Monday, March 30, 2015


Inspired by the home-fries at the breakfast restaurants (my mom never made home-fries) I invented a new home-fries recipe I find to be superior to that used by the imitated restaurants. My recipe produces a home-fries that: is easy to digest, tastes good, peps up the body, does not make you tired/sleepy, contains important nutrients in high quantity, lacks ingredients that are harmful:

Ingredients: water, potatoes, bell peppers, other peppers, onions, red palm oil, sea salt, garlic, cayenne pepper, olive oil.


1 In water, in covered pot boil potatoes, salt, peppers, cayenne pepper, garlic, olive oil, for 12-15 minutes. For the ultra hot tasting peppers, might be wise to not chop them up before boiling; less hot peppers can be chopped up.

2. Remove boiled stuff and place in saute pan, add chopped onions. Fry in red palm oil for 12-15 minutes. Allow to cool. Sprinkle with sea-salt.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

NBC News-based Headline News Summary

Continuing with testing of news sources other than Google World News, I put together a concise headlines list based upon the World News - Breaking International News Headlines - NBC News page. This took me just 8 minutes (compared to approx 1.1 hours for BBC, 2.5 for CNN World News).

Beneath the following summary based on the NBC News website content for 3/20/2015, I discuss possible areas of improvement for the NBC News website (the summary is not broken up into US/Nuclear-nations/non-nuclear nations/global this time):

...Yemen Blasts: Suicide Bombers Strike Sanaa Mosques, Killing 137 ...300 Injured in Suicide Blasts...India Cheating Scandal: 600 Students Expelled at Bihar Schools 600 Cheating Students Send India Officials Up the Wall...Afghan Woman Stoned, Set Alight After Allegedly Burning Quran Woman Stomped, Stoned, Set Alight in Afghan Capital
...White House Critical of Netanyahu's 'Lack of Commitment' on Two-State Solution...Solar Eclipse Lures Sky-Gazers on First Day of Spring...ISIS Is Rich, But Spending Money Fast...Syrian Forces Launch Airstrikes in Aleppo...Couple Convicted of Concealing 271 Stolen Picassos...Cheats Climb High in Eastern India...Japan Arrests Suspect in Phone Threats to U.S. Installations...A 52-year-old Japanese man has been arrested for allegedly phoning  threats to the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo and Camp Schwab on Okinawa...Tunisia Attack: Is Arab Spring's Success Story Over?...Death Toll From Museum Siege Climbs...Prince Harry Vows to Do 'All I Can' to Help Veterans...Woman Arrested for Allegedly Faking Cancer and Collecting Money...

7 Incredible Women You've Never Even Heard Of GLOBALPOST.COM A Baked Eggs Dish That's Just as Tasty as It Looks...EPICURIOUS.COM Blow Your Chinese Delivery Spot Out Of The Water With This Dish EPICURIOUS.COM...REALSIMPLE.COM Foods Most Likely to Have Germs That Can Make You Sick HEALTH.COM

COMMENT (not ordered by numbered points this time, but longer than usual this time for some reason)

IMHO, the NBC News pages could be improved in certain ways:

It took me only 8 minutes to produce the summary notes for the day from the page. However the page was chockful of errors, the net effect of which is that the page and the pages on its site that it links to, are sort of repulsive and not anything one would want to return to given the multitude of choices available in the internet world.

What connected & therefore experienced halfwit (who however has an eye for picturesque imagery) designed or coded their page? Seems the page is the product of coke-addled brains that never had to be exercised because the owners of the brains hail from affluent families.

The page and the pages it links to are filled with mindnumbing unnecessary boring, distracting tiring depressing stress-producing clutter & redundancy; and the pages are slow to load and to scroll.

The Menu-Banner at the top consumes too much vertical space, much too much, about 3" at 100% magnification. When you scroll, unbelievably, you cannot get away from the oversized menu banner at the top of the page. The pages are slow to load and to scroll, and do not scroll smoothly.

When you open a link in a new tab, the video starts playing and you are forced to hear the audio of it, without you first giving your permission by clicking a  button.

