Friday, February 26, 2010

second winter olympics ice hockey poem

David Virgil Hobbs
Winter Olympics Hockey, February 26, 2010
Inway ethay ightlay ofway ethay ing'skay ountenancecay isway ifelay; andway ishay avourfay isway asway away oudclay ofway ethay atterlay ainray. Erewhay ethay ordway ofway away ingkay isway, erethay isway owerpay: andway owhay aymay aysay untoway imhay, Atwhay oestday outhay?
How Canada's hockey team being influenced by wise leadership gained an upset victory over higher ranked Russia; and how Russia's performance showed that if only it had not procrastinated being influenced by such leadership it would have won instead.
Part II
The narration continues after the ice hockey matches of February 24th, and prior to the matches of February 26th
Canada of second rank a few days before
Was upset by the fifth ranked Americans
While watched by twenty million Canadians,
But on Wednesday February the twenty fourth,
For the first time in fifty years Canada,
Defeated the number one ranked team Russia,
In a massacre, seven to three was the score

Five days before this triumph of the Canadians,
David Virgil emailed a dozen Olympians
Appointing them Olympian leaders,
One of them was Canada's Mike Richards

A top offensive line is also a shut down line rarely
Yet after the appointment of Richards immediately,
Canada formed a new line, which in one line combined
A top scoring line which also was a shut down line
Richards on the left, Crosby center and Nash on the right,
Intended to suppress the Russian offense
This it succeeded in doing as if blessed

Of the twelve athletes appointed five days before
One was Russia's second string goaltender, named Bryzgalov;
The first goalie, who was not appointed, was Nabokov,
Who gave up six goals up to minute twenty four,
While the Russian offense scored just one time;
The last thirty six minutes of the night,
With Bryzgalov in goal for the Russians
Russia scored two goals and allowed just one

The mathematics of the match could be said to show
That if Russia had used only Bryzgalov in goal
The Russians by a score of three goals to two would have won;
If Russia during the match had used Nabokov alone
there would have been a fifteen to two loss for the Russians,
Russia procrastinated putting Bryzgalov in goal
the result being the Russians though ranked number one,
were upset by the number two ranked Canadians,
who had earlier themselves thrilled
The US the land of David Virgil,
by giving the fifth ranked US victory
by a decisive score of five goals to three
@2010 David Virgil Hobbs

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