Saturday, August 31, 2013

'Atlas Shrugged' faces competition from Sen Blather

Memo - from Senator Billy Jo Blather

To - Davey Hobbs

Subject: My new Book that will Outshine 'Atlas Shrugged'

Ah have been gittin' sick of all this hyar attenshun bein' paid by members of mah political party, t'Atlas Shrugged, th' book by Ayn Ran'. It has become their Bible. Tharfo'e Ah have started wawkin' on a book of mah own, which will replace 'Atlas Shrugged'. Ah thunk I'd send mah fust ideas t'yo' fo' review. As of now, mah outline fo' th' book, (whose title as of now is 'Odin Mugged') is:

Ole Man Frankie D'anaconda, af'er wawkin' 21 hours a day seven days a week fo' 32 years, experimentin' an' studyin' th' problem, figgers out thet eff'n he has sex wif his pet cow, on th' night of a full moon, af'er cornsumin' 5 'Manhattan' cocktails, th' cow will prodooce milk thet af'er sittin' in a pail fo' 5 hours, turns into a super glue thet is 20 times as pow'ful as th' leadin' glue, an' thet costs only a tenth of whut th' leadin' glue costs.

Ole Man Frankie has blue eyes, chiseled features, an' light-brown hair. His pet cow has gray eyes, chiseled features, an' yellow hair. Ole Man Frankie has no feelin' fo' ennythin' on earth, 'cept he has deep feelin's fo' his pet cow. Ole Man Frankie's method of producin' th' superglue by havin' sex wif his cow, does not wawk eff'n th' cow is artifically inseminated. Ole Man Frankie's atheism an' his corntempp fo' religious ethics, is whut makes th' produckshun of th' superglue by way of sex wif th' houn'dog postible.

Thousan's of wo'ds will be devoted t'his deep feelin's fo' his pet cow, his pet cow's deep feelin's fo' him, an' especially his pet cow's facial expresshuns as th' pet cow relates t'Ole Man Frankie. Also t'other few thousan' kin be spent dexcribin' th' weather, th' sky, th' lan', an' Ole Man Frankie's clo'es while he invents, prodooces an' defends th' superglue.

Problem is thet Patrick Roosevelt, th' regional bost of th' Food an' Drug Administrashun, does not like Ole Man Frankie's noo invenshun. Patrick Roosevelt has a pudgy fat face an' brown eyes an' black hair. Patrick is wo'ried on account o' th' economah of Biafra in Africa, depends upon th' glue thet th' US imports fum Biafra, an' th' noo glue created by Ole Man Frankie D'anaconda will displace th' Biafran glue, tharby ruinin' Biafra's economah, which Patrick Roosevelt be hankerin' t'promote on account o' Roosevelt believes in bein' ethical an' is a Christian, as enny fool kin plainly see.

Roosevelt's chareecker an' behaviour, combines: ev'rythin' thet tycoons despise, ev'rythin' thet varmints in general despise, an ino'dinate obsesshun wif th' we'fare of fo'eigners, all rolled togither wif an ethical christian perspeckive on life (thus rennerin' christianity an' ethical cornduck repulsive). Roosevelt also personifies th' concern fo' proteckin' incomes an' promotin' equality thet interferes wif nashunal economic development.

Hope t'hear fum yo' soon re yer ideas regardin' th' development of this hyar book. Shet mah mouth!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Markey Dem President Candidate-- a Dream

In the dream (which I had after taking a 6 mile walk around, 13x around the block):

There was a college or university that seemed like a cross between Bentley, Harvard, and the Harvard science center. It seemed to be located in Waltham, yet it seemed I could see locations in Cambridge around Harvard from a high spot on the campus. The campus had yards surrounded by buildings like Harvard. It featured buildings that were like the Harvard science center. But different from Bentley and Harvard, it had wide, high curving hallways connecting the buildings and the rooms in the buildings. It was night-time.