The top section is 'news>WORLD', which looks silly because world is in big bold font and news is in small light font. The 'news>WORLD' section contains 3 columns, in the left 2 columns, on top there is a photo related to the top story and then a headline, and beneath the headline it says 'WORLD'.  Clicking 'WORLD' merely sends you back to the page you are alread on. Yet, 'WORLD' is repeated under five of the headlines in the 'news>WORLD' section, cluttering up the page and distracting the eye and the mind.

Subject labels that send to subject timelines etc should go into a  menu dropdown link, and be included in the page that is linked to; such would reduce clutter.

Clutter is created due to the 'VIDEO' label that is instituted in link headlines that lead to a page containing video; yet link headlines that do not contain the VIDEO label also sometimes lead to pages that contain videos.

An entire half inch wide column that runs from the top to the bottom of the page, contains nothing but a feedback button. And, the feedback does not lead to a form for expressing your opinion re a story but rather to a multiple-choice survey!

When you click on a link to go to a page on the site, at the linked-to page, you get without asking for it, other photos and stories and videos, stacked up beneath the video or story you linked to. This slows down loading and scrolling.

The world 'GALLERY' is unnecessarily included in links such as 'The Week in Pictures'.

The second section underneath the top section is 'TOP WORLD - NBC NEWS VIDEOS'.  The headlines lead to coverage that is video not text, but if you scroll down, as in the first section, you get unrelated content that the link you clicked on has nothing to do with.  The videos linked to are badly crushed horizontally by a verbose, horizontally fat column containing links and photo-links to other videos. The 'top videos' column is redundantly repeated inside this fat obtrusive column next to the video.

Some of the headlines in this section are accompanied by large images with yellow boxes with black triangles in the middle. Clicking on the headline, and clicking on the image take you to the same page. The yellow boxes mess up the image, and the images are usually of low quality, boring, & uninformative. Yet these image-links take up a huge amount of space on a page that is already cluttered.  Although the headline for this section states 'VIDEOS', the world VIDEO is repeated 4 times in this section, in headlines that are not accompanied by an image.

This section contains a repeat of a link-headline already found in the first section, and also contains a headline that is not repeated elsewhere on the page. Great! Redundancy and clutter, PLUS not knowing whether a section is composed of repeats of headlines already encountered, or composed of headlines not seen elsewhere.

The next section, is entitled 'MORE WORLD'. This section features the same problems as found in the 'TOP WORLD' section that precedes it. In addition, the word 'WORLD'  is repeated with 26 of the headlines, but clicking on 'WORLD' simply takes you back to the page you are already on.

The final section, 'AROUND THE WEB', contains links to content at other sites; each headline-link  is accompanied by a link which gives the name of the site linked to. However both links take you to the same page. The links take you to a 'zergnet' headline links page, which you have to click on to continue to the page the link text allegedly was sending you to. The result is that you have to click twice and wait for page load twice before getting to the page the link was supposed to take you to. Normally when you hover the mouse-pointer over a link, you can find out what website is linked to by looking in the status bar, you don't have to go to an intermediate page before getting to the link, you don't have to click twice to get to the link, you don't have to endure the clutter of text that tells you which site the linked to page is on.

TV stations need to integrate their TV with their websites; for example send them to a search engine on their website that allows them to search the site for content related to what they heard about on the TV broadcast (incredibly the boneheads have still not instituted this); but if their websites are trash, attempting such will just drag them down.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

BBC-based Headline News Summary

Continuing with testing of news sources other than Google World News, I put together a concise headlines list based upon the BBC News - World page:  This took me approx 1.1 hours (compared to 2.5 for CNN World News).

