Sunday, July 26, 2015

poem Deus Utilis Admonere Petrus

Deus Utilis Admonere Petrus

By Mudyard Stripling

Soundtrack: BOLERO-RAVEL - YouTube

Deus utilis visionem admonere Petrus,
Thet Greeks Arabes an' Ishmaelites
'Oo foller the teachings of Christ
Is as tidy as th' believin' Israelites
Then later af'er th' passage of duo milleniums
Modern medicina reduced th' rate o' death an' mortisque
An' thar arose millions of young Arabian men
'Oo they named 'Excess Population Growff', right, o' EPG
EPG were th' bloody acronym scientists used fo' them
These young Arabian min had few jobs an' wee money
Th' bloody EPG youths resolved they sh'd fight
One anuvver so post much death them 'oo survived
W'd injoy brass an' jobs an' Bollywood an' life  
So EPG busted into groups wich killed etch uvver,
By th' hundreds an' by the thousan's in mo'tal strife
Two thousan' years post Deum reminded Peter
Thet Arabes 'oo obey Deo is clean
It were as eff'n th' Arabs 'ad fo'gotten
Thet Arabian Christians is clean ter eat
It were as eff'n th' bloomin' wo'ld 'ad fo'gotten,
That Deus destroyed all mankind except Noahum,
On account o' min 'ad filled th' bleedin' terra wiv violence

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Omar Tabbakh Th' Mohametan cook poem

Omar Tabbakh Th' Mohametan cook 

By Mudyard Stripling (ultra-important redneck poet)

Omar Tabbakh th' Mohametan cook,  
Has charm an' value, right, a graci,              
Qualities of personality,
Wich 'e 'ad befo'e 'is eyes 'ad seen  
Enny of th' 'ole Mohametan books  

Omar's ancesto's fum th' time  
Befo'e 'is ancestral line  
Larned o' Mohamet's prophecies
Also 'ad Omar's right good qualities,
Gif's given ter them by 'eaven celesti

Mohamet were not th' bloomin' one  
'Oo gave them these respecked presents  
They received th' gif's fum th' God 'oo favvered              
Th' Christianum et Mohametan men o' th' wo'ld  

Its not as eff', right, ev'ry attrackive qualitas of Omar's,
Was given t'him by Mohamet- they were given 'im by God  

Th' purpose of skoo-marms of religion,        
Is t'he'p virtues thet were in th' bloomin' students
Befo'e they 'eard o' th' religionis skoo matron
To shine mo'e brightly than befo'e
An' t'he'p noo virtues t'grow in their souls
Et crescere in virtutibus animae auxilium  

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Friday, July 10, 2015

6-star Hotel Spaghetti Sauce

I made a spaghetti sauce night of 7/9/15, which impressed me so much when I ate it that I named it 6-star Spaghetti sauce. Mary-Carman makes a spaghetti sauce at least as good except: her sauce loses its distinctive taste after a day in the frig; this sauce I suspect will retain its flavor for days in the frig; this sauce has a nutritional kick; you feel good after eating this sauce.


Marinating/basting oil for meat: Coconut oil, hickory liquid smoke, black peppercorns, McCormick Grill mates Montreal-Steak Grinder Seasoning, Tamarind concentrate, bay-leaves

Sauce ingredients: Approx 1 lb ground pork, 1 onion, Pasta sauce, olive oil, red palm oil, coconut oil, garlic, onion, tomatoes, peppers of jalapeno/habanero type, crushed red pepper, ground black pepper, raw unprocessed sugar, butter, crushed red pepper, whole dried red peppers, deactivated charcoal powder, hickory chips,


Combine the ingredients for the marinating oil and heat till sizzling for a few minutes.

Make patties out of ground pork. Brush the marinating oil on them on both sides. Put whole black peppercorns, dried red peppers, pieces of garlic, bay-leaves, deactivated charcoal powder (under where patty will be cooked), soaked hickory chips, dry hickory chips in griddle. Heat Griddle to 550 degrees. Cook patties in griddle 2.5 minutes per side, last minute of cooking with pot-cover over patty and hickory chips etc pushed close to patty. Repeat for 2nd patty. Remove patties from griddle.

In sauce pan, saute majority of 1 chopped onion/garlic in 1T red palm oil plus 1T coconut oil.  Add some dried red peppers, ground black pepper, crushed red pepper, some of the chopped peppers/tomatoes & cook for a while. Add cooked pork-patties & saute, breaking up the patties. Add spaghetti sauce, & some of the chopped peppers/tomatoes/onions/garlic & simmer. Add water as necessary. Add 1T olive-oil, 1T butter & dash of raw unprocessed sugar. 5 minutes before turning off heat, add most of the chopped-peppers & the majority of the chopped-tomatoes and continue to simmer. 1 minute before turning off heat add remaining chopped peppers/onion/garlic/tomatoes. Turn off heat. Transfer contents to pot with lid, and allow to sit for 1 hour.

Note: by accident, most of the chopped-peppers were not added until 5 minutes before I shut off the heat, but the result seems to be charming. I suspect a reason the sauce tastes classic, is that tomatoes onions garlic peppers were added to the frying pan at the beginning, then when the pasta sauce was first added,  and then again before the flame was turned off and the sauce transferred to a pot.

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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Classic Tithin' Poem

Classic Tithin' 

By Mudyard Stripling (ultra-important redneck poet)

Travellin' t't'other city
An' throwin' a dinner-party fo' th' pore an' th' priests
Thets whut classical biblical tithin' is

Ah did classic-type tithin' when a friend on vacashun,
Travelled far t'a sunny city of palm trees,
To spend his money an' th' money I'd paid him
Letters t'th' city corntainin' poetic-prayers I'd written
Arrived in th' city th' same time as him

By magical alchemah mah excess of spendin'
On luxuries bought fum him,
Was turned into an hono'able tithe
When he spent it in th' city of th' Palm-trees & beaches

An' Ah c'd see how sech classical inter-city tithin',
Serves th' purpose of brin'in' t'mind,
How th' angels brin' gif's fum hevvin,
Down t'earth t'share with mankind

Ah c'd feel them junerous gif'-barin' angels within;
An' Ah felt thankful t'them angels,
Do' brin'in' t'earth th' gif's fum hevven

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Department of Housekeeping

I intend to use this blog-post for sub-posts re housekeeping.


People talk about writer's block but I have housekeeping-block. I procrastinate housekeeping for unreasonable amounts of time. Today I succeeded in 1) Cleaning un-needed unwanted stuff out of the frig (85 minutes); 2) washing pots & dishes, cooking spaghetti, cleaning the countertops, & mopping the kitchen floor (134 minutes). As usual I felt great after doing this and could not understand why I had procrastinated given how great I end up feeling after getting the stuff done and how much getting it done improves my life (my cooking is much impaired by refrigerator countertop & sink clutter; I perform better in stuff like sports when I cook my own food).

During the hours between waking up & finally getting the chores done: all I ate was half a bagel & a McD's double-cheeseburger & fries special for $2.50; all I drank was lots of lemongrass/ginger green-tea & ice; I took little 30 minute or so 'naps' but without falling asleep; every now & then I took a shower to cool off (my apt is hotter and more humid than it is outdoors, trying to save money on the air conditioning electric bill, acclimatize to the heat so as to do better when practicing sports);  drank no alcohol.

I treated the housekeeping chores the way I treat a sports practice. I started & stopped the stopwatch to time how long it would take. A few times I started the prayers I say before practice, without ever finishing them, yet they still seemed helpful.