Me and Fred Rolecke (he was a room-mate of mine in the Cambridge/Somerville area years ago, he now lives in South Carolina where he is an ardent Christian) were wandering around this campus. We were the big men on campus, sort of dominating. We were both physically and mentally energetic.

I was living in a large apartment on or near the campus, that I was happy with, yet I had a second apartment nearby, that was also spacious.

Me and Sasanka were walking somewhere, then we were in a room, looking at a photo that seemed to be cut out of some yearbook, of Linda Skinner, that was lying on a bed. He seemed repulsed by her, and as for me-- the photo did not make her look especially pretty and I was feeling unenthusiastic about her, different from the enthusiasm I had felt earlier in life.

Off in the distance in an open concrete parking lot type area of the campus, I saw hundreds and hundreds of students running away from the campus in a panic. I saw some blood from the stampede. I went over to investigate. As it turned out, the entire stampede had been caused by one female white normal-height brown haired student, who did not have any weapons or bombs. I got hold of an ice-ball about the size of a basketball and hit her over the head with it, which knocked her out or almost knocked her out.

I was running up a hill about 30 feet high, the ground had snow on it, I was somewhat surprised by my ability to power up the hill without getting tired. Seemed that my shoes had soccer shoe type cleats in them which helped me get up the hill.

With great difficulty on all fours, on my stomach, I managed to reach the top of another hill. This hill was shaped like the planet earth, it's perfectly curved outline looked like the outline or horizon of planet earth, when planet earth is seen from a nearby spacecraft; except the hill was colored a solid black. I and another man were both annoyed because we felt that Megan Fritschel by her behavior, had made it necessary to climb up this hill, or had made the climb up the hill difficult.

On a yard in the campus, There was a meeting of the Republican candidates for President & Vice-President of the US, and their student supporters. There was snow on the ground. The Republican candidate for president was a Bush, but he was not a close relative of the two Bush Presidents, he was rather, a cousin or a cousin's son or a second cousin or something like that. He was someone who nobody knows in the present time. He was about 6'1" tall, white and clean shaven, had black hair, and wore spectacles with thick black frames. He seemed to be in his thirties or forties. His running mate was my former roommate Frederick Rolecke. Me and this Bush's student supporters, around a couple hundred of them, stood on the ground, and did jumping jacks. This Bush told me, or said, "I love Ed Markey".

I was walking in a big curving hallway, that curved to my left, trailing behind US Senator from Massachusetts Ed Markey and a few of his closest people. Ed Markey was the democratic candidate for president of the US.  The yellowish-brown light in the hallway was dim; the ceiling in the hallway was around 20 feet high. Another, narrower curved hall that extended for about 20 feet, and that also curved to my left, led off the big curved hall and into a room. I stood in the second hallway, and heard Senator Markey, who was in the room ahead, ask for a cigarette. He was sitting at a table in the middle of the room. I went into the room and pulled a 'Kent' brand cigarette out of a pack in my front shirt pocket and gave it to him. Then I sat down.

The room had curved light brown walls, no corners, and was shaped like an oval, but not a regular oval, rather, a somewhat asymmetric oval. In size it was like a circle of about 12 yards in diameter. The room had a high ceiling, about 20 feet high. The light in the room was somewhat dim, brighter and whiter than the light in the hallway. There was a padded bench adjacent to the wall all around the perimeter of the room.

Sitting on the bench, were about two dozen of Markey's top men. None of them, were women, far as I could tell. They could all see into the center of the room. One of the men was Al Roker, the TV personality. He seemed to be jealous of me, and said something to the effect that I should leave the room. Someone asked me how I had managed to rise so far and so fast, that I was in the room with them. I responded to the question with a few words that I do not now remember. The movement to have me leave the room fizzled out.

