Sunday, March 08, 2015

CNN-Based Headline News Summary

Continuing with testing of news sources other than Google World News, I put together a concise headlines list based upon the CNN News pages: U.S. News - Headlines, Stories and Video -, World News - International Headlines, Stories and Video -, The last 50 stories - This took me approx 2.5 hours.

Beneath the following summary based on the CNN website content for 3/8/2015, I list some possible areas of improvement for CNN:


Laser Weapon Melts Truck From 1 Mile...Dem Senator Menendez Corruption Charges...US Airforce Losing Superiority?...Ferguson Disturbance Report 'shocking'...Guaranteed Income for all? (more efficient?)...Drugs impairing women?...College students build robotic arms for kids...Dunkin Donuts donut recipe changing...Jeb Bush needs more conservative support, 74% repubs not open to supporting Trump ...

Nuclear Powers

Russia arrests Chechen suspects in Nemtsov killing...Putin cuts salaries including his own...hundreds of Skeletons discovered under Paris France market...UK's Emma says gender equality not about women alone...N Korea boss Kim's new hairstyle...Jesus trial location found in Israel?...
Non-Nuclear  Powers

Boko Haram Applies  Slash 'n Burn 'Agri-tech' to  Attack on Village...Nigerian explosions kill >24...Rich cant find food in Venezuela...longevity in Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica...Lost Honduran Jungle City Discovered...Why Marital Rape Legal in India (so men can safely lie with their wives?)...Argentina leader Kirchner's Fans Stay Home...Menstruation taboos in India...Saudis have problems spotting terrorists...New sex park for Taiwan...

Forgotten women of history...ignorance re global population growth...the world's safest city...the world's safest airlines

IMHO, the CNN pages could be improved in certain ways:

1 Pages are slow to load, slow to scroll, buttons have to be pushed repeatedly in order to see headlines which pass into invisibility as new headlines are brought into view;

2 Pages are cluttered; ready-to-roll videos &photos are overused and links to videos & photos underused;

3 Link headlines to a given story often appear in more than one section, an onerous redundancy;

4 There is even redundancy in terms of sections with certain sections duplicating each other;

5 There is inefficient use of space on the webpage leading to excess of scrolling (at 100% magnification, one must hit page down 13x just to get through the page at (, exacerbated by the pages being slow to scroll;

6 If you copy and paste the entire page (personal-use note taking), you find weird lines in the copy such as, 'is your penis size normal', but then you cannot find that text in the source-code or in the normal display;

7 The headlines are too mysterious;

8 Their sense of priority in terms of what is unimportant is undeveloped;

9 Generally the news presentation has too much of a certain personality: the busy prosperous globe-trotter who reassures himself that his own society is healthy by focusing on the foolishness in the 3rd world countries, and who thinks anybody who is nice to women and blacks is good.

10 By the way I'm just the award-winning HS journalist, Harvard-grad, with the high postgraduate standardized test scores, and the 1 Timothy 6:17-19 quote on his resume, who (best I can recall) could not get an interview with any of the media companies including CNN. Apparently they are a kindergarten for the connected; and it shows.


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