Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Random background and foreground colors

I used on online random number generating program, this program considers itself to be superior to the random number generation you can do using your PC. Its random numbers are based on atmospheric noise generated by lightning strikes. I used it to generate 50 colors. For example, random numbers 30, 40 and 25 would indicate a color of rgb(30%,40%,25%). Then I plugged these colors into a program I wrote that gives a color a chance to be a background color for a bunch of other colors.

I was stupefied, amazed, at the beauty of the color combinations produced by the intersection of the randomly generated color numbers, and the software that I wrote. It was like being launched into an exploration of fantastically beautiful areas of outer space--  which is not so off the mark given the vast number of colors that can be produced by CSS/HTML, around 17,000,000 different colors-- the number of colors is huge and incomprehensible like outer space, and the random numbers used to produce the colors act as a spaceship allowing one to explore the vastness.

I was surprised at how compared to a palette that is carefully non randomly and mathematically generated so as to produce a mathematically balanced mix of colors (i.e., rgb(50%,0%,0%); rgb(0%,50%,0%); rgb(0%,0%,50%) etc), the randomly produced numbers when plugged into the software I wrote produced quality and quantity in terms of color combinations.


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