One of the men in the room was a clean shaven man who was in his 30s or 40s, this man had normal length almost curly brown hair, wore a cozy looking light-brown colored sweater, I saw him because he was across the room from me, he was nice looking. Another of the men was a little shorter than average, with very wide shoulders, and stocky; he wore a hat of the type that Jewish rabbis wear; his skin was was brown, and he wore a black beard the hair of which was no longer than half an inch; he seemed like a nice guy also, he was sitting near me.

Spontaneously, and unrehearsed, everyone in the room started singing the song "What Does It Take (To Win Your Love for Me)", by Jr Walker and the All-Stars. We did a great job of singing the song; we sounded at least as good as Jr Walker and the All-Stars did when they sang the song originally accompanied by all kinds of musical instruments, even though we did not have any instrumental accompaniment. We sang it perfectly, with chorus, everything coordinated perfectly amongst the different persons singing the song. I did not hear any female voice. And then I woke up.

The Lyrics to the song (Songwriters: J Bristol, V Bullock, H Fuqua), 1968:

What does it take
To win your love for me?
How can I make
This dream come true for me?
Whoa I just got to know
Ooo, baby cause I love ya so
Gonna blow for ya

I tried, I tried, I tried, I tried
In every way I could
To make you see how much I love you
Ooo, I thought you understood

So you gotta make me see
What does it take to win your love for me?
Gonna blow again for ya

Notes: Jr Walker grew up in South Bend Indiana, I grew up in Chicago, just 70 miles away, where I was living when 'What Does it Take (to win your love for me) was released in 1968.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Dreams- the last 11 I've had in chrono order

1  I was playing basketball with black and white young men. The game was very rough. I was having trouble controlling the ball when I dribbled it, I felt as if I was drunk but I was not. If I just dribbled the ball more than twice, there was a good chance of the ball being stolen, or me having to grab the ball and stop dribbling. I felt as if I was constantly being fouled, meaning, physical contact made by the opposing players as I tried to dribble the ball; I blamed the constant fouling for the fact that I felt so clumsy dribbling the ball, whereas usually I dont feel clumsy at all. But someone claimed that the reason dribbling the ball was so difficult for me, was that the opposing players were excellent.

2   Feeling exhausted after a day of studying various subjects on the internet, about 440 PM, I retired to the bedroom to take a nap. About 500 PM I fell asleep, I guess. At 645 PM, I woke up after having had a long complex and interesting dream, that seemed to be about half truth and half non-truth. Or maybe, the non-truth in the dream was symbolic. Heck, maybe there is a lesson here in how to interpret scripture--it's not the factual exactitude that counts, but the spirit of it. This account of the dream might have some of the events in the wrong order. I remember almost all of this dream, whereas usually I have been only able to remember a fraction of the dream. In the dream:

I was in a house with about half a dozen  couples. On a round table, women took turns doing nude dancing. In the room with the nude dancing, the dominant interior dec color was a reddish brown. Not sure whether there were unattached males or unattached females in the house. Seems I was sort of unattached to any one specific woman. It was like me in my house with add-ons who were the other people. There was a round brown table, on which women took turns doing nude dancing. DP from [deleted] was on the table doing nude dancing, I glanced at her but for some reason chose not to watch, even though she looked pretty with her bangs obscuring her overly  [deleted]. A couple of other women were scheduled to be next up on the table doing nude dancing also. Dont remember one or two of them, but one of the was DGs sister, and one of them was a local woman, HL. Then the crowd left the house to go shopping, and I was in the house alone. I was looking at newspapers that had nude color photos of the women in the house. I was thinking that by combining these photos with articles I could have a successful magazine like Playboy Magazine.

At one point I was in another room, where there was no nude dancing and less of a crowd; the dominant color in this room was a reddish brown also. The people there associated the "Dex aie" Norman war-cry with me, saw me as a leader; either I said this or someone said this, I think I said this and also someone else said this. I said, or someone said,  (or both) that the 'Dex Aie' war cry originated in Corinth and symbolized the leader of the western world; someone said that I was the leader of the western world, and  the thought in my head was that I was the leader of the western world. The crowd came back from going shopping.

