Monday, September 30, 2013

Google Chrome Users are incompetent in the art of using Google Chrome

I consider it crucial, that when I use internet browsers such as the Google Chrome browser, I should be able to: see the keywords submitted to the search engine, highlighted in the pages I go to when I click on the links in the search engine results, and when I click on links in pages arrived at by way of links in the search engine results; be able to to see such highlights not just when the links returned by the search  engine are opened in the same tab the search engine has been opened on, but also when the links are opened in tabs other than the tab the search engine results have been opened in.

When searching the net, things simply become too tiring, slow, and boring absent such abilities.

The Chrome browser has certain advantages compared to other browsers. Sometimes it works more reliably and more quickly compared to other browsers.

I searched long and hard for toolbar/extension/add-on that would enable me to do this when using the Chrome browser. I was able to find five  Chrome add-ons that I thought might possibly give me the powers I sought: Find Many Strings (avg rating 4 stars, 0.7k users); Highlight Keywords for Google Search (avg rating 4 stars, 139k users); Word Highlight (avg rating 4 stars, 20k users); Multihighlighter (avg rating 4 stars, 4k users); and, Eftwo (avg rating 4 stars, 7k users).

For me it's beyond a reasonable doubt, that these are the only programs that come at least close to giving me the powers I desire.

As it turned out, the only program that gives me the powers I desire, is Eftwo. Eftwo goes beyond giving me my minimum standards. It highlights every phrase or word in a different color. It's documentation correctly states, "Find one or more words on a page (by highlight) and don't worry about their connection or inflection (replacing the glass = replaced all glasses".

Yet in the entire world there are only 7,000 Eftwo users, compared to 139 thousand 'Highlight Words for Google Search' users, and 20,000 'Word Highlight' users', this despite the fact that the two alternatives are both very inferior compared to Eftwo.

Despite Eftwo's clear superiority, its average rating in terms of stars out of five stars maximum, was four stars, just like all its competitors.

The reviews of Eftwo subjected Eftwo to ridiculous criticisms, along the lines of: "it does not reveal to me which is the best horse to bet on at the races so its useless, all I can give it is two stars".

As of July 2013, Google Chrome was the world's most popular browser, approx 37% of hits on websites were by way of Chrome; second place was Internet Explorer at 20%. Google Chrome now has 750 million active users worldwide.

Yet in the entire world, there are only 7,119 Eftwo users (number of downloads outside of the Chrome Store, which reported the 7,119 figure, is insignificant), this despite the fact that it has been around for at least two years.

Only one in 100,000 Chrome users is an Eftwo user.

There are 1.54 million university professors in the US. Even if all of the 7119 Eftwo users were US University professors, only one in 216 professors would be Eftwo users.

There are 155 million persons in the US labor force. If every Eftwo user was one of the 15.5 million persons in the top ten percent in income out of the US labor force, only one in 2200 of them, would be an Eftwo user.

It shocks me, how inept Google Chrome users are, when it comes to the art of utilizing Google Chrome.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pasteurized beverages OK if consumed with enzymes?

I was surfing the web, when my progress was interrupted by a shocking article I encountered:  A Few Reason To Dump That Carton Of Orange Juice Down The Drain. This surprised me, because I had found from personal experience, that drinking the Whole Foods 365 brand of un-reconstituted tangerine juice, before exercising, improved my athletic performance; I've been able to feel this, and I've measured how I do about 15% better in weightlifting after consuming a mix of the tangerine juice and various oils and pills.

