Monday, March 09, 2015

Movie Costumes & Props version 1

I had been thinking, how could I utilize the human talent in the area to make a successful movie that got the General audience rating, a movie even children could legally watch?

Financially attempting to provide for the people in one's own family, house', & extra-familial group is an established primary ethic.  So also is sexual decorum. The vast majority of people in the world see nothing wrong with producing or watching video & film. The 'talent' in the area is being roughed up by the tough economy. You can do one thing with one kind of talent and another thing with another kind of talent.

My fresh new approach, different from approaches to screen-writing I've implemented in the past, is to list the costumes and props I now feel inclined to use for such a movie project, and then go about writing a script that fits  the costumes & props list (perhaps assisted by others also attempting to fit the costumes & props to a story). Such new approaches seem to produce at least a few pages of decent script before I fizzle out with "Writer's Block".

The props list could be utilized for actual social situations, which men are supposed to do an excellent job of leading their family & social events (managing the social life as well as they would were they Christ's servants managing Christ's social life). Making a movie with others could bring people together for an experience superior to merely being a 'couch-potato'.

Besides, unlike the merely social type, serious big-money movie producer types don't get into trouble with aggressive cops and administrators.

Below is the best I can do as of now when it comes to a costumes/props list that would utilize area talent without being exceedingly lascivious or boring (v. 1 = 3:55 PM 3/9/2015):

List of Costumes:

1. 1960s style 1-piece swimsuits
2. Loose ankle-length dresses
3. Short, crimson & white cheerleader type dresses made of individual flaps falling from the hip.
4. Women's track & field racing briefs
5. Weird minimizer bras of type I've seen area women in tight shirts wearing.
6. Oversized long-sleeved shirts
7. Long sleeved shirts
8. Skin-tight Jeans
9. Skin-tight Pants, thin material
10. Pajama type hospital-type drawstring pants
11. Judo Uniforms
12. Roller Derby Helmets
13. Skin-tight long-sleeved shirts
14. Martial Arts Protective Equipment
15. Wrestling Boots

List of Props:

1. Stage of type used by Burlesque Dancers
2. Boxing Ring
3.Weights Machine
4. Cages that: can safely be lifted by cranes; contain enough space for at least one person and weightlifting equipment; can be piled on top of each other.
5. Huge earth-floored room for moving around cages described in (4).
6. Table of the type people dance on top of (ie Mrs Beckham in Majorca Spain supposedly)
7. Giant oversized circular bed.
8. Small or miniature Roller-Derby Track
9. Horses
10. Place to ride Horses
11. Big building with big rooms like the International House at U. of Chicago.
12. Small or miniature castle
13. Quality 'Green-Screen' Chroma Key Compositing Technology

Note: Seems to me, that a family should study the rules that the orders of nuns have lived by, and the wives should live according to a regimen or schedule resembling (at least structurally) that followed by nuns.

Script Collaboration Example

My first reaction to the list of costumes and props: Seems that what is involved is a someone who rules over 'conventionally attractive' Glamazon (glamorous + amazon) slaves. The first question I leave open to collaborators is, should the Lord of the Glamazon Slaves (LGS), be:

Evil, good, a saintly king, an evil queen, a mix of good and evil, a queen who is a mix of good and evil, a comic-book villain, a comic-book hero, a beast, a devil, or what?

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