There was a song playing that the crowd had created. It sounded country-western. It went, "take the whole little thing, take the whole little thing". The song in my mind sounded mediocre, but superior to 99% of the music being created and played on the radio these days.

My friend from high school days Michael Gross, was one of the male members of the crowd. He was disagreeing with me; I felt I could start a lucrative Playboy type magazine, but he did not think such was a good idea. I was talking about all the journalism awards I had won in high school and my expertise, I could visualize the magazine I would create. I was talking about how I would include interviews with politicans I've worked for (actually, pols I had in mind, such as Sheriff Koutoujian, I am acquainted with and have met, but have not officially worked for, unless you consider sending them the email about the vision of the cop is working for them). I told someone that I would include interviews with or articles about Catholics Protestants and atheists in the magazine.

All of a sudden, the woman HL was on top of me having  [deleted] with me. I was  [deleted], and stayed [deleted], but my  [deleted] could not feel the inside of her [deleted] . Her [deleted]  was[deleted] , it was like a [deleted]  about 6 inches long (I thought, in waking life, from the clues I had, that it was actually about 20 inches long and thick). She took the active role. Seemed every time she[deleted] into me, her[deleted]  swelled up quite a bit, so that the intermittent pressure on my [deleted]  was generated as much by intermittent [deleted]  of the[deleted]  as by the movement of her hips. I had not suspected that she would have big [deleted] [deleted] . This went on for a while. After a while she said, "they did'nt break you, but they broke me". I didnt understand what she meant by this. The [deleted]  [deleted]  felt somewhat uncomfortable because of the pressure on my hernia descending into my [deleted] , but I heartily liked her (recently, my hernia has not been descending into my[deleted]  in reality, its been getting better, and when I woke up, it was not descended into my[deleted]  in reality). I [deleted]  but she did not want me to do that. Her breasts were much smaller than I thought it would be based on what I had seen of her breast in my dreams and in reality. Then she [deleted]  suddenly without me having orgasmed, I did not know why. When she got off me, her breast was about a tenth as big as it looked like while she was having sex with me (while she was [deleted]  it was much smaller than they are in reality). It was shaped as I thought it would be, but its length and push was about 2% of what I thought it would be when I have been awake.

I retreated back to my big bedroom to get a pair of underpants, as I went back some nude guy with black [deleted]  hair passed me. I could tell what he was thinking, that I had finally had sex after a long time without sex, but he was too nice to tease me re the time without sex or to scorn me, he respected me too much for that. When I got back to my bedroom, there was a short white clean shaven young man standing outside my bedroom. He said to me, "that was a mistake", meaning the [deleted] with HL. I did not respond, but went into my bedroom. Then I woke up.

When I woke up, I felt shocked that I had had such a sexual dream. I Had not [deleted]  for a long time. I had been staying away from pornography. I had not had a sexual dream in a long time, and now, this! The dream definitely felt like an above average dream; I awoke feeling a strong sense of camaraderie with friends and affection for HL in my heart. I felt the message of the dream was sort of, the hippie message, based on the protestant message: it's not the outward appearance of virtue that counts, but the feeling in the inner heart; it's false to pretend that one sin is better than another when both sins are equally bad; doing the "bad" sin could help you get over the feelings that lead to both the "bad" and the "less bad" sin. After waking I felt in my heart an appreciation for the good qualities of those who are descended from continental europe (as opposed to the islands to the west of europe).

3 1 I met some Asian-Indian woman in the darkness. She was about 5' 7" tall, and wore glasses, and light-blue western style clothes. I was walking somewhere with her in the darkness. Then I somehow saw her with her shirt off. Her breasts were shaped sort of like a frisbee, very wide, circular, but flat and not protuberant. Each breast was brown and shaped sort of like a circular disc two feet in diameter. Looking at them, I developed a [deleted] . I woke up and discovered that the [deleted] was of the type that is caused when urine is retained in the body and such is combined with[deleted] . I went to the bathroom and urinated and the[deleted]  disappeared.