The article stated:
"... 98% of the orange juice in North America is pasteurized or flash pasteurized.’s the process of heating a liquid at an extremely high temperature for a few seconds and up to a half of minute, essentially destroying any nutrients that were left in the  juice, leaving you with essentially sugar water...".
Continuing to look into the matter, I found a similar article by none other than an American Olympic wrestling champion/coach  (he says his "company FORZA is the exclusive Nutritional Sponsor of USA Wrestling"), which stated:
"...All Pasteurization is BAD because it kills ALL the Living Enzymes in the FOOD and severely diminishes the nutritive value of the food.... Pasteurization has to be at least 145 degrees to be effective but living foods are killed at temperatures beyond 118 degrees, so 145 degrees clearly kills all life in a natural food, be it fruit, vegetables, or animal milk...Pasteurization Means DEAD Food…".
Hence I felt I was faced with a major emergency, since I had grown used to depending upon pasteurized fruit juices, as a way of naturally obtaining nutrients such as vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Researching the matter, I found that actually, pasteurization of juice actually produces only a minor decrease in terms of the vitamin content of the juice, a decrease that can be easily compensated for by increased consumption; according to a believable source, 12 oz of pasteurized orange juice, provides as much vitamin C as 8 oz of unpasteurized orange juice:
"... Although the levels of certain nutrients in juice may decrease with pasteurization, the final product retains most of the original nutritional value....The sugars and minerals in juices are typically unchanged by pasteurization and remain present in high concentrations. ...Vitamins are more vulnerable to heat destruction than are sugars and minerals. Pasteurization may cause low-level loss of some of these micronutrients. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is the most vulnerable of the vitamins to heat degradation during pasteurization. Fresh-squeezed orange juice contains approximately 124 milligrams of vitamin C per cup; pasteurized orange juice contains approximately 84 milligrams, nearly one-third less..."
Also, pasteurization of milk  produces almost insignificant decreases in the vitamin content of the milk.

I got to thinking, these people talk as if there is something foolish and sinful about cooking-- pasteurization usually consists of for a few seconds heating the pasteurized liquid to a temperature below the boiling point. I remembered how the TV announcer had said that cooking stuff like carrots increases the beta-carotene released by carrots. I remembered how 9 oz of the pasteurized tangerine juice I buy provides not just 100% of the vitamin C requirement, but also 20% of the vitamin A beta-carotene requirement, whereas the expensive unpasteurized fresh-squeezed tangerine juice has no vitamin A content. Then it hit me-- apparently, best I can tell, the pasteurization of the tangerine juice increases its vitamin A content.

Research shows  many vegetables have a higher content of anti-oxidants, especially beta-carotene vitamin A, after they are cooked.

The weird idea that cooking food is foolishness bothered me. I remembered reading about Christ and his apostles cooking fish, cooking bread. I remembered reading in the scriptures:

Dan 1:11-16   Then said Daniel to Melzar, whom the prince of the eunuchs had set over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, Prove thy servants, I beseech thee, ten days; and let them give us pulse to eat, and water to drink. Then let our countenances be looked upon before thee, and the countenance of the children that eat of the portion of the king's meat: and as thou seest, deal with thy servants. So he consented to them in this matter, and proved them ten days.  And at the end of ten days their countenances appeared fairer and fatter in flesh than all the children which did eat the portion of the king's meat. Thus Melzar took away the portion of their meat, and the wine that they should drink; and gave them pulse.

The 'pulse' Daniel ate, is often translated as lentils. The word refers to leguminous plants in general, such as chick-peas, beans and lentils. Such plants are not eaten raw, they are cooked.

So the pasteurized orange juice is lacking in enzymes. This can easily be compensated for by obtaining enzymes from natural foods, or from pills.

Overall, I felt that yet again, I had encountered the phenomenon wherein nutritional wizards becoming inexplicably terrified by some 'defect' in some food, even though their wizardry has given them the ability to easily counteract said 'defect'; the wizards forget that it might be more cost-effective to consume the slightly 'defective' version combined with the compensating nutrients that neutralize the 'defect', as opposed to consuming the expensive or time-consuming or energy-consuming 'perfect' version of the food; they forget that said cost-efficiency could end up giving them more money to play with by spending on this or that nutrient.

But I thank the alarmists for alerting me to the fact, that the consumption of pasteurized substances, apparently needs to be accompanied by consumption of compensatory enzymes.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Re Those For Whom Exterminaton of the Human Race is a Trifling Matter

Seems the world has become inhabited with many persons, who have a cavalier rash imprudent attitude which is: destruction of human beings on a massive scale, is no bid deal; so long as our own little group survives, who cares?; we can build a better world, when most of the world's people are dead.