Beneath the following summary based on the BBC website content for 3/11/2015, I list some possible areas of improvement for CNN:


...Thomas Jackson will leave...on 19 March...Ferguson police chief...Jackson, in charge as the US town was hit by last year's riots... How black and white America view Ferguson... Why Wisconsin jails...many black people...Eleven missing after US army crash...US sanctions...Russia ideologue ... marijuana business in Washington of legalised marijuana
Nuclear Nations

Nemtsov daughter...blames...Putin...says ...Putin must bear responsibility for his death. 'My father fought...Putin, nobody else'...Kadyrov: Putin's key Chechen ally (defends Chechen suspect)...Who killed Nemtsov?...Putin reveals secret Crimea plot (planned annexation before referendum)...China babies openly...sold online...Motorway thieves steal French jewels ($10 million only)...Pakistan troops raid MQM (violent(?) Pak Political party) head office...The doctors who built a cheap hospital (in India)...IS claims killing of 'Israeli spy'...French sports stars die in Argentina (TV Camera helicopters collide)...
Non-Nuclear Nations

US predicts Iraqi victory in Tikrit...says...Iraqi forces will drive Islamic State out of Tikrit...Iran's role in fight for Tikrit...Tikrit is key to rolling back IS...Amnesty condemns Iran birth drive...Saudis recall Sweden ambassador (Sweden had criticized, ceased arms exports to Saudis)...Background, features and analysis on turmoil over extremist group in Syria and Iraq...Boko Haram pledge to Islamic State

Santander (Spanish bank) and Deutsche Bank fail US "stress tests" designed to assess whether lenders can withstand another financial crisis...Euro hits 12-year low against dollar...The euro has fallen to its lowest level in 12 years against the US dollar after the European Central Bank (ECB) began its bond buying programme...Greek threat to seize German assets (WW2 compensation, wrath re austerity imposed by German lenders)...The day Serbs killed my entire family...Croatian ghostbusters The mission: Drive out evil spirits...Kenyan MP's shooting remains an unsolved crime 40 years on...




IMHO, the BBC pages could be improved in certain ways:

Headlines are not logically organized by subject in terms of placement within sections of the web-page;

Headlines are not logically organized by subject in terms of placement within a section of the page;

3 Sensationalist headlines link to stories that are not what the headline makes them seem to be.

4 Headlines are too Vague

5 On the positive side it takes only 9 minutes to produce a simple condensed version of their page for notes.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Movie Costumes & Props version 1

I had been thinking, how could I utilize the human talent in the area to make a successful movie that got the General audience rating, a movie even children could legally watch?

Financially attempting to provide for the people in one's own family, house', & extra-familial group is an established primary ethic.  So also is sexual decorum. The vast majority of people in the world see nothing wrong with producing or watching video & film. The 'talent' in the area is being roughed up by the tough economy. You can do one thing with one kind of talent and another thing with another kind of talent.

My fresh new approach, different from approaches to screen-writing I've implemented in the past, is to list the costumes and props I now feel inclined to use for such a movie project, and then go about writing a script that fits  the costumes & props list (perhaps assisted by others also attempting to fit the costumes & props to a story). Such new approaches seem to produce at least a few pages of decent script before I fizzle out with "Writer's Block".

The props list could be utilized for actual social situations, which men are supposed to do an excellent job of leading their family & social events (managing the social life as well as they would were they Christ's servants managing Christ's social life). Making a movie with others could bring people together for an experience superior to merely being a 'couch-potato'.

Besides, unlike the merely social type, serious big-money movie producer types don't get into trouble with aggressive cops and administrators.

Below is the best I can do as of now when it comes to a costumes/props list that would utilize area talent without being exceedingly lascivious or boring (v. 1 = 3:55 PM 3/9/2015):

List of Costumes:

1. 1960s style 1-piece swimsuits
2. Loose ankle-length dresses
3. Short, crimson & white cheerleader type dresses made of individual flaps falling from the hip.
4. Women's track & field racing briefs
5. Weird minimizer bras of type I've seen area women in tight shirts wearing.
6. Oversized long-sleeved shirts
7. Long sleeved shirts
8. Skin-tight Jeans
9. Skin-tight Pants, thin material
10. Pajama type hospital-type drawstring pants
11. Judo Uniforms
12. Roller Derby Helmets
13. Skin-tight long-sleeved shirts
14. Martial Arts Protective Equipment
15. Wrestling Boots

List of Props:

