regardin' th' esteemed Conservative autho' Mister Billy Joe Buckley. (Applause.) Yo' kin see how it has influenced mah speech regardin' mah esteemed colleague Professo' Rufus Schmuckley.

Th' African nashun named Cameroon, changed fum callin' itse'f Socialist in public t'callin' itse'f Democratic in public, an' put in leadin' spies fum th' old Socialist regime as th' leaders of their noo Democracy. At this hyar exack same time, takin' into account th' subtle variashuns between Greenwich Mean Time an' Unyversal Stan'ard Time, th' great cornservative deep-voiced Matinee idol movie star President Reagan was President, an' furthermo'e, at this hyar exack same time, Rufus Schmuckley was givin' speeches an' writin' magazine articles. Thus we knows thet Rufus Schmuckley's cornservative speeches led t'th' impo'tant changes in Cameroon in Africa. (Applause.)

Thus we hono' Rufus Schmuckley. Schmuckley calls hisse'f a cornservative, an' thar is also varmints who call themselves cornservatives, some of whom agree wif Mr. Schmuckley on some thin's, who hono' an' suppo't me, cornservative Senato' Blather, even eff'n they do'nt respeck me. (Laughter.)

When it thunners durin' a thunnersto'm, at th' same time thet yer is talkin' about how yo' hate liberals, thet is th' divine Cheerleader in th' Sky's way of cheerin' fo' yer cornservativism, dawgone it. Likewise, we kin jest feel it in our hearts, how on account o' Cameroon changed its outward fo'm of govment when Reagan became President while Rufus, I call him "Roof", Schmuckley was givin' speeches, then tharfo'e Roof Schmuckley cauzd th' impo'tant changes in Cameroon, an' "Roof" Schmuckley is wo'thy of all glo'y an' hono', on account o' thar is folks who at least is brave inough t'like Mister Schmuckley call themselves cornservatives, (Laughter.) an' some of these respeck Mister Schmuckley an' some of them respeck me, an' then yo' haf thet interseckshun, whar yo' haf conservatives, who not only respeck Mister Schmuckley, but also support me Senato' Blather.

Ruf Schmuckley's cornservative philosophy, an' th' adharnts of his cornservative philosophy, haf prodooced huge increases in military power in huge histo'ically aggressive fo'eign nashuns, some of which still even call themselves "Socialist", on account o' they is still dumb on account o' they have'nt gotten hooked up t'th' internet an' gone t'Schmuckley dot com, dawgone it. (Laughter.)

Schmuckley's cornservatism has ruined us th' USA as a nashun militarily an' economically, is th' beginnin' of th' end fo' Christendom an' th' white Aryan race, it has allered our nashun t'be invaded by millions of fo'eign troops. But these troops haf not shot at us yet on account o' they like, they love, th' folks who call themselves cornservatives who promote their invadin' us. (Applause.)

An' varmints who eifer in pretense o' in reality were obsessed wif groups they called Aryan were mean t'jews, who is th' chosen, on account o' they is conservative, on account o' they is dexcended fum varmints who rejecked th' liberalism of Jesus Christ, while th' jews who became Christian, th' liberal ones, got mixed up wif us th' white Aryan supermen, an' polluted us wif their liberal blood, (Anguished cries.) as a result of which today, we haf th' tragedy of taxashun in nashuns like Cameroon, as enny fool kin plainly see. (Applause.)

But whut is impo'tant, as opposed t'chileish abso'pshun in quesshuns of race, is how Schmuckley's cornservativism prodooced changes in th' Cameroon govment, whar th' Communist govment has been replaced by a govment thet purports t'be a democracy an' is led by a fo'mer Communist Spy-Chief. Th' power level in Cameroon is th' decisive facko' in USA security. Th' USA is now secure, on account o' thar has been a decline in military an' economic power in Cameroon, as enny fool kin plainly see. Or at least so it seems, at least th' outward appeareence of it is sech thet thar has been deline in military 'an economic power in Cameroon. But hey better one bird in th' han', meanin' th' outward appeareence, rather than two birds in th' Bush, meanin' th' outward appeareence an' th' acshul reality. An' yessuh, Ah's cornsiderin' takin' mah hero Bush on in th' upa-comin' primary. (Applause.)