Aside from how such contradicts the traditional teachings of religious leaders who are considered to have been extraordinarily wise and inspired, such conflicts with what could be called, common-sense secular morality.

From the perspective of common-sense secular morality, man has a responsibility to promote the production of human beings who excel in terms of characteristics such as voice, personality, appearance, intelligence, sexiness, and artistic ability. Why? Because human beings enjoy human beings who excel in terms of such attributes.

Some may think that they can build an attractive race of humans, after most of them have been destroyed by this or that cause, by employing scientists to work with things like: petri dishes, in vitro fertilization, sperm banks, cloning, dna manipulation, egg-banks etc etc.

By way of contrast, I do not feel confident that hi-tek methods employed by scientists after most of the world's people are wiped out, would do a better job of producing a quality population possessing characteristics that humans enjoy; seems to me that it would be better to be averse to the destruction of human life, and work to help the natural processes to naturally produce the kinds of humans that people enjoy. I figure that when there are billions of people around, having billions of kids, there is a better chance of producing excellent human beings.

I find it hard to believe that a few scientific experts working with hi-tek methods of producing human beings, would be able to do a good job of producing an enjoyable human race. The scientists involved might not have good taste in terms of what is a good voice, a good personality, a good appearance, an intelligent mind. The end result could be not only bad taste, but also a lack of diversity, so what you would end up with would be nothing but bad taste.

Unforeseen complications could arise with attempts to utilize new hi tek methods to produce quality human beings, the result being the production of mentally sick, physically sick, evil people.

I can imagine situations such as: test tube baby A and test tube baby B were both produced by Dr X; they resemble each other too much; they grow up and marry; the children end up defective the way children of incest sometimes end up defective.

The environment that such hi tek produced kids grow up in, could well be a spiritually emotionally and psychologically sick environment. What can you expect when the society is founded and ruled by satanist-types who have hid in bunkers while the human race is wiped out? The sick environment would probably combine with the weird genes of the humans to produce weirdness squared.

People who are gifted in terms of voice personality appearance intelligence sexiness etc. are one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is people who are able to honorably and genuinely enjoy gifted humans. I don't trust that Dr. Frankenstein types producing humans in labs, would  do a good job of producing persons who are able to enjoy things like art produced by gifted artists and gifted humans who excel in terms of voice personality appearance intelligence and artistic ability.

According to scripture, Christ's apostles once asked him, if they should call down fire out heaven to destroy the sinners. Christ's answer was, not so-- for in destroying the sinners, ye would also destroy the good ones living amongst them.

Christ's parents, his siblings, his beloved friends and apostles were products of 'mere' nature.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Aid for Third World Poor Attacked By Attenborough

British Natural history broadcaster David Attenborough has declared that the relatively rich countries should stop giving food aid to the poor countries. He says that such food aid contributes to the overpopulation problem in the world. His statements sound like the opposite of what I heard Prince Charles say in a speech broadcast on American TV.

By way of contrast I have a different idea.

Aid received by poor females could be conditional. A female who agrees to limit herself to having 0 children, could receive A level of aid; a female who agrees to limit herself to having 1 child could receive B level of aid; a female who agrees to limit herself to having 2 children could receive C level of aid; a female who agrees to not having anymore children could receive X level of aid.

It is much easier to keep track of how many children a woman has had, compared to keeping track of how many children a man has fathered.

Traditionally society has been more tolerant of a man having more than one wife, compared to a woman having more than one husband. Which leads to the idea that not men, but women, should be reproductively limited.

Justice involves more than humanitarian outcomes; it involves humanitarian provision of opportunities. Doing things my way, would at least result in women having some kind of choice-- the alternative is the only choice they face is starvation.

Talk of how food aid should be denied those in foreign nations, eventually turns into talk of how assistance should be denied those who live amongst us in our relatively prosperous nations.

Human nature being what it is, the human being of limited intelligence and plagued by sin, probability being what it is, when many people apply for a job, chances are that the person chosen by humans for the job is not the person God would choose for the job. This leads to troubling consequences in terms of who ends up starving. Criminals end up feasting in the best restaurants, while the law-abiding starve.