1. Stage of type used by Burlesque Dancers
2. Boxing Ring
3.Weights Machine
4. Cages that: can safely be lifted by cranes; contain enough space for at least one person and weightlifting equipment; can be piled on top of each other.
5. Huge earth-floored room for moving around cages described in (4).
6. Table of the type people dance on top of (ie Mrs Beckham in Majorca Spain supposedly)
7. Giant oversized circular bed.
8. Small or miniature Roller-Derby Track
9. Horses
10. Place to ride Horses
11. Big building with big rooms like the International House at U. of Chicago.
12. Small or miniature castle
13. Quality 'Green-Screen' Chroma Key Compositing Technology

Note: Seems to me, that a family should study the rules that the orders of nuns have lived by, and the wives should live according to a regimen or schedule resembling (at least structurally) that followed by nuns.

Script Collaboration Example

My first reaction to the list of costumes and props: Seems that what is involved is a someone who rules over 'conventionally attractive' Glamazon (glamorous + amazon) slaves. The first question I leave open to collaborators is, should the Lord of the Glamazon Slaves (LGS), be:

Evil, good, a saintly king, an evil queen, a mix of good and evil, a queen who is a mix of good and evil, a comic-book villain, a comic-book hero, a beast, a devil, or what?

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Sunday, March 08, 2015

CNN-Based Headline News Summary

Continuing with testing of news sources other than Google World News, I put together a concise headlines list based upon the CNN News pages: U.S. News - Headlines, Stories and Video -, World News - International Headlines, Stories and Video -, The last 50 stories - This took me approx 2.5 hours.

Beneath the following summary based on the CNN website content for 3/8/2015, I list some possible areas of improvement for CNN:


Laser Weapon Melts Truck From 1 Mile...Dem Senator Menendez Corruption Charges...US Airforce Losing Superiority?...Ferguson Disturbance Report 'shocking'...Guaranteed Income for all? (more efficient?)...Drugs impairing women?...College students build robotic arms for kids...Dunkin Donuts donut recipe changing...Jeb Bush needs more conservative support, 74% repubs not open to supporting Trump ...

Nuclear Powers

Russia arrests Chechen suspects in Nemtsov killing...Putin cuts salaries including his own...hundreds of Skeletons discovered under Paris France market...UK's Emma says gender equality not about women alone...N Korea boss Kim's new hairstyle...Jesus trial location found in Israel?...
Non-Nuclear  Powers

Boko Haram Applies  Slash 'n Burn 'Agri-tech' to  Attack on Village...Nigerian explosions kill >24...Rich cant find food in Venezuela...longevity in Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica...Lost Honduran Jungle City Discovered...Why Marital Rape Legal in India (so men can safely lie with their wives?)...Argentina leader Kirchner's Fans Stay Home...Menstruation taboos in India...Saudis have problems spotting terrorists...New sex park for Taiwan...

Forgotten women of history...ignorance re global population growth...the world's safest city...the world's safest airlines

IMHO, the CNN pages could be improved in certain ways:

1 Pages are slow to load, slow to scroll, buttons have to be pushed repeatedly in order to see headlines which pass into invisibility as new headlines are brought into view;

2 Pages are cluttered; ready-to-roll videos &photos are overused and links to videos & photos underused;

3 Link headlines to a given story often appear in more than one section, an onerous redundancy;

4 There is even redundancy in terms of sections with certain sections duplicating each other;

5 There is inefficient use of space on the webpage leading to excess of scrolling (at 100% magnification, one must hit page down 13x just to get through the page at (, exacerbated by the pages being slow to scroll;

6 If you copy and paste the entire page (personal-use note taking), you find weird lines in the copy such as, 'is your penis size normal', but then you cannot find that text in the source-code or in the normal display;

7 The headlines are too mysterious;

8 Their sense of priority in terms of what is unimportant is undeveloped;

9 Generally the news presentation has too much of a certain personality: the busy prosperous globe-trotter who reassures himself that his own society is healthy by focusing on the foolishness in the 3rd world countries, and who thinks anybody who is nice to women and blacks is good.

