Saturday, January 06, 2007

RE the idea that atheists are less dangerous and terrifying than theists/deists

A current idea is that theists/deists are more dangerous and terrifying than atheists. Thus the theists/deists in mideast nations are presumed to be more dangerous than the atheists in the Soviet Union were or the Chinese atheists in the PRC are. Thus the theists/deists in the mideast are targetted with military attacks that atheists in the Soviet Union were not targetted with and that atheists in China are not targetted with.

In contradiction of this idea, lies the fact that there are atheist men who steal and terrorize those who would recover the thefts; they extort, and terrorize those who would recover what is extorted; at the same time, these activities of theirs do not make them positive forces in national or international society.

The current idea, extolls atheists as being more political, selfish, and power hungry than theists/deists, and also, the doctrine praises atheists as being less self-sacrificing, less dangerous, and less terrifying than theists/deists.

Again in contradiction of the current idea, the fans of atheism fail to see that atheists can be a problem for a people or a federation of peoples, because they are too political, too selfish, too power hungry; and also because they are not self-sacrificing enough, not dangerous enough, and not terrifying enough when it comes to intimidating enemies of the people, or enemies of the federation of peoples, enemies that are not a positive force in national or international society.

@2006 David Virgil Hobbs

Being Put On To the French National Soccer (Football) Team -- A Dream

Approximately 345 AM, night of January 6, 2007, an unbelievably warm night in the Boston area (temperature 65 degrees), after drinking a glass of tangerine juice mixed with wheat germ oil, I had a dream about the international (players who represent nations) soccer world. In the dream...

It was night-time, the temperature was perfect, cool but not cold. A few hundred international-level type male and female soccer players from all over the world had to run a mile fast, get to the end point in a certain amount of time, to make it on to their respective national soccer teams.

We ran an outdoor course, some of it was up little hills, there were winding turns. There was a steeply uphill section that was about 20 yards long in which we ran through loose dark brown dirt, at this point I had trouble getting accelerated, these black players using short choppy steps leaning forward like sprinters at the start of a sprint, got through this section alot faster than I did.

Near this point with the loose dark brown dirt, for about fifteen yard we had to run up an inclined surface that was composed of bars of dark brown polished shiny wood that were linked together with some kind of rope, that was like the bars of wood the mattress is placed on in a futon. I slowed down compared to other players at this point, but then got myself going again by using my arms to pull myself upwards; I would grab the wood bars and hoist my legs up and repeat the process till I got through this section.

At another point there was some confusion amongst the players regarding which direction to go at a fork in the road--some went the wrong way, a female player with straight brown hair in a pony tail, wearing gray clothes, who was stocky and about five feet eight inches tall went the wrong way. Seems going to the left was the wrong way and going to the right was the correct way, also seems in the end it did not make much difference in time or distance whether you went to the left or to the right at this fork in the road. I went to the right, because I saw a bunch of players running to the right at this fork in the road and guessed that they must know what they are doing. The right turn led up a hill, the left turn out on to flat land on a road.

There was a straight-away section running on the side of a long wide highway in very flat land--on this straightaway flat section I did really well, zooming along using very long strides. A female player of close to average height with dark brown straight hair in a pony tail was running near me at this point until I got ahead of her.

I surprised myself by how fast I was able to run the mile. I ran using very long strides. I ran the mile faster than the average time for these players.

I liked the atmosphere at the end-line, the international soccer world seemed to me to be intelligent, cheerful and good in spirit.

When we got to the end-line, those of us who got to the end line fast enough, got put on to various national soccer teams.

At the end-line, there were things like long escalators as you find in department stores transporting people and players up and down, but the lighting continued to be dim, so that light-wise it was similar to night in the outdoors but somewhat brighter, illuminated by dim yellow light. Seems the areas where people were walking around or moving on escalators at the end-line were partly outdoors and partly indoors.