Some of us have travelled through poor nations. We have been shocked to see persons who are superior in categories such as voice personality appearance intelligence, living in extreme poverty.

When persons have to endure unameliorated extreme poverty and starvation, such leads to emotional and psychological damage for the more fortunate. When people see people starve and live in extreme poverty with nobody there to help them,  they feel as if they or their family members could be next, and so they become stressed. A man and his family might not be endangered during the man's lifetime by let-them-starve philosophies; but the same man's grandchildren could be destroyed by such philosophies.

Nations like the US were in more of a position to be able to help starving persons in poor nations thirty years ago, when their economies were stronger. Yet even now, such nations can be useful, via activities such as employing and paying their own citizens to help the foreign nations, by making use of skills and abilities and technologies that they excel in compared to the world. Even inexpensive little gestures, can go a long way in the sense of soothing hurt feelings. The nations the third world poor live in can be encouraged to help their poor. Voluntary contributions that are not funded by govt can be funelled into intelligent programs. Nations are capable of simultaneously helping their own poor and the foreign poor.

Looking at the repulsive and dangerous animals found in nature (some of them human), which pose a danger to human beings, it becomes evident that so-called 'evolution' does not necessarily lead to the production of creatures that mankind enjoys and loves. Often those who are the most enjoyable are shot down by the same thing that killed Christ-- human envy.

It's a sick society when everyone is obsessed with selling whatever they are employed to sell, as a result of which everyone fanatically resists influences that would cause money to be spent on things other than what they sell. The money spent on things other than what they sell, after it  circulates in the economy, ends up being spent on the things that they sell.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Should Fumbleair attack the Pinsneezers?

Imagine the following situation:

Pinsneeze,  and Bumblebump are embroiled in a civil war, fighting over who will control Cornknocker country. Pinsneeze has used chemical weapons (enhanced tear gas) against Bumblebump; Pinsneeze's  chemical weapons attack against Bumblebump killed 12 members of Bumblebump; in total, Pinsneeze,  has killed 117 members of Bumblebump. 

Bumblebump has not used chemical weapons against Pinsneeze  or anybody else, however,  Bumblebump, using conventional weapons, has killed off 2,417,548 Pinsneezers, using dum-dum bullets that inflict horrific untreatable wounds, exploding in the body, despite the fact that such bullets were outlawed long ago and not use by even Hitler or Stalin. Bumblebump has killed 854,321 captured members of Pinsneeze by boiling them alive. 

Pinsneeze tolerates Christianity, and has not targetted Christians. In fact, Pinsneeze is famous for producing more saintly persons and more beautiful persons per capita than any other nation. 

However Bumblebump, has killed 943,569 Christians-- Bumblebump considers Christians to be affiliated with Pinsneeze; Bumblebump has plans for eliminating Christians from the face of the earth, and forcing the worlds's people to follow their Wimpwar religion. Experts believe that the Bumblebump populations produces more ugly people and more sociopaths per capita, compared to any other population.

The Bumblebumper's Wimpwad religion requires them to: torture children every saturday using the most painful methods available so long as the children are kept alive; exterminate Christians; enslave persons who are not of the Bumblebump race; and, abort any children born to beautiful parents. 

Important leaders of Fumbleair  want Fumbleair to attack Pinsneeze, because they are very upset about Pinsneeze's  use of chemical weapons; this despite the fact that the population of superpower Fumbleair is Christian. These leaders of Fumbleair consider Pinsneeze's,  use of chemical weapons to be a threat to Fumbleair. 

Superpower Gubmunk, in contrast, is deeply committed to preventing Cornknocker country from falling into the hands of Bumblebump and Fumbleair; they feel that such would doom them. There is a possibility that a large war or a world war could break out due to conflict between Fumbleair and Bumblebump against Gubmunk and Pinsneeze, over who shall rule in Cornknocker country.

Looking at the above scenario, one begins to question the judgement shown by the leaders of Fumbleair. The fact that one begins to question their judgement, should remind us that there is more to the issue, than who used chemical weapons. Who has used chemical weapons, must be balanced against other factors involved.