Sunday, August 23, 2015

Poem- 'Unus Mille Trillion Trillion'

By David Virgil Hobbs

Typicalists unfairly rejected
Untypical Zorro; and their little groups
Were imperfect mirrors of the world, which
Over-represented the typicals.
Credentialed experienced women with
Photographic recall, minds like lightning,
Mindlessly favored those called 'dorks' by the rude
Over Zorro, and credentialed women
Somehow forgot that overemphasis
On credentials means the de-emphasis
Of competence and they rejected him.
The copycat mind that ignores its feelings,
And then imitates Linda's treatment of him.
Will when hiring obsess over experience,
And copy some employer. The execs with
Photographic memories and ultra-quick
Minds, were like fools obsessed with experience,
And allowed outsiders to dictate hiring
Choices. Selfishness worshiping management
Let personnel officers serve themselves
Instead of their employer, and reject
Zorro. Exec slaves of fiduciary
Duty clashed with Zorro, and with the wishes
And interests of stockholder families.
The receptionists who interacted
With this Zorro, should have had him ushered
Into the head office, but since he looked like
A Christian they did'nt. Zorro failed to rise
In the corporate world; the ungodliness
Of the corporate execs infected
Their servants who interacted with godly
Zorro. Zorro could not advance in the corporate
Ranks, because the corporate leaders find
His religious doctrine to be hostile
To the rich men and to the Sodomites.
The stars of the middle class, by force of
Numbers, excel the stars of the financial
Elite, though elites may excel per capita.
I suspect the strength of the Caucasian
Race lies not in typicals, but in stars.
"Its unfaiw to typicaws to hiwe Zowwo",
Said Saul Pantell. "De chance of being wowld
Numero uno in three things wike Zowwo,
Is one in a thousand trillion trillion".

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