Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nightmare with a fun interlude

The dream I had while sleeping fitfully prior to the Tuesday game of Jan 17:

It was night. Me and Billy Devoe, who died earlier this month, were both alive. We were guarding or living in a large house, that was surrounded by plenty of lawn-type of open field type space. The house was the type that has a large ground space in terms of square feet, but does not reach high up into the sky. It was night-time, and summerish type weather.

The house we were in, was being attacked by evil spirits. Billy told me to go out into the yard and wave a chainsaw around to scare off the evil spirits, but that did not seem like a good idea to me. Seemed to me that the wise course of action with regards to the evil spirits that were assailing the house, was to keep on the move inside the house, constantly moving from place to place, and while staying in a space, staying in a space where I would be hard to see.

At one point there was an upbeat interlude that distracted from the fear and the gloom. I was in a very big van with Billy, he was outside the van, just a foot from the door. There was a nude young adult white female with him. She had long straight brown hair and was pretty. She was average height or shorter. Her body build was slim. She had long narrow slim breasts that hung down to her groin but not further. I was in a back seat of the big van.

She climbed into the backseat and sat down upon me immediately we were having DELETED. My DELETED inside of her, grew to gigantic dimensions while it was still inside her, so that it filled her up all the way up to the base of her breasts. I was surprised that she was in no way injured by my DELETED filling up her torso. I enjoyed her she was like a breath of fresh air.

Billy and I found two evil spirits around the house. One was in a dark green SUV vehicle filled with what looked like various cuts of meat, unpackaged. Amongst this pile of cuts of meat was a decapitated pig's head, that had been skinned. There was an evil spirit inside this pigs head.

Also we found the decapitated head of DELETED inside a big chest. DELETED's eyes were very strange: they were just whites of the eye, there was no eyeball in either eye. He was dead or unconscious. But there was an evil spirit in his head.

But neither Billy or me was an evil spirit.

The dream was strange, combining the stress and anxiety of being under assault by evil spirits, with the triumphant sex act with the spritely young woman. I was stressed by the evil spirits but not as afraid as I would have expected to be.

The dream described above was about a man who died, who was a friend of mine when he lived in my town. The dream is a way of me showing respect, as we are expected to with the deceased. I felt that censoring the dream too much would just get in the way, dilute the quality of the story.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Boston area ethnic percentages

Brian Francione, at the Waltham Y, told me that the majority ethnic group in the Boston area is those who are of mixed Irish-Italian ancestry.

Then they hired Jack Fucci for their executive director job at the Waltham Y that I applied for.

Then Francione came into the locker room to announce that Jack Fucci is the new Executive Director and to suggest that I get a graduate degree.

I spent about 8 hours Sunday researching the ancestry and ethnic composition of the Boston population. I did not mean to spend so much time on it but i got absorbed in it.

The data I laboriously and skillfully obtained & put together, listed a person's ancestry as being of 'the first ancestry mentioned' (by the person), or did not bother explaining on what basis ancestry was assigned to a person by the data collectors. I consider the data I put together, to be approximations.

Actually, of the Boston area population Irish are 24%, and Italians are 15%, which comes to a total of 39% of the Boston area population.

Regarding ancestries found in myself:

The English (8.3% of Boston area pop.), the Scotch-Irish (2.6% of Boston area pop.), and the Scots (1.9% of Boston area pop.) put together, are essentially the three groups that compose the UK or Britain population, and added up amount to 12.8% of the Boston area population.

The Germans compose 4.1% of the Boston area population.

Asian Indians compose only 0.9% of the Boston area population, but their median household income in 1999 ($72K per year in 1999), exceeded that of the Irish ($63k per year), the Italians ($57K per year), & the English ($63k per year), the Brazilians ($38K per year), & the Haitians ($39K per year). The Asian-Indian median household income exceeded that of any other group the source I used reported on. I've been told, that the Asian-Indian group in the US, has a higher income per capita than any other ethnic group in the US.

Boston area population representation for types hired by the Waltham Y

The Boston area was found to contain about as many Asian-Indians (0.9%), as it does Haitians (1.1%), Brazilians (0.7%), or Greeks (1.3%). One source declares that 4.2% of the Massachusetts population, is Jewish. The data shows approx 6% of the Boston area population is African-American (including subgroups such as Haitians), & 3.2% is French.

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