10 By the way I'm just the award-winning HS journalist, Harvard-grad, with the high postgraduate standardized test scores, and the 1 Timothy 6:17-19 quote on his resume, who (best I can recall) could not get an interview with any of the media companies including CNN. Apparently they are a kindergarten for the connected; and it shows.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

News Summary March 7 2015

Took 2.5 hours to produce this summary, which was finished at 12:27 PM 3/7/2015, and made without using Google News. I had noticed that France 54 TV seemed to be following Google World News. So I wanted to test a news summary made without using Google World news.


...Justice Dept bribery charges vs Dem Senator Menendez...Republicans vs net neutrality who is the real tyrant?...
Nuclear Powers

US freezes more Russian assets...Chinese caught in Moscow with 500 lbs (5 million doses?) Meth...Chinese strategist leaked secrets...knifeman on the loose...China refuses to close website that claims islands for China...Beijing population to be capped @ 23 million...tough economic year ahead in China...Obama to attend China war parade?..UK's Cameron sanctions Russia...UK's Cameron's broken(?) energy price control promises...UK 5 year ban on unskilled immigrants?...French Sub sinks US carrier group in drill...Le Pen's vision for France...BB speech & oil price...Livni: BB ruining US-Israel relationship...New Nuclear Plants in Dangerous Karachi...hundreds Pakistanis refuse Polio vaccine...UK scientists suspect LSD cures depression...
Other Nations

EU ctrl bank $1T bond purchases...Mercenaries recruited in Sweden? New Germany Spy HQ robbed & flooded...US' pet Syrian rebel group defeated...Iran's Shiite militias conquer Iraqi territory...Erdogan: Saudi Arabia wants peace with Egypt... Erdogan fined for insulting Armenia...Africans: US & UK caused Sudan problems...Boko Haram kills 68...Chad vs Boko Haram...UAE assisted Egyptian coup v Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi?...Iran: Persia saved Jews 3x...Iran rejects nuke deal 10-yr clause that BB found too lenient...Venezuela bars Bush & Cheney
...Brazil Tax increase spares wealthy...consumer power bills up 23%...Mexico helps illegals in US re property disputes back home...Mexico arrests top gangster...gangster arrests fail to stem drug supply...UN sanctions & Sudan...stateless in W Africa...Japan's scary spy agency is back...UK royal visits Fukushima...Japanese resist military spending...

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Netanyahu Congress speech condensed

2:47 PM EST 3/3/2015-- I figure things would turn out better if condensed versions of speeches and books and citations were more available. I think I retain more & understand better, when I read a competently condensed version of a thing with the extra words taken out. So here I present first my condensed version of Netanyahu's March 3, 2015 speech to the US Congress, and then a condensed extract re his youth in the USA based on the Wikipedia article:

Israeli PM Netanyahu speech to US Congress, March 3, 2015
Condensed to 1285 words (33% of original 3921 words according to Word Counter) from 

Note: The first defect in the speech that I noticed (aside from matters of belief): Mr. Netanyahu delved into the difference between the proposed agreement with Iran in its current form, and an alternative agreement he would prefer, without describing what policies are now in place with regards to Iran, which led to confusion. 


(Thanks to the United States)

Thank you...Democrats and Republicans, for your common support for Israel, year after year, decade after matter on which side of the aisle you sit, you stand with Israel...America and Israel, we share...the destiny of promised lands that cherish freedom...Israel is grateful for the support...of America's people and...presidents, from...Truman to ...Obama...We appreciate all that...Obama has done for strengthening security cooperation...opposing anti-Israel resolutions at the 2010 when we had the Carmel forest fire...he...agreed to respond to my request for...aid...In 2011, we had our embassy in Cairo under siege...he provided...assistance...his support for more missile interceptors...last summer when we took on Hamas...some of what the president has done for Israel might never be known, because it touches on...strategic issues that arise between an American president and an Israeli prime minister. ...Israel is grateful to...the American Congress...for...military assistance and missile defense, including Iron Dome... millions of Israelis were protected from thousands of Hamas rockets because (of)...Iron Dome... 

