Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Should the 'Princes of Israel' Behave?

Apparently, an important topic should be, how should the Jewish ancestry men who have attained to the uppermost level in terms of wealth and power, behave with regards to their family, their ethnic group, their nation, their world? This because such men not only have been very powerful, their dominance seems to be increasing.

For now I shall refer to such men as the 'Princes of Israel'. Scripture also sometimes refers to 'the Princes of Israel', sometimes praising and other times despising them.

These 'Princes of Israel', are concerned with regards to their families. They are from the scriptural viewpoint correct in being concerned with regards to their families. Nevertheless, they could be making too big a deal out of their families, and slash or, they could be pushing policies that are not optimal with regards to their families and those who will survive them after they die.

According to scripture, the rich men find salvation through conscientous benevolent intent action with regards to their family and also persons outside their family, not just their family. Scripture does not say that rich men enter heaven by doing a good job providing for their families. Scripture says rich men enter heaven by doing a good job in general.

If the 'Princes of Israel' in their obsession with power and attaining to the state of being the world's rulers, in the process create a hellish world for their grandchildren to live in, then they have not engaged in optimal conduct with regards to benevolent intent conduct with regards to their families.

Ultimately, when there are various alternatives, there exists a certain level of doubt and mystery, with regards to which of the alternatives should be implemented. Scripture declares that the Lord hates "the heart that deviseth wicked imaginations". The meaning of this is, that for example it is wicked to imagine that the sky will fall down if you do not viciously abuse your innocent family. Similarly it is wicked to imagine that things will go better for you and your family now and in the future, if you persecute Christianity.

Even if a majority of Christians misinterpret and misbehave, the persecution of Christianity oppresses a religion featuring humanitarian ethics and wise advice with regards to how one's inner mental processes should function.

The ancient Jewish scriptures prophesied that the day would come, when the gentiles would become like the Israelites who managed to avoid damnation. How then can it be said, that Gentiles are subhuman?

The proper attitude for the 'Princes of Israel', is one of a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood with regards to the Israelites of old, who were wise saintly heroic Jewish Christians, and also with regards to their descendants, who are found in the gentile populations. One could say, yea, the Jew has the advantage of having more Israelite blood than the Gentile; one could also say, but the descendants of the best of ancient Israel are found amongst the Gentiles.

Nobody knows for sure what the future will bring; scripture says that prophesies shall pass away; we are uncertain regarding what is true prophesy and what is not; we are uncertain regarding how prophesies should be interpreted. The 'Princes of Israel' could in this atmosphere of uncertainty imagine that: if they were to change their ways and become good Christians, they will lose their power, and then people will take revenge on them, result being that they and their families are murdered by enraged vengeance-crazed cruel executioners. On the other hand they could imagine that if they were to change their ways and refrain from evils such as antichristian conduct and racist arrogance, the future outlook for them and their families will improve. Of these two the first attitude is erroneous; the latter mindset is the virtuous mindset.

Generally speaking, beyond the subgroup that is the 'Princes of Israel' there exist the people of the world in general. Amongst the people of the world you find those who have done bad things. After they have done the bad things, they can choose between believing that they should behave even more badly, so as to avoid horrible outcomes for themselves and their families. Or they can choose a change of heart and a mending of ways, believing that the latter will produce better results for themselves and their families.

Those who have spent significant time and energy thinking about God scripture and ethics would agree that the proper choice amongst these two alternatives for them, is to change the heart and mend the ways, while at the same time trusting in almighty God and praying that things proceed on earth according to God's will and praying that God would mercifully intervene in their lives.

@2010 David Virgil Hobbs

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