In th' old days Cameroon was much mo'e impo'tant, an' alot of th' rich an' pow'ful Amerikins is now old an' old fashioned. Cameroon, our nashun by accident of birth th' U S of A, th' white Aryan race, Christendom, these is all sources of liberal taxashun. Eff'n we only set our mind's eye t'lovin' a wo'ld wifout liberal taxashun, an' also wifout us th' US of A, an' also wifout th' white race an' wifout Christendom, while at th' same time we larn t'hate a wo'ld featurin' liberal taxashun thet also has whites an' th' US of A, an' Christendom in it, we will undoutedly succeed in gittin' rid of liberal taxashun. (Applause.)

Jest like a war hero gives his life fo' his buddy an' his country by fallin' on a grenade, we th' Amerikin varmints, sh'd be proud t'give our lives t'git rid of liberal taxashun. We sh'd be proud t'sacrifice our nashun, an' our race, an' our Christendom, t'git rid of liberal taxashun. We sh'd allus prefer an income of four thousan' wifout taxes, t'an income of a million wif liberal taxashun, yo' hafta look at th' inflashun an' fall in th' value of th' dollar cuzd by taxashun.

We sh'd prefer a thousan' dollars in investment income an' bein' unemployed, t'a million dollars of income arned on th' job thet we hafta arn by sellin' goods an' services, an' nothin' in investment income. It is th' liberal academics who is th' ones into promotin' thin's like "goods" an' "services". (Applause.)

We sh'd allus prefer arnin' ten thousan' in a mirage o' tempo'ary illushun of an economah based on money bo'rowed fum fo'eigners, t'arnin' a million in a real economah like we had unner th' liberals, on account o' we is conservatives, an' our illuso'y economah will ack on th' liberals th' way a pesticide acks aginst troublesome insecks. (Applause.)

Th' evils of liberal taxashun haf been established wifout doubt by a US govment computer program, which is designed t'proteck fum th' masses, th' wealth an' income of th' elite immo'al-atheist lyin' plunnerin' massacrin' rulin' class amongst th' conservatives, on account o' it is only this hyar elite thet is able t'take th' steps necessary t'advance true cornservativism, dawgone it.

Th' program is designed t'proteck their wealth fum incroachment by th' masses who hate freedom an' democracy. Th' program is programmed t'not discriminate on th' basis of race, religion, nashunal origeen, colo', sexual o'ientashun, junder, o' level of obesity. This hyar brilliant sof'ware program proves thet a wo'ld wifout us th' Amerikin varmints, an' wifout all white varmints, an' wifout Christendom, is th' wo'ld's bess chance when it comes t'avoidin' liberal taxashun. (Applause.)

Yo' cornservative supo'ters of me Senato' Blather an' me Senato' Blather mahself is in th' same boat. Why rock th' boat by clashin' wif fo'eign nashuns mo'e pow'ful than Afghanistan? We kin bess consarve our selves, cornsarve our powder by keepin' it dry fo' batlin' liberal taxashun, by bein' nice t'th' fo'eign trimenjus fellas while we pretend t'be macho patriots. Then eff'n th' USA goes down, we is safe, an' eff'n th' USA stan's we is safe too. An' Able t'continue th' brave war aginst liberal taxashun. (Applause.)

May God bless th' Schmuckley fambly. Thank yo' fo' a-comin'. (Applause.) (Laughter.)

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs

Friday, October 07, 2005

Chicago and Boston--dream had a couple of days before game 3 of Chicago-Boston series

I guess I should have reported this dream before the red sox white sox game 3 of the series started. I had the dream a couple of days ago. In the dream I was in Chicago. About eight people were over at my place, the apartment I lived in while attending the U-high high school. In the dream I had a bag of pot. I called Danny Kohrman on the phone. In the dream he lived about 30 or 40 miles from Chicago. We agreed I would meet him at noon the next day. I was trying to figure out what route I would take to get to Danny Kohrman's place, wondering if the journey early in the morning would be tiring. Erin G the female track star from the Boston area, was there at my place, Colin Sacks who I went to high school with at U-high was there, and my brother was there, he looked like a silhouette, satisfactorily unobtrusive. We were planning on going some place for dinner. ..I was walking down a street and ran into George who is an owner of the Exxon in Waltham near Boston. George was Megan F the female track star who went to Harvard near Boston. George/ Megan was with George/Megan's sister, who was Megan's Harvard school-mate friend. I wanted George/Megan and George/Megan's sister to join the and this doctor were preparing some sandwiches. We had some stuff in a plastic bag to pur on the open sandwiches. The usual stuff came out of the bag--relish, onions etc. But this was not what was suposed to be in the bag and put on the sandwiches. I looked at the onins and relish on the open sandwiches, wondering whether I should attempt to recover the stuff and get it off the sandwiches and back in the bag.