4  I was in the darkness meeting with a tall Asian-Indian woman, she was about 6' tall, I think she wore glasses, her face was whitish in color. She was a contact for pot but I could not get pot out of her (in real life now it has been 20 days straight wihout pot). Instead of pot, though, I was able to get this thing that was like a combination of a boat and a house, or maybe what I got was either a boat or a small house shaped like a boat.

5  SC and me and someone else were in the darkness looking for pot. We were in some weird dark neighborhood where weird magical things happened, which were sometimes evil. SC finally got a big plastic bag with some pot in it, the pot was mostly stems, the bag was big compared to the small amount of pot in it. I was asking someone if the weird neigborhood had any section in it where people burned in a fire as in hell. Seemed as if there was something sinister and evil about SC.

6  I was wandering around in Germany. It was war-time Germany. There were Germans everywhere walking around or sitting down, but it was not like a huge tightly packed crowd. It was daytime but cloudy, the weather was damp and cool. I did not know anybody, I had no money, and I was trying to survive. I was waiting to see a parade of German troops march by. I wanted to see them, because their WWII helmets and uniforms and parades looked so cool and the expectation was that they would be dressed WWII style (not sure, but maybe the setting was WWII days). I was wearing about five layers of thin clothing. In my pocket there was a little paper money and some cannabis. I had the sense that someone wanted to steal the money and the cannabis and kept moving from place to place. In a room that looked like a dull undecorated hospital room of some kind I saw the mangled bloody corpses of about three German soldiers in WWII type uniforms (maybe one or two of them was still alive but dying), it was a sickening sight, seeing it made me feel sort of in contact with hell. Outside there was this white young man, about average height and build, clean shaven, who was shouting at strangers. He was shouting that WWII between the Germans and the Russians was never going to end, because killing the enemy was like orgasm. Or maybe he was shouting that killing was like sex. But nobody stopped me or harassed me for not being German or not looking German. There were complexities to the dream that I do not now remember, scenes that I do not now remember. There were upper class areas and lower class areas. There were alot of rooms, each room contained a few Germans, each room contained Germans of a different type or class, and I wandered from room to room.

7 I was driving a car in the direction of the sun. The sun was level with the horizon, either rising or setting. As a result, it was difficult to see while driving. So while driving, I was making alot of mistakes, driving much worse than I actually do when I drive. I was veering from lane to lane, making turns dangerously, etc.

8  I was living in the apartment I lived in when attending high school in Chicago. A woman who I saw at a track meet, and wrote to (CN) came over to visit me. SC was also there. I had to busy myself with something other than entertaining CN for a little while. SC was lying on the floor. He was wearing a dark sweatshirt with a hood, he seemed to be long and bony and evil. He was speaking loudly and foolishly in his annoying coarse tone of voice. SC took the opportunity to attempt to chat up CN and steal her from me. I cursed and raged at SC, who seemed to be evil. SC left, and CN was sitting in a chair in the dining room, smiling. Her hair was short and straight and yellow.

9 A tall black haired white, clean shaven, well-built young adult male was in the middle of an indoor swimming pool, right beneath the tall chair in which the lifeguard sat. He was bobbing up and down in the water. This had something to do with him being drafted into a professional league. Then he got out of the water and was walking on the edge of the pool, away from where the lifeguard's chair was. He shouted out, "SC" (short for the name he actuall shouted out) in an angry tone of voice, as if he was disgusted with SC.

10 The events in this dream happened in such quick succession that I could not remember any of them.

11 I was losing things. I was feeling upset about losing things. Then I realized, that when I lost something, the result was that this created space for something new. Then I stopped being upset about losing things.