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Poem re Duke beats WVU in basketball

David Virgil Hobbs
Poem re Euro-American Duke Downs African-American WVU
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David Virgil, sent his psalms to the white players and coaches but not to the black players and coaches at Duke and WVU, prior to the game between Duke and WVU. Result of the game: unexpectedly one sided victory for the whiter Duke.
Part I
The narrative describes the basketball game played Saturday April 3 2010 between Duke and WVU, which was won by Duke

On saturday evening April fourth,
Third ranked Duke of North Carolina,
The highest ranked of the four college teams
Left in the NC double A tourney,
Took on sixth rank West Virginia
In Indiana in basketball.

Duke, seventy one percent of whose players
Are white Euro-Americans,
Was by just two points the team that was favored,
But Duke beat them by twenty one.

Fifty six percent of Duke's points were
scored by two slim German-Americans whites,
six five Scheyer of Chicagoland's Glenbrook high;
and, Oregon's six eight Kyle Singler.

These heights translate mathematically
to five nine and six foot amongst ladies.

Of Duke's total points three out of four
By Euro-americans were scored.

Duke conquered a West Virginia team
Of which african american were sixty percent
Of whose fifty seven points in defeat,
The African-Americans produced nine out of ten

@2010 David Virgil Hobbs

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