US international mideast policy--a review

Looking at the US President "Dubya" Bush's most recent speeches, if being able to talk at 120 words per minute non-stop for 40 minutes indicates presidential star quality, if being able to write out or have someone write out a speech that would take up about 12 pages in a typical paperback book indicates presidential star quality, we have then a star quality president. It must be tough to talk for 40 minutes non-stop at that speed. Come on, Prez "Dubya" Bush, and tell us, what super water do you drink before or during your speeches that enables you to talk for so long at such a speed? If you told then we could save the US economy through being able to talk for a long time at a high rate of speed like you.

I had certain first reactions to my latest review of US government policies.

There is flimsy evidence that persons of mideast origin and name, persons X Y and Z, are anything important in terms of power within the pan-islamic radical militant Islamic network. Yet the US administration, it seems on the basis of flimsy evidence, jumps to the conclusion that persons X Y and Z are important in said network.

There is flimsy evidence that persons X Y and Z, can be said to be interchangeable and synonymous with the international pan-islamic radical network. That is, there is flimsy evidence that if persons X Y or Z say something, this means that the words spoken by X Y or Z, represent the official or unofficial views of whatever international pan-islamic radical network that exists. Yet it seems, this administration assumes that persons X Y or Z are the official or unofficial spokesmen for the international pan-islamic radical network.

The Administration response to the radical pan-islamic network that it perceives to exist, appears to be inefficient in the extreme. The network is said to have an annual budget of 30 million dollars, and the administration deals with this threat that has an annual budget of 30 million dollars, by spending 300 billion dollars a year. That is a ratio of 10,000 to 1. The problem with this is that there are many foreign nations with military budgets that are 100 or 1000 times as large as the so-called Al Qaeda's annual budget; there are probably several organized crime groups with the equivalent of annual military budgets, that are 10 or 100 times as great as that of "Al Qaeda". Given the fact that it is possible and probable that there will be several hreats to the national and international security that are at least as powerful as a 30 million per year operation, this kind of extravagant response to the Al Qaeda threat seems to make little sense, because if ten new different unique Al-Qaeda equivalents were to materialize in the future, there would be no resources left to deal with them. If each of these ten new threats were dealt with the way Al-Qaeda has been dealt with, the expenditure would amount annually to at least 3 trillion dollars.

The persons the US names as leaders of "Al Qaeda" are persons of limited means from nations that militarily and economically speaking are relatively merely punky, nations that are weak in terms of defense vs weapons of mass destruction and offense using weapons of mass destruction. Yet the US reacts to them with a "We'll spend 10,000 for every 1 dollar you spend" reaction. What is the US under current policies going to do when it is confronted by real heavyweights from heavyweight countries?

Reasonably responses to phenomenon such as "Al Qaeda" or whatever international pan-islamic radical network does in reality exist, could if necessary include: pressuring of the governments that are the nations taht the private individuals who fund the network are citizens and natives of; excluding dangerous materials and persons from various areas; developing the ability to track the source of whatever attack actually were to occur; antidotes for whatever dangerous substances are unleashed; the threat of responses to attacks being such that those who would attack are dissuaded from doing so; and, aside from "Al Qaeda", the building up of the strength of the US itself. Yet the only response the US considers to be possible, is the response of aggressive raiding into foreign territories in pursuit of "Al Qaeda" leaders and supporters. The US talks as if "Al Qaeda" and the communists of yore were twins, but despite this, the US acts as if pre-emptive invasive assault is the only solution with "Al Qaeda", even though the US prides itself that the communism problem was solved without recourse to such aggressive pre-emptive invasion.

My notes re the US mideast policy:

@2005 David Virgil Hobbs