Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Satan Exhorts His Followers to Destroy the Masses by Destroying the Environment

Satan: Let us poison the earth and the seas and the air, so that 90 percent of the world population will be exterminated. We after all, the richest one tenth of one percent, will survive the cataclysm. We will expand our riches and our power through our foreknowledge of the poisonous cataclysm. The end situation will be enhanced security wealth and power for us, despite the destruction of the environment!

Acolytes: Hail Satan! Thy Will Be Done!

Satan: Since we, the class going to war against the world, will know about the catastrophes we inflict before they happen, whereas the masses of sheep will not have such foreknowledge, we will use our foreknowledge to reap gigantic profits off investments based on our foreknowledge. Similarly, we will inflict crushing financial losses on the masses, through our foreknowledge combined with our financial savvy!

Acolytes: Hail Satan! So be it!

Satan: as the catastrophes enrich us, and impoverish the masses, the masses will be forced into a position from which they will not be able to recover by overthrowing us!

Acolytes: Hail Satan! Thy Kingdom Come!

Satan: the weaker the masses grow in terms of their ability to survive, the stronger shall be our own security power and wealth.

Acolytes: Hail Satan! Hallowed be thy name!

Satan: Our powers are so great, that the catastrophes we inflict on the world will not harm us. When the price of a glass of water rises to cost what an average man earns in one day, we will be swimming in champagne. When the poisonous air kills the masses, we will be breathing air that has been purified by the most sophisticated processes!

Acolytes: Hail Satan! Thine is the power forever!

Satan: When the masses have been exterminated, sickened, wounded, and enslaved, and we have become incomparably rich and powerful and secure, then we shall be able to take pleasure and pride in knowing that we have done an excellent job of providing safety and power and riches and pleasures to our families, our children, and our grandchildren!

Acolytes: Hail Satan! Thine is the glory forever!

@2010 David Virgil Hobbs

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How could the Ghunklump people be so stupid?

There existed, a few millenia ago, a people called the Lunksnarkwads, who existed on the planet Headdoof. Their religion was about how God had sent them to genocidally wipe out the Brunflong peoples and seize their land.

Out of the Lunksnarkwads, there arose a prophet named Bunkercuddlelips. He advocated that the Lunksnarkwads give up their attitude, based in their religion, that they are racially superior to all the other people on the planet Headdoof, and therefore have a right to murder rob, and deceive the people on the planet Headdoof. But the Lunksnarkwads, killed the prophet Bunkercuddlelips, and rejected his religion.

Out of the Lunksnarkwad religion, there arose a cult called the Headmunch Cult. The Headmunch cult advocated: racism, atheism, homosexualism, anti-christianism, elitism, criminalism, and satanism. It was sort of natural that the Headmunch cult should rise out of the Lunksnarkwads, who followed a genocidal religion and rejected Bunkercuddlelips.

Whereas on our planet earth, we have seen many Christian Conquerors, the Headmunch Cult was by nature not only imperialist, but also criminalist satanist etc. The Christian Conquerors conquered by way of wars between their nations and the other nations, thus they could live with Christian doctrine that advocated an ethical lifestyle with regards to persons of one's own nation. However the Lunksnarkwad people, attained to power and prosperity by way of being a powerful minority inside of other nations. Thus the Headmunch Cult that grew out of the Lunksnarkwad people, by nature, rejected ethical conduct with regards to other members of one's nation, because the Lunksnarkwad/Headmunch people, became powerful by way of crimes committed against persons of the nation they resided in who were not ethnically speaking Lunksnarkwads.

The lucrative criminalism of the Lunksnarkwads, directed against fellow-citizens, was incompatible with Christian ethics. But it was compatible with criminalism, atheism, anti-Christianism and Satanism; it was compatible with homosexualism due to the clash between Christianity and homosexuality.

The Lunksnarkwads played a very simple trick on the Ghunklump nation amongst whom the Lunksnarkwads lived as a minority. They secretly sponsored and controlled the Lumpknocks, who violently aggressed against the Lunksnarkwads and the Ghunklump nation. The Lunksnarkwads were able to behave very bravely when they opposed the Lumpknocks, because they secretly sponsored and controlled the Lumpknocks. The Lunksnarkwads impressed the Ghunklump nation by their bravery in the conflict with the Lumpknocks.

Since the Lunksnarkwads secretly controlled the Lumpknocks, the Lunksnarkwads, appeared to be extremely competent, more competent than the Ghunklump nation or anybody else, in the conflict with the the Lumpknocks.

The Lunksnarkwads said to the Ghunklump nation amongst whom they lived: "Now you must give us total power over you and become our slaves. Now you must allow us to commit any crimes we feel like committing, because that is the only way that we and you can be saved from the Lumpknocks".

The Ghunklump nation responded to the Lunksnarkwads: "So be it. You Lunksnarkwads have shown yourselves to be the bravest and the most competent soldiers in the conflict with the Lumpknocks. We agree that we have to allow you Lunksnarkwads to do whatever you feel like, and commit any crimes you want, so that we can be sure to defeat the Lumpknocks".

The Ghunklump nation had followed the teachings of Bunkercuddlelips. His teachings promoted the poor, criticized the rich, and pointed away from racism. The rich elites of the Ghunklump nation, felt that a remedy for this influence of Bunkercuddlelips, was to support the Lunksnarkwads, who rejected and hated Bunkercuddlelips and his teachings. Everyone in the Ghunklump nation was obsessed with selling whatever they wanted to sell, and they felt that the teachings of Bunkercuddlelips interfered with sales by discouraging potential customers from buying the things they were selling.

And so the Lunksnarkwads became the tyrants in the Ghunklump nation, and subjugated the Ghunklump nation. The Lunksnarkwads proceeded to exterminate anybody in the Ghunklump nation who rejected the Racism, Elitism, Anti-Christianism, Criminalism, Homosexualism, and Satanism of the Lunksnarkwads. Then the Lunksnarkwads proceeded to conquer the entire planet Headdoof, and treated the rest of the planet Headdoof the same way the treated Ghunklump.

To this day, the planet Headdoof, is controlled by the Lunksnarkwads, and any opposition to the Lunksnarkwads is summarily crushed.

And to this day, galactic observers are wondering, "How could the Ghunklumps be so stupid?".

@2010 David Virgil Hobbs

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