(History of Dangers Faced by Israel & World)

In...4,000 years...many have destroy the Jewish people. Tomorrow ...Purim, we'll read ...Esther ...Persian viceroy ...Haman... plotted to destroy the Jewish people... 2,500 years ago...Queen Esther, exposed the plot...The plot was foiled...Today the Jewish people face another...Persian potentate...Iran's...Ayatollah Khamenei...tweets in English that Israel must be destroyed...Nasrallah...leader of Hezbollah, Iran's...terrorist proxy (said) If...Jews gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of chasing them down...6 million Jews murdered by...Nazis were ...a fraction of the 60 million...killed in World War II...Iran's regime poses 

(History of Iran's Post-1979 Behavior)

People of Iran of the world's great 1979, they were hijacked by religious zealots...the zealots drafted a constitution...It directed the revolutionary fulfill...jihad. The regime's founder...Khomeini, exhorted "export the revolution throughout the world"...Iran's founding document pledges death, tyranny, and the pursuit of states are collapsing...Iran is charging into the void to do just that. Lebanon...on the Golan Heights ...Backed by Iran, Assad is slaughtering Syrians...Shiite militias are rampaging through Iraq...Houthis are seizing control of Yemen, threatening...the mouth of the Red Sea...with the Straits of Hormuz, that would give Iran a second choke-point on the world's oil supply. Iran took...Americans hostage in Tehran, murdered hundreds of American Beirut...was responsible for killing and maiming thousands of American service Iraq and Afghanistan. ...It blew up the Jewish community center and the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires...helped Al Qaida bomb U.S. embassies in Africa...attempted to assassinate the Saudi Washington, D.C...Iran now dominates...Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sanaa. ...if Iran's aggression is...unchecked, more will...follow. [my note- this could be said to be the result of US policy of the past; given the absence of the US policy of the past how would things be different?] ...

(Iran's Recent Behavior)

Two years ago, we were told to give...(Iran)... a chance...(Iran's) government hangs gays, persecutes Christians, jails journalists and executes...more ...than before. Last year,... (Iran's) Zarif...laid a wreath at the grave of...Mughniyeh...the terrorist...who spilled more American blood than any other...besides...bin Laden... Iran's regime is as radical as ever... ideology of Iran's...regime is...rooted in...Islam...this regime will always be an enemy of America... 

(Iran a Threat Despite Its Enmity for ISIS)

The battle between Iran and ISIS doesn't turn Iran into a friend...Iran and ISIS are competing for the crown...Both want to impose a militant Islamic empire...on...the entire world...there's no place for America or...Israel, no peace for Christians, Jews or Muslims who don't share the Islamist medieval creed, no rights for women, no freedom... ISIS is armed with butcher knives...Iran could... be armed with intercontinental...missiles...nuclear bombs...To defeat ISIS and let Iran get nuclear weapons would be to win the battle, but lose the war... 

(Defects of Iran Deal Now Being Negotiated)

The deal...being negotiated ...will not prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. It would...guarantee... Iran gets those weapons... The...concession would leave Iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure...a short break-out time to the bomb. Break-out time...time it takes to amass...weapons-grade uranium...plutonium for a...bomb. ...not a single nuclear facility would be demolished...centrifuges used to enrich uranium would be left spinning...disconnected...not destroyed. ...Iran's nuclear program...break-out time would be ...a year... if Iran's work on...faster centrifuges, is not stopped...break-out time could shorter...Iran's adherence to...restrictions would be supervised by...inspectors...inspectors document violations; they don't stop them. ...North Korea turned off the cameras, kicked out the inspectors. Within...years, it got the bomb. ...within five years North Korea could have...100 nuclear bombs. ...Iran...defied international inspectors...on...three...occasions -- 2005, 2006, 2010...Iran broke the locks, shut off the cameras. ...Iran...plays...hide-and-cheat... Iran was...caught twice...operating secret nuclear facilities...that inspectors didn't...know existed. ...IAEA said in 2013..."If there's no undeclared Iran, it will be the first time in 20 years..." all the restrictions on Iran's nuclear program will ...expire in...a decade...Iran would then be free to build...many nuclear bombs. Iran...says...Iran plans...190,000 centrifuges, not...the 19,000...Iran has today...With this...capacity, Iran could arsenal... in... legitimacy...Iran's...Missile program is not part of the deal...Iran could have the means to deliver that nuclear arsenal to...every part of the United States... 