I got on a long escalator going down, it must have been at least 40 yards from the top of the escalator to the bottom, and as I traveled downwards, this white man who seemed to be in between 25 and 45 in age, who was traveling upwards on the same escalator started talking to me in a loud tone of voice as he was about 12 yards away from me. He was about six feet two inches tall, thick in body without being fat or extremely muscular. He had normal length dark brown straight hair, a normal length but thick brown mustache, no beard; he wore a tight short sleeved shirt, that was grayish in color with thick brownish horizontal stripes on the torso area. I could not tell for sure the colors in his shirt because of the dim light. He told me that I was going to be put on the French national soccer team. He said something about how good Irish players are. Somehow I could read some of his thoughts--he was thinking that I had about ten years left in me as an international-level player. He said that I was being given a new name that I would use on the French team. The new name was..."Ronald Rapriere".

When I awoke I was thinking of how it seemed that much of the world is stupid, unethical, and gloomy compared to the international soccer world; it seemed to me that much of the world, is obsessed with treating everyone the same, and at the same time paradoxically obsessed with discriminating on the basis of various criteria.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Even if National Security survives National Economic Demise, You have Potential Problems

If a weak US free-trade economy based on impermanent sources such as borrowed money and cash on hand through the sale of assets is a national security problem, because it results in a lack of resources for defenses, then you have a national security problem.

If on the other hand you say that the (often eccentric, un-Christian, foreign invested-and-oriented) elites and foreigners have enough trillions stashed away in secret accounts to keep the US national defenses strong even after the economy has collapsed, then you have to ask yourself, who in the nation will be secure if the only money in the nation is found amongst such elites and foreigners? How can you expect foreign elites to take a hearty interest in the national security of the nation?

Where is the national security, when while "the nation" remains unconquered, the people of quality in the nation lose their security and are enslaved or worse?

Seems it has almost become a hallowed tradition in the USA, to betray the race, betray the faith, and betray the nation. When are the "patriotic" men who enthuse like cheerleaders over the current direction of the nation, going to develop an intellectual link between the economy, and the state of their race, their Church, and their nation?

Sure there is plenty of evil to be found amongst the American people. But if 55% of the American people are evil, does that mean the remaining 45% are of no value to the nation and to the world?

Have the "patriotic" leaders who enthuse over the current direction of the nation lost their faith in the idea that economic strength in the USA is a force for good in the world? Have they concluded that the white race, is merely a source of evil on planet earth? Have they decided Christianity is just some kind of pollution?

What we read in the scriptures, is that those who are "heartless", those who "lack natural affection", and "the treacherous" are sinners. Sinners mostly sin against those of their own race, their own faith, their own nation. Likewise the treacherous damage their own race, faith, and nation. Thus the treacherous and the sinners are national allies. All nations contain both evil and good. The scriptures, written to citizens of the ancient Roman empire, did not say, go ahead, betray the empire, look at how evil it is!

Even Hindus in far-off India can see how the USA's strength as a nation involves more than tax cuts, military aggression, contempt for persons who are not rich, and the consumption of cheap imports, how in fact such things can weaken the USA (,0093.htm). But all the chest-thumping, Bible thumping American "patriots" can conceptualize, is that the USA is somehow magically strengthened by tax cuts, cheap imports, military aggression, and contempt for persons who are not wealthy.

If a nation is not able to understand what makes it strong, and what makes it weak, how will it be able to understand that which a nation needs to understand in order to be strong, which is, what makes foreign nations strong, and what makes foreign nations weak?

@2006 David Virgil Hobbs

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Societal intolerance of religious doctrine is unreasonable

Scriptural doctrines must be taken in the context of other scriptures, in the context that all things are possible, and that most of God's thoughts words and actions are not recorded in scripture. This does not mean that doctrines should be heretically rejected.

It is written, "it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven". This is balanced by the accompanying statement that rich men shall nevertheless be able to enter the kingdom of heaven because with God all things, including things such as camels passing through the eye of a needle, shall be possible. Scripture condemns theft but the thief that was crucified with Christ entered into paradise with Christ.

Society tolerates persons such as tennis coaches advancing their own personal individual views regarding how to win in tennis, even if such views contradict those of other tennis coaches. Society realizes that restrictions such as allowing only one style of tennis to be taught can result in low performance.

Likewise, it is reasonable to tolerate persons advancing their own individual views regarding the kind of conduct, that leads to spiritual victory in this life on earth and in the afterlife.

@2007 David Virgil Hobbs