Saturday, March 13, 2010

God is a code word for liberalism, avoid Churches that preach God--Senator Blather

America's Dangerous Flirtation with 'God', a code-word for liberal redistributionism
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SENATOR BILLY JO BLATHER, HOST: God is a code-wo'd fo' liberalism, redistribushunism, populism, progressivism, usin' govment t'fo'ce rich varmints t'share.

When Ah was in college, Ah had at least three liberal room-mates--thet was befo'e Ah split wif them-- who thunk thet whut God be hankerin' fo' is liberalism an' redistribushunism an' taxashun of rich varmints in th' wo'ld.

T'other day Ah did some icognito research, Ah put on sunglasses so nobody c'd reckanize me, an' went t'a unyversity whar Ah heard these populists, about a dozen of them, talkin' about how they believed thet whut God wanted, was govment fo'cin' rich varmints t'share th' wealth.

Ah put on a false musstache an' spied on a cocktail party--Ah mean made a cameo appeareence at a cocktail party-- pretendin' t'be mah buddy's outta town friend. Ah heard at least ha'f a dozen progressives at this hyar party, talk about how they believed in God, an' were into experiencin' God's Spirit.

Ah also knows of at least a dozen labo' union thugs who believe in God.

So yo've gotta unnerstan' thet God is a code-wo'd fo' liberalism, an' a soak-the-rich wif high taxes mentality, th' lazy as a houn'dog majo'ity decidin' t'have th' hard wawkin' mino'ity fo' dinner.

So eff'n yo' hear a Church start talkin' about God, exit thet church, helter-skelter as fast as yo' kin away fum it, an' find yo'seff a fine cornservative Church thet igno'es God.

@2010 David Virgil Hobbs

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Saturday, March 06, 2010

career test results for David Virgil Hobbs

Today featured a test that uses color preferences at ( I took a few tests at These tests use the results of the questions they ask, such as questions re color preference, to come up with suggestions re what careers would be the best choice for an individual. You can see my notes re these tests and their results for me, at:

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