(Future of Iran In Absence of Adequate Western Response)

I don't believe...Iran's...regime will change for the better...This regime has been in power for 36 years...its...aggression grows with each... year... ...Iran is gobbling up four countries...while it's under sanctions, how many more...when sanctions are lifted...when it has mountains of cash...?... it can enjoy...aggression abroad, prosperity at home... Iran will become...more aggressive...sponsor... more terrorism when its economy is unshackled and it's...given...the bomb...these neighbors...they'll respond by racing to get nuclear weapons ...A prevent...proliferation would...spark a...arms race...the Middle East crisscrossed by nuclear tripwires... we'll face a...more dangerous Iran, a Middle East littered with nuclear bombs... 

(An Adequate Western Response Creates a Better Future)

We don't have to bet the security of the world on the hope...Iran will change... We...insist...restrictions on Iran's nuclear program not be long as Iran continues its aggression... Before lifting those restrictions, the world should demand that Iran...stop its aggression...stop supporting terrorism...stop threatening...Israel...If Iran doesn't change...restrictions should not be lifted...Without...centrifuges...enriched uranium...heavy water facilities, Iran can't make nuclear weapons. ... Iran...can be rolled insisting on a better deal and keeping...pressure on a...vulnerable regime, especially given the...collapse in the price of oil. ... if Iran threatens to walk away from the their bluff. They'll be back, because they need the deal a lot more than you do...this is a bad deal...We're better off without it...we're...told...the only alternative to this bad deal is war...The a...better deal...that doesn't leave Iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure and...short break-out time. that place until Iran's aggression that won't give Iran...the bomb...One path...will...curtail Iran's nuclear ambitions for a while...but...lead to a nuclear-armed Iran whose... aggression will ...lead to war...a...better deal...would prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, a nuclearized Middle East... 

Netanyahu's Childhood & Youth in the USA
condensed (& embellished) from 

Netanyahu was born...1949 in Tel Aviv, to Tzila Segal (...1912 -2000) and Prof. Benzion Netanyahu (1910–2012), the middle of three children. He Jerusalem, where he attended Henrietta Szold Elementary School...Between 1956 and 1958 (age 7-9), and again from 1963 to 1967 (age 14-17), his family lived in...Cheltenham...Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, where he...graduated from Cheltenham High School...he...has retained his Philadelphia accent...Netanyahu studied at MIT between 1972 and 1977 (age 23-28), earning S.B. and S.M. degrees. After graduating from high school in 1967 (age 18), Netanyahu returned to Israel to enlist in the IDF... elite special forces... He took part in...cross-border...raids during the 1969–70 War of Attrition (age 20-21). He was wounded...on multiple occasions. He was involved in...Operation Inferno (1968, age 19)...rescue of the hijacked Sabena Flight 571 in May 1972 (age 23) ...shot in the shoulder...Netanyahu returned to the United States in late 1972 (age 23) to study architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He returned to Israel in October 1973 (age 24) to serve in the Yom Kippur War for a 40-day period....he fought in special forces raids along the Suez Canal, as well as leading a commando team deep into Syrian territory. He then returned to the United States and...completed an S.B. degree in architecture in 1975 (age 26) and earned an S.M. degree from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 1977 (age 28). Concurrently, he studied political science at Harvard University...he changed his name to Benjamin Ben Nitai (Nitai, a reference to both Mount Nitai and to the eponymous Jewish sage Nittai of Arbela...)...In 1976 Netanyahu lost his older brother Yonatan... killed...during the ...hostage-rescue mission Operation Entebbe in which his unit rescued...100 Israeli hostages ...flown to the Entebbe Airport in Uganda...At MIT, Netanyahu graduated near the top of his class...recruited as a...consultant for...Boston Consulting Group in Boston...working at the company between 1976 and 1978 (age 27-29). At...Boston Consulting Group, he was a colleague of Mitt Romney...In 1978, Netanyahu returned to Israel.