Wednesday, February 24, 2010

winter olympics ice hockey poem

David Virgil Hobbs
Winter Olympics Hockey, February 24, 2010
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Good info on ice hockey is hard to find
Her'es the best estimates I can make at this time
Michael Milbury and Jeremy Roenick
Are hockey announcers this flu-filled winter
At the year two thousand and ten olympics

The Milbury surname indicates English ancestry,
Mike graduated from Brighton High in Boston
When Nixon was the President in nineteen seventy;
The Roenick surname indicates something German
Jeremy graduated from Braintree high in Braintree
When Reagan was prez, in nineteen eighty seven.

In ice hockey Russia ranks first in the world,
Canada ranks second, and third is Sweden
Fourth is Finland, fifth is the US this year

At the winter olympics of two thousand ten,
On February twenty first, fifth ranked US
Beat second ranked Canada by a score of five to three;
Slovakia beat Russia on February eighteenth

Today it's US ranked five versus Switzerland ranked seventh,
Russia ranked number one versus Canada ranked second,
Fourth ranked Finland against sixth ranked Czechoslovakia,
And third ranked Sweden versus ninth ranked Slovakia

A dramatic tale will unfold on television,
How second ranked Canada does against number one Russia,
After having lost to the fifth ranked Americans,
While watched by twenty million Canadians

This year the highest paid ice hockey player
Earning ten million dollars for a year,
Is Canada's Vincent Lecavalier
Fifty six NHL players earned more than five million this year,
NHL players have a median salary per year of a million,
Meaning half get paid more and half less than a million per year.
@2010 David Virgil Hobbs

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