Thursday, December 31, 2009

My maternal ancestry chart genealogical

I produced a genealogical chart that describes my maternal ancestry and relations, using nothing more than Outlook Express. This is a new type of chart, different from the kinds of charts produced by various softwares, and the kinds of charts seen on web pages on the internet. It is like a descendancy chart, but it is not restricted to the descendants of one particular ancestor. It uses HTML table cells, which makes updating the chart and adding to the chart much easier compared to the plain text descendant or descendants or descendancy charts commonly in use.

The chart is at:

Maternal Ancestry & Maternal Blood Relations of David Virgil Hobbs Genealogical Chart


Friday, December 25, 2009

Irrational court opinion will not be reviewed by supreme court

At the following link you can find version 1 of my comments regarding the DC Court of Appeals Opinion in "Rasul, Shafiq vs. Rumsfeld, Donald" (January 11, 2008)". The Supreme Court recently caused a stir by refusing to review this decision and opinion.

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